Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Simply Emily Boutique (closed)

Hey guys, so I thought I would share with you the re-opening of my online store, I had it as an independent website before the break but its to expensive to start it up again in that way. So I decided to go with Etsy.

 I had really good success when it was open before but had to close it for a while because I was at University and Captain of a skittles team and an evening job, I just didn't have the time. I have re-opened and only small so I'm hoping you all love it and the products so I can make some new designs soon. You can see below most of the current items I have for sale.

I am also doing a giveaway as a sort of announcement of my new store and also the fact I have been have more and more views on my blog, which makes me super happy, so I'm doing the giveaway on here :) You can see below the items available, I will put the conditions below and just leave a comment if you fancy, good luck beautiful people! 

To enter my giveaway, simply leave a comment below of where you follow me with social media and you will get 5 entires for following my blog and an extra 1 for each social media

this blog - 5 entries
Instagram - drainedbeauty - 1 entry
twitter - @drainedbeauty - 1 entry
tumblr - drainedbeauty.tumblr.com - 1 entry or dbliveclean.tumblr.com - 1 entry
facebook - drainedbeauty page - 1 entry

Competition will end on 21st June and the winner will be announced and contacted the next day.

The winner was notified and received the goodies from Simple Emily Boutique :)



  1. Twitter, facebook, tumblr, this blog! :)

  2. I followed your blog.
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  4. I followed via bloglovin as http://www.bloglovin.com/monicamezaa

    Thanks so much for this awesome giveaway!

  5. This blog, twitter (I'm COakley93 if you want to check :) ), tumblr (sabakunogaaraa), Instagram (COakley93) and Facebook. :D x

  6. I follow via them all except tumblr, as I don't have it. You know my contact details from Facebook :) love love your jewellery! Cannot wait for my order to arrive. Xx

  7. Instagram - langathang
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  9. I love your jewellery, they are adorable!

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  10. I followed you on blog lovin' :)

    beautiful jewellery! Love the moon necklace you sent to Lyon Notes!




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