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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

A Few New Things

I haven't brought myself anything in quite a while now. Adjusting to leaving home can still be hard. I worked my butt off at work, got some overtime and brought myself a few new things. It's not much but every now and then, please need a bit of retail therapy and let me tell you, it really helps! The first thing I picked up, well actually Scott treated me too. The beautiful River Island Weekend Bag. I'm going away soon on my own to go and see family and I don't want to carry a massive suit case. The patterns are beautiful!

Friday, 23 September 2016

Why I Love Autumn

Autumn is here! Well, pretty much. But I couldn't be happier it is my all time favourite season. I know the picture above is old but there isn't loads of leaves on the ground yet and you can see this is a very Autumnal vibe, it seemed suited. I feel so cosy today, I have new slippers and just finished some tomato pasta. I have so many favourite things for Autumn time and want to share it with you as they make me so happy. Hopefully you can feel happier too!

  1. Pumpkin spice latte's (I do have mine decaf/soy now, but still taste amazing!)
  2. Different coloured crunchy leaves covering the floor
  3. Halloween
  4. Comfort food
  5. Cosy jumpers
  6. Berry lips and a smokey eye
  7. Dark, cold mornings waking up all cocooned in bed
  8. Crisp air
  9. Scary movie marathon
  10. Watching all of the Simpsons treehouse of horrors on halloween
  11. Fuzzy Socks
  12. Soy Hot Chocolate with marshmallows
  13. My flat smelling of spiced apple and cinnamon
  14. Knitted jumpers
  15. Making apple crumble
  16. Scented Candles
  17. Cosy evenings in with loved ones
  18. Halloween Lush Products
  19. Boots and Uggs
  20. Countdown to Christmas!
What's your favourite thing about Autumn? Let me know in the comments below.


Friday, 9 September 2016

September Goals

September already, I know. It's crazy. However, I am excited. September means we are closer to Autumn, comfy jumpers, crunchy brown leaves, hot chocolate and cosy nights in. Autumn and Winter are my absolute favourite, with this in mind I wanted to start some goals to complete for this month. So I guess, here we go.

01// Continue with my weight loss
I've been on my Slimming world journey for a while now and I've lost 1 stone 3 pounds so far. It has been a journey and tough at time. I had a couple months where I just couldn't budge or lose anymore and I knew something had to change. I cut down on meat and dairy and it's really made a difference. I feel better in myself and I don't seem to be as bloated whereas before I felt it a lot. I want to continue and I am hoping to lose another 5 pounds hopefully this month and reach my 1 and a half stone award. 

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Penhaligon's Oud De Nil | Review & Giveaway*

Oud De Nil is available now from Penhaligon’s boutiques and is priced at £156

Penhaligon's is a brand I haven't really heard of before. But I was lucky enough to try a sample of the new fragrance. They challenge the traditional floral and fruity scents that you see in most everyday perfumes.

The Trade Routes Collection is inspired by the exquisite commodities that were traded through the bustling London docks at the turn of the nineteenth century. This was a magical time for London, with cases of fine fabrics, breathtaking spices and tantalising food and drink piled high on the quayside, with more and more arriving each day from exciting and, for many people, mysterious places across the globe, leading to the British capital being described as the Warehouse of the World. Using sumptuous fragrances inspired by the trade routes of the time, Penhaligon’s has created a collection of seven unique modern classics that reflect countries and regions such as the Caribbean, Morocco, Turkey, India and the Persian Gulf.

It is presented beautifully, in a very vintage styled bottle. It's a very musky scent with hints of Bergamot and Rose. I would really use this as a special occasion scent, not for everyday. I recently wore it and had so many compliments. It really is like no other scent I own, highly recommend this to anyone who wants to change things up.

Fancy trying this perfume yourself? Head over to my twitter to win one for yourself!


Monday, 29 August 2016

The Treat Kitchen*

When you're feeling low or maybe you just fancy a treat, nothing is better than sweets. Luckily in Coventry, where I currently am a new sweet shop has just opened. Sweets are a nice treat, a memory, something to share (or maybe not). 

One of my favourite sweets is strawberry and cream hard boiled sweets. They remind me of when I was little and I would go to the sweet shop and get, what seemed like a huge bag. They would last me the whole week. 

Monday, 22 August 2016

Khaki & Victory

I've reached a milestone in my weight loss journey now and as a reward I treated myself to a bit of shopping. One of the items I picked up was this beautiful khaki coloured bomber jacket with a faux silk material. It was a steal at only £30 and will certainly buy more. Soft to the touch, so lightweight and slips on like a glove. I feel it's really slimming for my figure as well, which is always a bonus.

Jackets and coats aren't something I normally would buy. I don't like coats, haven't had one in about 5 years and normally live in cardigans and my beloved and overworn leather jacket in the winter.

Anyway, back to my personal victory. These blue jeggings, looking brand new, which they are but I've had them about a year. They never fit me when I got them and I have now gone down a dress size on my bottom and top. So I've finally managed to fit into them and damn it feels good. 

I also picked up some beauty bits which will feature in another post and these plain black flats from primark for about £4. I love an everyday casual flat. Something you don't need to think about if it fits in with the outfit and you can just slip on and head out the door. The stretch black and white stripped top also from primark, a long time ago now. 

I will continue at Slimming world and hopefully continue to lose the weight and keep it off! Best decision I made.

Have you met any personal goals recently or maybe a resolution from January? Let me know in the comments below and let's celebrate together! 


Saturday, 20 August 2016

30 thoughts I Have On A Daily Basis

I don't know about you but my brain feel's like it's on overtime a lot. I think about so many things, some are serious stuff and some are mundane. It can range from if I'm ready to start a family to thinking if I've had too many biscuits that day. Do you want to see whats in my head? Lets go!

  1. That alarm is so annoying, maybe I can have 5 more minutes and just not do my hair.
  2. Why can't I live in France and have fresh croissants for breakfast everyday, well I'll settle for marmite on toast.
  3. Do I need my job, can I not just stay in bed all day.
  4. Damn only 2 days til the weekend and I don't have to wake up with a stupid alarm.
  5. I need to make healthy choices today. I will try not to buy chocolate today.
  6. Right lets get work over.
  7. Is it lunch time yet?
  8. I need coffee.
  9. Time to check snapchat.
  10. I need another coffee.
  11. Why can't I increase my following on my blog?
  12. Maybe I should post more.
  13. Maybe I should write a post tonight, or tomorrow....
  14. I need to grow my blog so I can go part time at work.
  15. Aww a puppy! 
  16. I want a dog..
  17. and a cat..
  18. and maybe a baby piglet.
  19. Right, need to go on a pokemon hunt, wheres the pikachu's at?
  20. How do people manage to be self employed?
  21. I want to be self employed, what can I do?
  22. I need some food, can I not just eat pizza today. I'll be healthy tomorrow.
  23. I need another coffee.
  24. I should buy some more succulents.
  25. Oh I need that new mascara, you can never have enough make up.
  26. Oh, I just want some cuddles now.
  27. Work is annoying.
  28. Is it bedtime yet?
  29. Right i'm in bed, time to settle.
  30. Actually i'll just check Facebook, instagram and twitter.

Are you similar to me? What runs through your mind on a daily basis! Let me know in the comments below.

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