Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Whats in my bag?

Bag: Zara Mini Shopper (Multi-colour) £29.99

Inside my bag:

Glamour Magazine, it can vary between magazines sometimes but I have a subscription to Glamour so I normally have that with me.

Notebook and Pen, I always carry my notebook around with me, its handy for when random ideas pop in your head for a blog post and just to jot down anything important, I have been using this so much lately!

Purse, obvious reasons, money, cards, etc

Monu Spa Hand Cream, my hands tend to get dry sometimes, so I always have a hand cream with me, I got this one out of my latest glossy box and it does wonders for my hands!

Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb Perfume, I normally have a body spray as well in my bag but I haven't got any at the moment and I like to keep my perfume with my just for a top up during the day, which is needed sometimes.

iPhone, My phone goes everywhereee with me, my charger will be with me as well if I'm out for a long time, because the battery is a bit poop. But yeah, all my apps, messages, e-mail. Me and my phone are like Siamese twins.

Lip butter, same with my hands, my lips get dry in certain weathers so I like to have something close by to just give a bit of moisture, I have noticed that the more I use it the better my lips get anyway, they are normally worse in winter, but we haven't really had much summer.

Inhaler, I'm asthmatic, so its pretty important I have it with me, I get all panicky and make myself go into an asthma attack if I don't have it with me. So yeah, I need it to breathe aha.

Whats in your bag? :)

Emily xo

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Evening skincare routine

Taaj Micellar Water 

I use this to take off my make up, I had forgotten about this lately and was using face wipes and my skin has broke out a lot because I haven't been cleansing it properly, it's so easy to use and you don't need to rub so hard on your eyes to take off mascara. It just comes off so easy and doesn't make my skin all red like when I use other ways to take make up off.

Simple Purifying Cleansing Lotion 

I use this just as an extra cleanser for my skin to make sure all my pores have been cleansed properly and all the make up had been removed, my skin feels very clean after this and I let it sit for about 10 minutes before using the toning spritz.

Botanics Rosewater Toning Spritz (Boots)

I picked this up on boots when it was on offer to see what it was like, I'd never heard of it before and I can really feel my skin tightening when I've sprayed it on my face, it's a bit tingly so it must be doing something aha. After it has dried (because I don't rub it into my skin) I use my night cream.

Botanics All Bright, Hydrating Night Cream (Boots)

I've never really experimented with night cream, I've only used this one but I'm going to be looking for a different one after this has ran out. If you guys have any suggestions I would be grateful :) I use this and just rub a bit on my face and neck, it smells really nice so it's a good scent to have as you fall asleep or relaxing before bed. My skin had seemed to improve as I use all this products. I stopped for 2 weeks and I've broken out bad so I'm certainly going to be using them every night. No one wants spots!

What do you guys use before bed?

Emily xo


Monday, 24 June 2013

My weekend in pictures #1


I had a really good and busy day on Saturday, well my evening wasn't busy but I enjoyed it. A lie in is always essential on the weekend, but I actually woke up about 9:30 which is pretty early for me. Scott brought me a coffee and my breakfast banana cookies in bed which was sweet, here is the (Recipe). I got up and got ready, ran a few errands.

We had a walk, then went to Sainsburys cafe, had some chips and hot drinks as it was all rainy and grey outside. 

After doing some shopping we went to pets at home, which I completely love going to, I get to look at all the cute bunnies and hamsters. I love animals so much, if I could I would just have a house of animals, but they would probably eat each other.

At pets at home, I brought some toys and a play pen for Cheeks so she can run around and play in more space then just her cage, she has a ball to run in but she has worked out how to escape and always manages to get out, but this play pen gives her better space for her to exercise and play.

 From Sainsburys my top buys were the 4 items in the picture above, I was so excited to find my name on a coke bottle, I've been looking for soo long for my name. I'm really excited to try my new detox mask from Dirty Works, I've been breaking out a lot lately and its really starting to annoy me. I love Raspberry products, this lip butter is so nice, I would certainly recommend it. The Clipper, sleep easy infusion tea bags, I got because I saw it in Vogue, I get stressed at home a lot and find it hard to get to sleep, so I got these to try and relax me more, hopefully it will help me sort out my sleeping pattern.

I spent the rest of my evening watching friends and eating my popcorn (: always a good evening with friends.


Sunday was a pretty much the same as any other, I work in a bar on Sundays but I normally only have about  7 people in so its a very relaxed day, I got there a bit earlier today so I got time to just sit and listen to music.

Started out with a cappuccino, coffee is needed in the morning.

Scott came to meet me from work and we played a bit of pool before we went to get some food, he won, but I was veryyy close! I only had one ball left before he potted the 8 ball.

We had a McDonald's and seen as they brought out some Despicable me toys I had to get a happy meal so I could get one, I love those little minions, I wish they were real, I would totally have one. I know its not great for you but I did a good workout that evening!

So, the rest of my Sunday was me at home, I did a mini pamper as my skin is bad at the moment and then watched friends, also Scott nipped over about 10pm to surprise me and give me some cuddles before bed.

