Monday, 19 November 2012

Haul & Review | Topshop & Lush


Lipstick - Fawn £10

It goes on really nicely and the colour is perfect for the winter, the dark nude colour gives your face a bit more colour if you're pale like me, my boyfriend even said I looked tanned today when he saw me with it on aha. It doesn't feel sticky and gooey like some of my other lipsticks I've brought recently. So far its stayed on quite well but its starting to fade at the moment so I think reapplying throughout the day will be needed. All in all I give it a 7 out of 10, certainly will be wearing it a lot this winter.

Blusher - Head over heels £6

Again, this is perfect for my pale skin, just applying below my cheek bones give my face a more slender look and seems to stay on quite well. Its not pure powder has a slight paste feel to it which is probably why it stays on so well, I love the colour and would certainly recommend it to people with paler looking skin rather than dark. I would give it a 8 out of 10.


Popcorn lip scrub - £5.25

So far I've only used this once but I am so impressed which how soft my lips feel already, I always suffer from dry and cracked lips in the winter and they get so sore so I decided to invest into this to see if it made a difference and it has, I will probably use it in the morning and evening throughout the winter. You just scrub it over your lips for about 10 seconds (maybe more), you only need a tiny bit and then after you've wiped or licked it off (can't resist the popcorn smell!) apply some lip balm or Vaseline and they feel better straight away, definitively a 10 out of 10. 


Saturday, 17 November 2012

Life Lately #1

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LifeStyle | Tin Tidy Up

So my make up was all in a big mess in a large make-up bag, which is frustrating in the morning when you're in a rush and can't find which products you want to use, so I've decided to start sorting out my make up and tidy them up a bit as I'm starting to get a big collection. I've started with some of my nail varnishes (couldn't fit them all in the tin lid, so I used the ones I use the most) and all my lip products. 

For these I used a Vaseline tin, it was £5 from Primark and is a really good size to use for storage! :) I used the lid for the nail varnishes and the bottom for the lip products, This is the tin...

I'm thinking of using maybe the boxes from glossy box to sort out eye shadows and liners etc, if you guys have any idea's then let me know! :)

Emily xoxo

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