Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Treats me like a lady

I was dressed pretty casual today, I wore black leggings, a light blue peplum top, black cardigan and some black boots. I also jazzed it up with some rings and a necklace. I wanted to look pretty nice as my boyfriend, Scott, took me out for the day and spoiled me, hehe. That beautiful man below.

Firstly we went for kind of brunch and I had a hazelnut hot chocolate as it was all drizzly and rainy and a cinnamon swirl. I've never had a cinnamon swirl before but I love cinnamon so I thought i'd just try one and I loved it, will certainly be having that again!

We went shopping for about 4 hours, it was pretty tiring, he brought lots of lovely clothes and brought me some treats too, I will do a mini haul on here for them :) After all that shopping it was time for dinner so he took me to the harvester, it is our favourite place to go and the food is always delicious. I had grilled chicken with peas and chips and he had the same but bacon and cheese with his chicken. Yum yum. I also had a lovely Strawberry cocktail (non-alcoholic!)

We had some time to kill before the cinema so we went window shopping for another hour and a half then went to see Pacific Rim. It was a really good film and I did like it. But I wasn't impressed, like, I think they built it up a lot more so it was a bit like 'oh'. The fighting scenes were good but I wasn't overly keen on the rest but I had a nice day with my boyfriend and I only ate like 7 sweets so I have the rest for the next few days, muahahah.

How was your day? :)

Emily xo


15 Facts about Cheeks

  1. I am a very lazy hamster and sleep all day because I'm nocturnal.
  2. My favourite foods are carrots, banana and sunflower seeds.
  3. I love hiding in boxes
  4. I get grumpy if I'm woken up in the day.
  5. I now have a playpen (picture above) but have learnt I can climb out, I love all my toys though.
  6. I climb on top of my tiny blue house in my cage when I want to come out and play.
  7. My favourite place is inside my coconut shell
  8. I run up to 5 miles a night, which was noisy until Mummy put Vaseline on my wheel.
  9. I'm toilet trained and only go for a wee in one section of my cage.
  10. I look silly when I have filled my cheeks up with milk drops and crackers.
  11. I'm called cheeks because Mummy thinks its funny when my cheeks are filled with food.
  12. I like to eat ice cubes when its really hot outside.
  13. I like going to Scott's house on the weekend to see him and sit with him to play games.
  14. I once walked on Mummy's phone and hung up her phone call (on speaker) with my feet.
  15. Mummy says I'm not allowed in my ball to run anymore because I learnt how to open the side and escape.
I saw a similar post on Dainty Dresses and thought it was so cute and wanted to do one for Cheeks.

What do you guys think?

Emily xo

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Life lately #6

My life has recently been very good. I'm still struggling with not having a job and really wish someone would employ me already but I've been pretty happy. I've boosted up my healthiness and although I will have a few bad days (yesterday being one of them) I'm really proud of the massive changes I've made in my life the last few months. Now I'm working on cutting down my portion sizes and working out most days in the week.

My life hasn't really been overly interesting the last month but I went to see Despicable me 2, which I loved! and done a bit of shopping when I got paid as you can see in the bottom left picture :)
Other than that, I've been working out, watching tv series, relaxing with a coffee and just looking for a job really.

What have you guys been up to? Hopefully something more interesting! I would love to know :)

Emily xo

Monday, 29 July 2013

Liebstar Award Nominations

Hey there lovely followers

I have been nominated for the Liebstar award on quite a few occasions now and it hasn't gone un-noticed. I appreciate it so much from all of you and haven't responded to them all with posts as I would be clogging up my feed with like 10 posts the same. I will be answering your questions with comments on your posts who have nominated me.

I just wanted to take this time to let you all know I haven't ignored your comments and posts. So again, thank you so much and I will be replying shortly on your posts.

Emily xo

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Watch, Read, Listen: July

90210 Season 3-5

I have watched 3 seasons of 90210 this month, madness! I know its a lot but when I get addicted to a new show I watch it non stop. I love all the drama and relationships. My favourite character is probably Adriana, she always manages to get into trouble but she has an amazing voice and I didn't realise she actually sung her own songs til I saw she did a song with Ironik. Its such a good series and touches on some real issues that affect people and could actually help people through them. Go watch it, go now! aha.

How to look expensive - Andrea Pomerantz Lustig

I found this book on amazon while searching for some 'coffee table' books, like chanel and bobbi brown make up. I thought this was quite quirky and could have some good tips in. I've read quite a bit of it this month and found a lot of good tips and ways to keep pampered and looking good even if you are on a budget. Some of it can be a bit basic and unnecessary but its definitively a good read and can help you beauty bloggers out there. I've implemented quite a few things into certain routines and looking after my appearance to keep expenses down as I am currently on very little money.

