Monday, 29 April 2013

Haul | Drugstore (Under £15)

Hey guys!

So I took a little trip to my local drugstore or pharmacy, whatever you want to call it. I'm trying to scrimp on money at the moment so had a limit of £15. I only really went in for the skin cleanser but I know I'd be picking up a few bits and bobs.

So I got all the stuff in the picture above for under £15, some things were on offer and half price. Only under by a few pence but still aha.

Nivea visage wipes - £3.19 (each) (Half price)
Charlie body spray - £1
Original source shower gel - £1
Rimmel live pink blush - £3.99
Rimmel new salon nail polish - £4.49
Simple purifying cleansing lotion - £2.99

With the things that were on offer and half price I saved a total of £5.08

My grand total was £14.66

I've done a closer picture of my make up items so you can see the colours clearer.

Hope you enjoyed reading!


Sunday, 28 April 2013

drainedbeauty | Updates

Hey guys

So I haven't posted over the last few days properly, I have been soooo busy. I've been working, I work in a bar 2 nights a week and Sunday morning. I've been especially busy this weekend.

I worked on Friday night then went to my boyfriends house and stayed over, we spent Saturday morning relaxing then went out for dinner and saw Iron Man 3. It was AMAZINGGGG! I love Marvel so much and really enjoyed the film, a lot of twists I wasn't expecting. I heard some people thought it wasn't that good because they though Tony Stark was going to die, but like there is another Avengers Movie, which he is in, so its pretty obvious from the beginning.

On Sunday me and Scott (my boyfriend) got up early and went and had a McDonald's breakfast then, we went to Pets At Home and brought a little 9 week old hamster! OMG I've been so excited and she is adorable. I've called her 'Cheeks' pretty common but I just love when they stuff their cheeks with food, so cute. Shes been a bit shy, but shes just had a big transition to moving to my house, but she has a cute little cage with nice toys.

Sunday afternoon, I had an induction at the RSPCA, I've become a volunteer 2 days a week at the moment but may take on more days if I can, its an hour walk each way so that is a lot. But I love animals and will get to look after them, feed them, walk and train them. The woman at the induction also said it was a good way to get into the position to have a job working with animals which I am completely up for.

So I've had a busy but fun/lovely time. Really hope I can find some decent part time work and save up to move out!

Thanks for reading :)


Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Health | Morning Workout Motivation!

(Photo from google)

Early night

Try and go to bed a bit earlier, you will feel more refreshed in the morning and if you perhaps pamper yourself the evening before you will feel very refreshed and clean. Try not to have any caffeine or alcohol a few hours before bed so you don't feel sluggish in the morning and it helps your sleep cycle.

Move your alarm

If you move your alarm to outside your bedroom door or even the other side of the room, being up and about will make it easier to not get back into bed and just put snooze on.

 Prepare the night before

Put out your work clothes and iPod or which MP3 you use, put a bottle of water in the fridge so its cold then you will be more likely to just get changed and work out.

Don't do it alone

If you make an appointment with a friend or trainer you will be more likely to go as you will be letting someone down which no one wants to do. Its a common tip, but it works

Do what you love

Don't do an exercise you don't like, it will feel like a chore. There are so many things you can try til you find something you enjoy, remember to mix it about though, because your body will get used to it. If you don't like running, try Yoga or Pilates. You can also find really good workouts on YouTube. 


Girly Shopping Day

I needed some girly time as we all do time to time. So me and my friend Becky went shopping. We started in Starbucks for breakfast then went to new look, boots and Primark  I only had £100 so I think I did pretty well. I also went to CEX and got 90210 series 2 but that's not clothes aha. I will do a separate post on what I brought :) 

Its nice to just have a shopping day spending time with your friend(s),catching up and all that. I had a nice day and got some lovely clothes.


Sunday, 21 April 2013

Life Lately #3

| Botanics Clay Mask (pampered myself) | My April Glossy Box | Friend date trip to Costa with Heather | Domino's (naughty, naughty!) | Primark Treats | Pretty purple glittery nails | Poorly medicines and some flowers I brought myself | Getting ready to go for a morning stroll in the park | Starbucks and reading time! | Brought some stuff and Scott brought me a DVD and some chocolates :) | Moi | Baked some cute heart bread |


Saturday, 20 April 2013

Review | April GlossyBox

Hey guys, so not only can you see this box is so beautiful! It has certainly been the best box I've had since I started my subscription. 

