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Thursday, 8 February 2018

Backhaus&Co Comedy Night | Coventry

I was very looking forward to the comedy night at Backhaus&Co in Coventry. I don't get out as much since having Lily, which is completely fine but it's a real nice treat when going out now. I enjoy everything so much more. I have never been to a comedy show and a local one would never have crossed my mind.

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Self Care & How I Am Going To Practice It

Self care is a big thing at the moment and it couldn't be more important. I'm so glad people are more and focusing on self awareness and mindfulness. Looking after yourself is so important. Since being a mum I have certainly put my needs to one side because my brain would just be 100% on Lily and what she needs. As important as it is to look after my little angel, I also need to look after myself. You would always be a much better parent when you are positive and in the right mindset.

Self care is different for everyone. You might need a self care day where you sit on the sofa while its raining with a glass of wine or a big hot chocolate and just watch Netflix. Maybe even watch a sad film because you need a good cry. It also could be getting dressed up, going on a night out and just dancing the night away. It is whatever you need it to be.

Monday, 29 January 2018

Five & Six Month Update

So much has changed in the last two months it is unreal. My little baby has gone and she is getting bigger and bigger by the second. Well, thats how it feels. It's been a bit of a rollercoaster as well. Lily caught Bronchiolitis. It's a horrible chest infection, she was coughing, wheezy and snotty. She didn't really let it affect her mood much though, she still wanted to play and be involved with everything. We ended up at A&E, worrying about her feeding and things like that. But better to be safe than sorry. Her skin has been a real issue as well, her eczema has spread nearly all over her body and flared up for about a week. It's finally started to settle but we have a few scratches on the head where she was trying to itch, poor little madam.

Saturday, 27 January 2018

Thirty Before Thirty

My early twenties are behind me now. Which to be honest is so scary for me. I'm 26 and have four years before I'm 30. I don't want to go crazy with my goals but I want to set 30 goals before I turn 30 and hopefully meet them all. I will add this post on the sidebar on my blog and tick them off as I complete them, so you will be able to keep up with my progress. Some of them will be simple and some of them will be more challenging. Lets hope I can get them all done!

Five Tips For A Car Purchase As A Mum

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Now, one of my aims for my 30 before 30 list is to learn to drive and buy a car (post for that coming soon). Buying a car I always wanted a tiny little fiat or mini. Now, that seems very unrealistic. Having 3 doors getting the buggy and shopping in. Fitting the car seat in for Lily. So much has now effected how I will purchase a car. Below are a few tips on how I'm going to be looking for a car as a Mum.

Friday, 19 January 2018

Beauty On A Budget*

Here are my top three tips to keep yourself looking and feeling beautiful while saving the pennies! Being a new mum and on maternity leave, money is tight. So I am in the middle of saving money and making it go further.

//01 Affordable Make up

I love my Mac and Chanel make up but it's just not feasible to buy a £20 mascara at the moment. There are some affordable brands that still have really quality make up. My favourite are:
  • Make up revolution
  • MUA
  • Primark
There are so many youtube videos of reviews of affordable make up like this from the glamorous Lucy Jessica Carter.

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Blogging Busybodys & Why They Need To Stop

Blogging is a newish an amazing part of the media. It's taken the world by storm and introduced a more personal and effective way of marketing. I've been blogging for about four years. I would say I have some expertise in it, but I've had so many breaks from mental health and illness my numbers and stats aren't what they could be. I'm okay with that.

One thing that really gets on my nerves is how nosy people are about bloggers and Youtubers or any online creators. Prime example is on Good Morning Britain (you can search it on YouTube), Richard the host asked Louise Pentland outright 'are you rich?' and asking how much she makes essentially. People wouldn't dream of asking that to anyone else and he seemed a bit taken back when she asked him the same question back. I mean, what do you expect?

This new media is almost like a battle for tv and magazines to keep up but some take it too far. They will write about them in any way to get more hits. They are so interested in how much they earn and how they earn their money. IT IS THEIR JOB. Everyone has a job and everyone earns money from it. It is so rude to ask people these types of questions. Period.

I have this all the time. When people find out I'm a blogger I get the same three questions nearly all the time.

  1. So what is blogging?
  2. Do you make money from it then?
  3. How much do you make?

If I was to turn around and ask them how much they make, I'm sure I would be met with a uncomfortable glare. It is the same for anyone. I appreciate it's new and people are interested, but why not ask about what they do, bloggers are so proud of what they do and want to share it with the world. Please don't just ask us personal and frankly uncomfortable questions.

This is 2018, blogging and YouTube has been around long enough now for people to be aware of it. It is also time to learn the etiquette for this matter, although to me it just seems like common sense. If you are a blogger or creator in any sense and get asked this, just ask them it back. It will surely stop them in this busybody-ness. 

Have you experienced this? Let me know in the comments below!

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