Tuesday, 4 June 2013

C'est un été un peu rose

'It's a pink kinda summer'

If any of you know me at all, you will know I love all think pink, so I thought I would share my favourite items with the slight summer theme.

First is my beautiful new sunglasses, they have white front frames and hot pink sides, this is a gorgeous piece to add to a summer outfit, add in some colour and they were only £2 from primark. I have a slight lipstick obsession but I'm loving these 2 for the summer, I have the revlon lip butter and a top shop lip pencil. They both have shine and are gorgeous pink tones. 

My floral pink cut out phone case was only about £3 from primark but it's so pretty an girly I couldn't resist. Make my phone protected and a lovely looking accessorie aha. Last is the lucozade pink lemonade, I love pink/strawberry lemonade it's my favourite drink and certainly perfect with ice in the summer while you lounge about in the sun. What's your favourite summer items? 

Emily xo


  1. Awh I love your phone case! Such a bargain :)

    Charlotte xx

  2. The phone case is so pretty, I can never find cheap phone cases like this. I really like these kind of posts.

    Grace x



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