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Sunday, 20 May 2018

The Magic Flute | Belgrade Theatre | Coventry

I was lucky enough to go the the theatre recently in Coventry. I haven't been to the theatre for years, my memories of it are Cinderella and things like Jack in the beanstalk where you sit in the audience and shout "HE'S BEHIND YOUUUU". I wanted to make my way into the adult world of theatre and where better to start than The Magic Flute? It's a modern take on opera, again I'd never seen opera before so I had no idea what to expect. 

Coventry Bloggers Mixer | Hosting The Event

For a while I've longed for something interesting to happen in Coventry. Blogger wise anyway because it's always Birmingham or London and train fare isn't cheap. Plus you always end up going for food and things add up quickly. I've been waiting and waiting hoping something will happen. There have been a few small events which bloggers have been invited to but the turnout was never that good.

I got sick of waiting so I thought 'F**k it, i'll do it myself'. I started a Coventry Bloggers Facebook group and added about 5 people who I knew that were local and blogged that I had seen at previous small events. Since then it's grew, immensely the numbers are over 60 and so many local places are interested in working with me to organise events. I also early on took on my friend Amy from Writing Into The Ether who was keen to help and she has been assisting me with organising things and admin. She also is a whizz on the computer and photo shop so with my contacts and experience and her skills we are a great team.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

A Dress For Any Occasion | Boohoo*

Whenever I think of Boohoo I always think of casual clothes because that's what I normally go for. A slouchy tee, jacket or some cute flats. I was browsing recently and discovered they have a occasion wear section. I had no idea and spent ages browsing through. The summer and sunny days are creeping up on us and those days are filled with weddings, graduations and proms. All kinds of events which require a glorious and beautiful dress.

The Body Shop Base*

I recently needed some new base make up. Of course the body shop popped into my head. I went in to town with the sole purpose of knowing that I was immediately going to pick up the Instant Blur Primer, I don't really use primer, they always seem quite greasy, but I have heard a lot of praise of this product from bloggers, so I thought I would give this a try. I have also heard a lot of good reviews on the tea tree BB cream. I was a bit reluctant at first for the fact it had tea tree oil in.

Sunday, 6 May 2018

Samoan Joe's Blogger Night Out | Best Cocktails In Coventry*

Coventry has so much to offer but is really lacking on the online promotions, social media and blogging front. I saw this gap and thought, I can do this. I started an online community of bloggers located in and close to Coventry. Most of them didn't even know there were other bloggers in the city and now we have over 50 members and a lot of events planned and in process of being set up. It's been a huge success. One of my best friends Amy who blogs on Writing Into The Ether also manages the group with me and our first blogging event went ahead with Samoan Joes. A local tiki bar.

Saturday, 28 April 2018

Blogging Breaks & Why I Need Them

Blogging is my passion. I love it and live for it. It's opened up my world in so many different ways and I couldn't be more thankful for the opportunities it has given me as well as the fact you guys take time out of your day to sit and read something I've written. I adore you all.

However I'm also so thankful that you continue to come and read my blog even though I do have the occasional break from it, whether its weeks or months. I have had various breaks throughout my 4 years of blogging, mental health, illness in pregnancy or the simple and common bloggers block. You just don't know what to talk about. 

Unfortunately as much as I would like, blogging isn't my full time job. It is certainly one of my top priorities but not the thing I can invest all my time into. I have my normal job in mortgages, a baby to raise, a family to make time for, friends to socialise with all while trying to take blog photos, edit and upload them, think or and write content and then go on social media to engage and share my posts. There just are not enough hours in the day. 

My anxiety has been flaring up lately too, due to all the changes I'm going through right now, returning to work, leaving Lily at nursery when I just want to be with her all day. It just fill's up my mind meter and I can't fit much else in. I'm sure we have all been there and you just need to power through. Which is what I'm doing at the moment. It doesn't help that I've also taken on a sort of organiser role as I set up a bloggers group for my city as we just never had much going on, so I wanted to make stuff happen. So I am organising events, setting up meetings and liaising with bloggers and brands. 

I'm sure as soon as I'm back in the swing of things and got my routine I will get back to posting regularly. You might even be lucky enough to have set days so you know when to come and check! But yeah, I love you all and thank you so much for your patience and loyalty to helping me and my blog. I appreciate it so much.

Have you been through something similar? Let me know in the comments below.


Saturday, 21 April 2018

How to Match a Rug with the Floor | Interior Design*

Matching a rug with your floor is very important. It not only ensures the style of the rug looks great and works with your current d├ęcor, it also avoids buying a rug that could be too slippery or cause you to trip.
Furthermore, as flooring comes in many styles and colours, you want to choose a rug that compliments this rather than detracting from it. So, there are few things worth considering before you buy a new rug, and your current flooring is one of the most important.
The infographic below from Land of Rugs provides tips for choosing a rug for all the most popular floor types. From laminate to hardwood to tiles to carpets, you’ll find all the information you need to choose a rug that matches your flooring.
This includes how to decide on what colour and pattern works best with your flooring, along with determining the most suitable textures and styles. They’ve covered all the popular types of floors, so you should be able to buy that perfect rug for any type - great for choosing a variety of rugs for throughout the house! You can also get 10% off with voucher code 'blogger01'.

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