Mumm-ra - Technicolour

I first heard this song on Tanya Burrs weekend morning routine video. I thought it was so nice and calming and found it on youtube, I have been listening to it non stop this month. I think its a lovely song to listen to when you are just relaxing and on the bus, just anywhere really. Have a listen, link above :) 

Emily xo


Thursday, 18 July 2013

Minimal Summer Make up

In this heat I'm not a fan of wearing a full face of make up and having it layered on. I've been looking after my skin a lot better and it looks clearer so I only wear a small amount of foundation and no concealer. My cheeks go red anyway so I've cut out blusher as well. We are in a level 3 heatwave in the UK at the moment, that is way too much hot for me to handle. So I like to keep things to a minimal. I also wear sun lotion under my foundation which is very important it protects your beautiful skin and can prevent ageing dark spots.

I'm wearing - 
  1. Boots Soltan Sun lotion (Factor 25)
  2. Wake me up Rimmel foundation in Ivory
  3. Rimmel Stay Matte powder
  4. Colour tattoo cream eye shadow in On and On Bronze
  5. Used eye lash curlers
  6. Benefits They're real mascara
  7. Maybelline colour sensation lipstick in Electric Orange
Do you change up your everyday make up in the heat?

Emily xo


Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Health kick, its not quick.

So I have recently put a lot more effort into my healthy lifestyle. I'm not gonna lie, I have had a few more cheat days than I should the last couple of months (bad Emily). I want to be healthy and fit, I don't want to do a quick fix diet where I will lose a stone, feel good about myself then put the weight all back on. I really want to make changes that will last a lifetime. You can't change 20 years of habits in 1 day.

I've made more time to do exercise, even a quick workout is better than no workout. I'm doing strength and cardio. It is really important to do both when trying to get fit because just doing cardio isn't as effective. I know you see those women that are very very muscly but they take pills and shots to get like that, just an average woman doing strength training won't become really muscly. It helps a lot if you are trying to lose weight as well.

I don't weigh myself, I haven't in years, this is because of 2 reasons. 1, I don't want to become obsessed and defined by this number, its important to love your body and want to improve and look after it. 2, because I do strength as well, my muscles will get stronger and tighter which weighs more than fat so its not accurate. 

I'm very very proud of my changes in my healthy eating, I do still have bad days, where I may binge but I just put that behind me and carry on the next day. I've swapped all my carbs (bread, pasta, rice) for wholewheat and wholegrain. I use soya milk more than dairy. I have swap some meats for quorn about 30% of the time. I eat a lot more fruit and vegetables and don't drink soda/fizzy pop pretty much at all. Only an occasional lemonade on a sunny day.

I haven't seen any changes yet but I haven't expected to, I've been taking things slow so they last, my lifestyle is very different to how is was a year ago and if I keep it up I'm pretty sure the changes in my body will start soon.

I have a fitblr (health tumblr blog) to keep up with any progress and keep me motivated, I have found good inspiration and workouts on here and people should certainly have a look if they want the same, my blog link is under the picture at the top.

Why I want to be healthy and fit:
  1. To prove people wrong who said I couldn't do it
  2. To feel more confident in clothes
  3. To be able to be active and a role model when I have children
  4. To be able to wear a bikini 
  5. Be healthier and prevent getting ill and diseases
Disclaimer: All this information is things I have researched and been told by professionals, I am not a professional.

Tell me your plans to be fit and active, let me know any tips?

Emily xo


Detox face mask

I brought this detox mask from Sainsburys for about £4. I love using face masks and want to try new ones all the time. This one really stood out to me after using it a while. I use it twice a week and leave it on for about 10 - 15 mins (Directions on the back) This is a clay based mask with super-fruit extract included which does wonders on improving skin.

It smells amazing, very fruity, you can really feel it working as you leave it on. My skin felt amazing after using it, even just the first time. It felt super soft and clean. I noticed some of my blemishes have been going quicker as I use it regularly.

My perfect pamper facial currently would be using my taaj micellar water to cleanse my skin, then use this detox face mask and finally a moisturiser (currently using Simple). My skin is really good at the moment and I recommend it 100%.

What do you guys use and recommend?

Emily xo


Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Softly softly

At the beginning of the year I planned to start looking after my skin (body wise) I look after my face and hands and really thought I should start moisturising my body. So I thought I would show you what I currently use.

I love, love, love using body butter my skin really feels soft and clean after. I keep switching between my body shop coconut body butter and the nip and fab pistachio body butter. I think I will be changing to the almond body butter from the body shop after these run out. My skin had really felt better since I started using them. I use body butter after I have a shower and love the smell of my skin after and how long it lasts. It feels smooth after you give it about 20 seconds to sink in, which is great because I hate when you feel all sticky and you're standing there naked feeling like a weirdo. I also use the rich moisturiser from Simple. I'm looking for a better one, possible Soap and glory but as I'm a bit scrapped for cash at the moment I just got this basic one, but it does make a difference, my skin feel so lovely after and I'm glad I'm keeping up with it at the moment. I use the moisturiser every few days at the moment.

What do you guys use? Any recommendations?