I always love the presentation of them and they added those little magazine type things in recently added, just gives you something extra. 

So I'm super pleased with everything I got, there is normally 1 piece I'm not overly pleased with or won't probably use but in this I love everything. 

Essie nail polish - I love the colour, I like pink anyway and it has little cute sparkles in it. I haven't pushed myself to spend so much money on a nail polish but now I can see how it is and if its worth buying them.

Somerset Meadow Hand cream - I found this cream really good, it gives really good and instant moisture to my hands which is good because I  find my hands get really dry in the winter. It smells amazing and does the job its supposed too.

Illamasqua multi-purpose pencil - I love a multi-purpose product, I can use it as a lip liner and eye liner and to give my cheeks a nice rosy look. Its very pigmented and has good stay time. Love it!

So Elixir Perfume - I got a decent mini sized bottle which will last longer then the normal tiny tester you get. It smells so nice and floral with a kind of Chanel twist to it. I may buy this but I still love Chanel too much to stray from my all time favourite. 

Nip and Fab Pistachio Sundae body butter - This was by far my favourite product in this box. It smells amazing! I love it and I had a shower and put it on straight away. It lasts on my body all day and you can smell whiffs of it throughout the day. It makes my skin feel very soft and lovely.

Thanks for reading!


Friday, 19 April 2013

Lifestyle | Home Decor #1

Hey guys!

I found all these items online and will certainly be purchasing them for my house when I move out, but probably be buying them soon as they are so cute! They are all under £30 and you can find out where to get them below:

Pink Cake Tin £25 -


Current Favorites #1

1. Botanics Rosewater Toning Spritz

I only actually got this because it was on sale, but I really love it. I implemented it into my night skin care routine. It smells really nice and I just spray it about 4 time on my face and let it dry before using my night cream. You can feel it slightly toning on your face and your skin feels really nice. I've used it all week and my skin feels a lot better than it used it. 

2. Botanics All Bright Night Cream

As I said before I use this after my toning spritz. Just apply a small amount on your face and neck. You don't get a massive pot of the brightening cream, but you only need to use a small amount so I can see it lasting a long time. It smells floral and fruity. I use this along side my toning spritz and Taaj Micellar water, my skin feels so much better and more hydrated, really happy with my skin routine at the moment.

3. Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation

I've mentioned this foundation before but I just love it, I've never found a really good foundation that suits my skin until I tried this one. It gives amazing coverage and an almost dewy glow. Its a very good quality foundation and very affordable from boots (a drugstore). You can apply a thin layer and it will look nice and natural or build it up if you need some extra coverage. I can't see me straying from this one for a while. Although I am interested in trying the Maybelline fit me foundation.

4. Avon Moroccan Hair Oil

I've really been loving this hair oil, I use it after I've had a shower or if my hair feels a little dry at the ends I just use a few pumps, rub my hands together and run my hands through my hair. It gives my hair instant moisture and makes it feel a lot healthier.
5. Barry M Nail Polishes

Not really much I can say about these. I brought them earlier on in the month and I'm finding Barry M polishes don't chip as much as other ones. I got the blue one which is 'Blue Moon' and the sparkly one which is 'Rose Quartz Glitter' I think there really nice for spring and summer and the sparkles just give a nice girly girl theme.

Thanks for reading!


Wednesday, 17 April 2013

DIY | Sharpie Mug

Hey guys, its so simple and cheap to get some funky mug designs. I picked up 3 plain white mugs for 75p from Wilkinsons. I've wanted a mustache mug but their like £7 so I thought I would make one :)

So you will need:

  • Plain white mug (you can also use a jug or bowl) 
  • Sharpie pens

I chose a simple pink polka dot and a black mustache. So simply draw your design on your mugs, you can use some pencil before hand if you want a more complicated design. I had 3 mugs and I did an 'I love your....' mug for my boyfriend, a bit mushy so I didn't photograph it. After you have drawn on the design put it in the oven for 30 minutes on Gas Mark 5 (190 Celsius) Be careful when taking them out because they will be very hot. Leave them to cool down, or if you are impatient like me then run it under the cold tap for a few minutes and it will be cold enough to drink from.

Hope you like it guys!