What did you guys do this weekend? :)

Emily xo

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Drifting into the land of dreams

Sleep easy tea

I got this a few days ago as I've been having trouble with sleep again lately, I have felt more restless and find it hard to get to sleep, I saw this tea in Vouge and thought I would try it. When I read the ingredients I had to get it, cinnamon is one of the main ingredients which is my absoloute favourite. I'm always excited at Christmas time for Starbucks cinnamon latte. I have this before I brush my teeth and normally watch tv or read as I drink it, the main taste is cinnamon and orange, it's so nice and certainly is something to get me relaxed and feel all cosy, I wouldn't have it every night though, sometimes just ice water or green tea. 

Sleeptherapy spray and balm

I've been using these items for about a year now, I started when I was an Avon rep, I got discounted products and thought I would try them because my sleeping pattern always messes up. It's a lavender scent which I generally find relaxing anyway. I use the balm on my wrists, neck and temples, where it says to, I love the smell but only notice it for about 10 minutes. The spray on the other hand, a-maz-ing. I spray it on my curtain, bed, pillows and just all around my bed. About 10 minutes before I go to bed then it just all cosy and relaxing as you drift off. 


Having a shower is a really good way to get ready for bed, I feel all clean and fresh, but will certainly dry my hair because I hate going to bed with wet hair and it makes my pillow all damp. Or sometime's I just shower and don't wash my hair, getting the fresh feeling and after I'm dry I can just snuggle into bed.


Candles are a good thing to have as you are starting to wind down, when you're relaxing or watching a bit of tv before you go to sleep, having the light off but a few candles lit gets the room all cosy and can help you feel more sleepy and relaxed, well I do anyway (especially when it's rainy or winter)

What do you do to relax before bed?

Emily xo

Saturday, 22 June 2013

I love to be in love.

So two years ago, someone I knew from when I was 14 walked past me as I was strolling up to McDonalds with my friend Natalie. We used to hang around town all Saturday and have house parties but we never really spoke to each other except the occasional 'Hello'. He randomly messaged me on Facebook and started a casual conversation. Little did I know I would end up falling in love with him and have an amazing relationship.

When we first hung out we watched The Corpse Bride and had our first kiss, it was new and exciting, we both had been in serious relationships in the previous year or so, so we took it slow, which ended up being the best decision we ever made, we would meet up once a week and still had our own lives and everything was balanced. Taking things slow made the 'spark' last so much longer and to be honest I still get that 'butterfly' feeling when we are just cuddling and relaxing watching tv.

We've been together 2 years next February (Facebook official, when we became boyfriend/girlfriend) We saw each other for about 6 months before making it official it was really good, we had time to get to know each other really well and we found out we have pretty much everything in common but introduced each other into new things too.

Right now, we are still loved up and have a spark between us, its perfect, he still treats me, tonight he went and got me some Ben and Jerry's. I hope to spend a very very long time with him and we will hopefully move in together in the next year if I can get a job. I love to be in love and I love life.

Emily xo

Friday, 21 June 2013

Watch, Read, Listen: June

Friends Season 5

I haven't watched friends in agesssss! I used to love it so much and had all the videos when I was younger. I've been lusting after the complete box set since it came out, but I've never managed to have the money to spend on it or just forgot, but my boyfriend brought me it as a surprise and wrapped it up with a tag that said 'Because I love you...' it was so cute and started watching it, I'm on season 5 now and I'm trying not to rush through them. I love this season, Monica and Chandler are my favourite couple and this is where they get together.

They are just so in love and its so cute, because Chandler is such a dork and so is Monica in their own quirky way, so its just, AH. I love it!

 Looking for Alaska - John Green 

This was raved about ages ago on Tumblr and I jumped on the bandwagon and brought it. I did love the book, it was sad but I couldn't put it down, I read it in 2 days. I don't like re-reading books til I forget about what happens in it and it has been a while now so I started reading it again this month and I love it all over again. I love the detail about how he adores her but can't touch her and wants to just be next to her then the twist! OMG, if you haven't read it you certainly should.

Ellie Goulding - Home

Not much I can really write about a song, but I first heard the chorus on a Sky advert for Game of Thrones and instantly fell in love with it, I had to find it and only recognized it was Ellie Goulding so went on spotify to track it down and I did, It has been on repeat for a while now aha. 

Let me know what you have been reading, watching and listening! I love recommendations, especially music :)

Emily xo

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Banana and Chocolate Chip Breakfast Cookies

I'd seen a few people make different variations of this so I changed it a bit more to suit my taste buds. Its so super easy to make and oh, so tasty, gooey middle with a slightly crunchy outside. There perfect for a breakfast if you are in a rush or to add it along with a small lunch or a evening snack.

