Thursday, 30 May 2013

Life lately, headaches and health

Things are very 50/50 at the moment, I've been neglecting posts and slacking on my exercise. I've not been feeling well and basically had a constant headache for a week now. On the upside I've been able to spend the week at my boyfriends house and he's been looking after me.

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I've had this headache now for 9 days on and off. I went to the doctors twice about it because having a headache that long is exhausting, its so draining, mentally and physically. The doctor said it is a tension headache and they can last for months! I was like WAHHHH! He gave me some pills to help and said I should take paracetamol as well, which I shall. He also said I need to sort out my stress and try and control it, which I didn't think was a issue, but it must be, most of my stress at the moment I would say, is not having a job and just stuff at home.

So basically, i'm being all active and improved my eating habits because I want to live a healthy lifestyle and be fit. I do want to be thin as well but I want to be strong and have a good fitness level. I've started the 30 day squat challenge and i'm on about day 12 at the moment, I actually can see a change in my legs and bum, I have more shape ad definition in my bum and my legs are certainly thinner. I've re-joined the gym again which will be good for me, I have actually missed it and loved the workout, I'm gonna try to maybe give more structure this time to what i'm doing while i'm there. Exercise and headache wise i'm going to try and put yoga back into my daily routine to help with stress and obviously exercise.

I haven't done a lot of shopping recently, but I have some more beauty related posts coming soon :)!


Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Simply Emily Boutique (closed)

Hey guys, so I thought I would share with you the re-opening of my online store, I had it as an independent website before the break but its to expensive to start it up again in that way. So I decided to go with Etsy.

 I had really good success when it was open before but had to close it for a while because I was at University and Captain of a skittles team and an evening job, I just didn't have the time. I have re-opened and only small so I'm hoping you all love it and the products so I can make some new designs soon. You can see below most of the current items I have for sale.

I am also doing a giveaway as a sort of announcement of my new store and also the fact I have been have more and more views on my blog, which makes me super happy, so I'm doing the giveaway on here :) You can see below the items available, I will put the conditions below and just leave a comment if you fancy, good luck beautiful people! 

To enter my giveaway, simply leave a comment below of where you follow me with social media and you will get 5 entires for following my blog and an extra 1 for each social media

this blog - 5 entries
Instagram - drainedbeauty - 1 entry
twitter - @drainedbeauty - 1 entry
tumblr - - 1 entry or - 1 entry
facebook - drainedbeauty page - 1 entry

Competition will end on 21st June and the winner will be announced and contacted the next day.

The winner was notified and received the goodies from Simple Emily Boutique :)


Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Mid May Favourite's

So, I always forget to do my favourite's just after the month has ended so I'm doing a Mid month favourite's. I've really been loving the Botanics face mask, I've been using it about once a week because I just randomly started breaking out with spots, which makes me sad lol, I hate spots, as every girl does I imagine. But its really gave my skin a good cleanse and my skin feels amazing after, it's not even that expensive because its from boots, yay.

Also, I splurged out a bit and brought 2 butter London nail polishes, just to see what the fuss was about, I was really impressed with how quick it dried as I'm terrible at waiting for them to dry and just want to start doing stuff and ruin it, but I didn't with this, it also stays pretty well and is good quality, but I doubt I will be spending that much money on some more(colour in pic: primrose hill picnic). I've also gone back to loving my Nude lipstick from topshop, I've been wearing a lot more subtle make up lately and it goes well with the more natural look I've found.

Maybelline colour 24 tattoo is a gel cream eye shadow, it's only a small pot, but its really last me, it doesn't look like I've used any and I've had it about 3 weeks now. It last all day and doesn't feel stick on my eye lid as I thought it would. I'm very impressed. (Colour: on and on bronze). I also got a mini Benefit they're real mascara, I do really like the results it gives and its a good mascara, I'm a bit late jumping on the band wagon with this, but its really good for length. It hasn't replaced my all time favourite falsies though, but I would certainly buy it full size.


Tuesday, 7 May 2013

25 things about me

1. Vegetables are my favourite food

2. I am quite a charitable person, I like helping for good causes. Currently trying to plan a walk for Macmillan and doing volunteer work at the RSPCA

3. I get very shy when I'm around people I don't know

4. I want a cute little dog

5. I need a nap when I'm tired or I get grumpy

6. Its a very rare occasion when I leave the house without make up on

7. I used to have a online jewellery business

8. I played the violin in primary school and would love to get back into it

9. I already know how I want my flat/house to look when I move out

10. I love making lists

11. I've never been out of the UK

12. I really think I have selective hearing

13. I'm happy pretty much all time

14. I always try to see the positive side of things

15. I don't really have any hobbies, I wish I did

16. I want 2 kids

17. I am fascinated about animals and astronomy 

18. I'm terrified of death

19. I love Marvel

20. I spend way too much money at costa and starbucks

21. I have 13 nieces and nephews and only see about 3 of them

22. I've given evidence in court before

23. I never drank alcohol til I was nearly 19

24. I don't drink anymore, only the occasional one with dinner.

25. I've already brought some bits and bobs for my home when I move out in the next year or 2 with my boyfriend
Thanks for reading!


Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Fashion | Summer Floral Fun

Hey guys 

So this is a girly floral summer outfit. It will be good for a girly lunch date or a day out shopping. Its a casual but classy outfit. You can get all the pieces from the links below, I hope you like it.

Printed lace dress - £30
Cropped shawl collar blazer - $24
Pointed flat shoes - £35
Triangle lock clutch - £12.99
Gold faux pearl earrings - £24
Pastel pink pendant - £12
Row rounded sunglasses - £285

Thanks for reading

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