Sunday, 14 April 2013

A Personal Post

The Basics;
Name: Emily
Age: 21
Height: 5'
Hair Color: Auburn/Brown
Eye Color: Green and Brown
Body Type: Hourglass
Status: In a relationship

The Favorites;
Color? Pink
Hair Style?  Loose waves
Food? Veggies
Soda? /Pink Lemonade
Alcoholic Beverage? Cherry sourz and coke
Store? Debenhams or Topshop
City? Haven't been enough places to know really
Animal? Elephant and Doggies
Movie? Avengers
TV Show? Gossip Girl
Book? Anything by Lindsey Kelk
Music? Rock & Pop
Song? At the moment Jessie J - Domino
Band/Artist? No idea

This or That;
Soda or Juice?  Juice
Dogs or Cats? Dogs
White or Black? White
Cell Phone or I-pod? iPhone
Curly Hair or Straight Hair? Curly
Lap-Top or Computer? Laptop
Mountain Dew or Pepsi? Pepsi
Pen or Pencil? Pen
MP3 Player or I-pod? iPod
Phone or Internet? Phone

What do you do on your spare time? Blog, See my boyfriend and relax
Whats your usual clothing style? Casual/Girly
Whats your usual hair style? Loose waves
What do you think of one night stands? Not my thing
Who's your best friend? Emily
How long have you been friends? Since Secondary School
How did you and your best friend meet? School
Do you have any pets? 4 Cats
Do you plan on getting married? Yesss
Do you plan on having kids? Yeppers
If so, how many? 1 or 2
How old did you wish you were? I'm happy with my age at the moment
If you were to be anywhere right now, where would you be? Rome
Why? I just always wanted to go there
Ever gone Camping?  Nope :(

Do you resemble anyone famous? I don't think so aha
What year were you born in? 1992
Ever been on a blind date?  Nope

What do you do in the summer time? . Relax and go out to the park and stuff
Are you naturally tanned? Nope! Haha
Or are you kinda pale? Naturally very pale
Do you live in a house? Yeah
What do you have on your mind? That I should really be doing my Uni work but doing this instead

Hope you guys liked it :)


Friday, 12 April 2013

Review | Impress Nails

Hey lovelies!

So I brought these imPRESS nails from Superdrug for £5.99 and the colour is 'Big Flirt'. I was pretty impressed with the price and these were the cheaper ones, some went up to about £7 - £8. They come in this little cute bottle packaging which is easy to put in your bag or where ever you go.

So, applying them was super easy, you just peel off a sticky tab on the back, place it on your nail and press down, quite hard if you want it to stick better, or so I have read on the back. As soon as I put them on, they felt quite secure and attached to my nail, but I still left them for about 10 minutes before going back to doing lots of stuff.

Within the first 2 days, my index finger and my pinky nail had fell off, but because you get quite a few in the pack, its easy to just stick another on. My nails were very short on these so I think it helps to have longer nails, for them to have more grip, because I have tiny hands as it is. All the others were fine and they are certainly good for the price, over the next few days they stayed on pretty well, a random would fall occasionally, about 3-4 times but because you get a few in you can just stick another on and its instant, no waiting around. Also the thing that I love is that it doesn't hurt AT ALL when one falls off in comparison to when I last got a manicure it nearly ripped my nail off when it broke off.

I think they would be good as a quick manicure for holiday or if you have a event coming up or if you just fancy treating yourself. After replacing those that fell off, my nails last for 5 days (with 2 missing at the end) so I'm pretty pleased with them, I would give them a: 



Thursday, 11 April 2013

Recipe | Easy Healthy Chicken Wrap

Hey guys! I made this for my dinner today and it was sooo tasty and super filling! So I thought I would share it with you.

You will need:

  1. 1 Chicken breast OR 2 Quorn Chicken breasts. (I used Quorn)
  2. Lettuce
  3. Green peppers (I normally use red but I didn't have any left)
  4. Spinach
  5. Wholemeal tortillas
So first you put the chicken into the oven on gas mark 5. Then chop up your desired amount of peppers, spinach and lettuce.

After the chicken is cooked through or have a golden brown tint on the top its ready to chop up into bite sized pieces. I put my chicken in the oven for about 20 - 25 minutes so they were a little browned on top.

After chopping, put all your bits in the middle of your tortilla wrap, I added about 3 little slices of mature cheese to add extra flavor, you can also add mayo or whatever you like, but I don't like dressings or sauces aha.

I fold up the bottom first a tiny bit then just fold over the sides. I use toothpicks to keep it in place so it doesn't all fall out and go everywhere, then sit down and enjoy!

Hope you liked it guys!

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