You will need:

  • 3 normal sized bananas/4 small bananas (ripe)
  • About 2 cups full of porridge oats 
  • Raisins
  • Chocolate chips
  1. Pre-heat the oven to gas mark 4/350 degrees
  2. Put the bananas into a mixing bowl and mush them into a paste.
  3. Add oats half a cup at a time as you may need more or less. So look for a biscuit type consistency
  4. Add in however many raisins and chocolate chips you want
  5. Mix it all together
  6. When its how you want it, its time to get messy, grab a handful and shape it into a cookie shape or a ball or however you want it.
  7. Put them in the oven and leave them for 30 minutes
  8. After let them cool down and they should be perfect to eat.

Emily xo

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Life Lately #4

Tea and breakfast biscuits | Pretty floral nails | Omelette and soy coffee | Rainy day | Selfie | Casual Selfie
Breakfast salad and soy coffee | Relaxing with tea after work | Sketch of Scott | Cupcakes | Sunbathing
Strawberries and Simpsons | Hot Chocolate poem | Breakfast | Primark Shopping | Selfie
Tea and FRIENDS | Simpsons and Tea | Blowin' bubbles | Furry Nails | Make up Haul
Cheeks asleep | New fave drink | Manicure | Book, Chocolate and Rose lemonade

Emily xo


Wish Wish Want

Want want want

These are the things I'm wanting lately. I'm certainly in the mood for some strawberry body butter as it reminds me of summer and hopefully the weather will start to improve soon. I've been very on the bench about kindles, I love my books and I don't want it to ruin them but then again, I see the upside, the convenience of having several books on it as you can use it on the bus/train/plane/long car journey. So I'm starting to want one now as I want to start reading more again. Converse, there is just no words really, everyone should have a pair. I've always adored the blush by Nars (orgasm) many people know it anyway from its name.

Oh, Chanel, my love. This is my most favourite scent ever, I adore it and want it to be my 'signature' scent aha, Its just a bit pricey for me at the moment, being unemployed and all that. I'm still an origins virgin, I haven't tried any of there products, but here such amazing review about them especially from ghostparties. So I really want to try one soon. This cute Zara shopper bag is something I really want for when the sun comes out, it will add a bit of colour to a dull outfit and its just so prettyyyy, I want itt. Daisy by March Jacobs, another scent I adore, I've never owned it but I also spray a bit on me when i'm in Boots or Debenhams aha, I would love to have it. Below you can find the links where to buy these items in case unlike me you can afford to buy them aha.

Emily xo

June Glossy Box Review

So this is what I got in the June box, I would overall give it a 8/10. I love that they added in some Organic products, but I wasn't like WOW, when I opened it.

I love the Monu products so was pretty pleased to get this, it smells really nice and makes my hands feel very moisturized, I don't know why but I tend to get dry skin on my hands so I like to have hand cream with me. The Cherry blossom lip balm was a nice tinted sheen, but I like more pigmented products, even in balm. The nail gloss, I wasn't overly impressed with, I don't know if I didn't use it correctly but I didn't like the effect it gave my nails after use.

Thumbs up for the conditioner, it made my hair feel so soft and healthy and as I said, I love organic product, very pleased with this. The mascara is a product I've not really decided on, I've never been really impressed with any GOSH products and the mascara didn't wow me either, it was good for length, but was not giving my lashes any volume at all, which I need.

So I'm about 50/50 with the products, but I do still love getting them.

What did you guys get? Did you like it?

Emily xo

Thursday, 6 June 2013

OOTD - Casual Summer

I've been trying to enjoy the sun this time it decided to come out, I'm always a bit weary about going out because I cover up my arms and legs due to being self conscious, but that is another post all together. So I went for a casual look (:

- Plain black leggings - £3 (Primark)
- Denim shirt - £12 (Primark)
- Dress - no idea, had it for like 2 years now aha (sorry!)
- Necklace - £2 (set of 3) (Primark)
- Sunglasses - £2 (Primark)

So pretty much everything is Primark, but I don't want to spend loads on clothes at the moment as i'm in the transition of being healthy and getting fit. Plus sometimes you can pull together a decent and stylish outfit from Primark aha. Fashion budgeting ;)

My hair is really thick and I have those natural loose curls so I just brush through and I kinda already have the 'beach look' but sometimes i'll spray some hair spray or the like sea salt spray to add more texture into my hair.

I hope you are all enjoying the summer, sunbathe, read your summer books and have a refreshing glass of pink lemonade, woo hoo! I shall be doing it, if the sun stays this time.

Emily xo

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

C'est un été un peu rose

'It's a pink kinda summer'

If any of you know me at all, you will know I love all think pink, so I thought I would share my favourite items with the slight summer theme.

First is my beautiful new sunglasses, they have white front frames and hot pink sides, this is a gorgeous piece to add to a summer outfit, add in some colour and they were only £2 from primark. I have a slight lipstick obsession but I'm loving these 2 for the summer, I have the revlon lip butter and a top shop lip pencil. They both have shine and are gorgeous pink tones. 

My floral pink cut out phone case was only about £3 from primark but it's so pretty an girly I couldn't resist. Make my phone protected and a lovely looking accessorie aha. Last is the lucozade pink lemonade, I love pink/strawberry lemonade it's my favourite drink and certainly perfect with ice in the summer while you lounge about in the sun. What's your favourite summer items? 

Emily xo
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