Emily xo


Sunday, 7 July 2013

Bedside necessities

I've seen a lot of other bloggers do this post and thought it might be fun. So here is whats on my bedside table. I always keep a candle there, I love candles so much and they just make everything so cosy, plus they smell amazing. I have to have my inhaler there as I'm asthmatic and get worse at night sometimes so I need to keep one close. My lamp is from Argos and was a bargain, only about £30 I think. Its so beautiful and its nice just for when you are reading in bed and don't want to get out when you are done to turn the light off. I keep a room and linen spray on my bedside table because when I'm just relaxing in bed, maybe having a pamper evening it just gives the room a lovely smell instantly, I currently have Cherry and Nutmeg from Avon, they are so nice and so cheap, only about £2, I seriously have about 15 of them. I have hand cream there just because I hate dry hands, so it comes in handy time to time.

I don't always have fresh flowers by my bedside but I love them so much and when I can afford them they are there. When I have a better job, I'm pretty sure it will be a more regular thing. Flowers are so beautiful anyway and when they are fresh you get the smell as well. I keep books by my bed if I am in the middle of reading them, I'm currently reading 'how to look expensive' and 'blog inc'. My phone is pretty much my siamese twin so it is always next to me where ever I am.

Do you have anything different? Maybe something I could add? Comment below and let me know :)

Emily xo


Saturday, 6 July 2013

A goal to remember

I'm pretty sure if we all look back to January and look at the goals we had set for the year, some of them won't even be started. I like many of you are the same. We have just gone past the half way point of the year and some of my goals haven't even been thought about since January 2nd. 

Here were my goals/resolutions:
  1. Read more books
  2. Eat more fruit and veg
  3. Be positive
  4. Get out of Coventry (holidays)
  5. Save money to move out
  6. Drink more water and green tea
  7. Start baking
  8. Drop a dress size
  9. Finish University Year

The four in bold are the ones I have actually done. I have got out of Coventry, I went to Blackpool in February but I would like to go away at least 2 more times, even if it is just for the weekend. I have been on about the same speed of reading books as last year but I just can't find any that sucks me in. Saving, haven't even put a dent in, I have no money but as soon as I get a job I will be starting to put money away. I am the same size as I was at the beginning of the year I've focused more on changing my diet and only just started on the activity side so hopefully they can both now start to take affect on my figure. I have baked a bit but not as much as I would like, going to try and find healthy alternatives for my favourites.

I feel half way through the year, re-assessing your goals can boost you back into the swing of things and give you some extra motivation. So have a think about what you set out to do and see if you have done it.

Thanks for reading

Emily xo

Friday, 5 July 2013

Life lately #5

Selfie | Blogging | Bedtime routine instavid | Bedside table | Breakfast waffles and soy mocha | Cheeks, simpsons and tea | Chips and curry sauce | Cheeks | Zara bag | Nails | Cheeks play pen | Selfie

Recent Highlight? 

A highlight I have had lately would have to be my last few weekends with my boyfriend, he's so lovely and it's just awesome. We have had relaxing weekends where we just chill and watch tv, make dinner and snuggle. We also went to see this is the end, it was the most hilarious film I have seen lately. Would certainly recommend you go see it! 

Recent best buy?

My Zara mini shopper bag in multi-colour. It's a beaut an fits more in than you would think.

Current favourite beauty product?

Lately I have been loving my collection lasting perfection concealer. I haven't been able to afford a new one since my last ran out and my other ones haven't had as much coverage. Plus I've been breaking out a bit more lately so I'm glad to have it back.

Current favourite blog to read?

I've really been loving reading fromroses at the moment, all her posts are lovely to read and her photography is amazing, her pictures are always so pretty. I 100% recommend her to you guys, please check her out and subscribe! :)

Emily xo

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

MUA Palettes

So I picked these up from Superdrug in town, I have had an eye shadow palette from MUA before and was really impressed with the pigmentation and how long they last. I love love love these two palettes, I think it is such great value for money, the eye shadows have great stay wear, so I can whip it on and not have to worry about it for the rest of the day. On these two the pigmentation is amazing as well, the colours are so nice and go really well together. As you can see these are already being used, I use them every day at the moment, I love the blush, contour and highlight sculpting my face and my complexion just looks so clear and natural after using them. I one hundred percent recommend you all to try them.

Eye Shadow Palette - £4
Artiste Palette (eye shadow, blush, contour and highlighter) - £6

Emily xo


Tuesday, 2 July 2013

My Beauty Staples

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation

I can't seem to stray from this foundation at the moment, I've re-brought it the last 4 times. It gives me such good coverage and a slight glow which my skin certainly needs, I've brought Maybelline fit me, but I wasn't as impressed as this. I think i'll be sticking to this one for a while but I am very keen to try Nars Sheer Glow Foundation, I just need some pennies first aha.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer 

This is my favourite and only concealer hands down, it give me amazing coverage on those nasty spots that pop up just when you have something to do and and my under eyes which I hate because they have always been dark under my eyes, but this really helps, I get a bit frustrated if its ran out and I can't afford a new one straight away. I love this and will be going back to it a lot.

Avon Glimmetstick Brow Definer

I've stuck to this brow definer ever since I started coloring in my eyebrows, its not too heavy so you don't look like a crazy person. It pretty cheap and stay on all day, I don't ever need to re apply throughout the day. It does need to be used along side an eyebrow brush or you can use an old mascara wand that isn't in use, just was it out and use it to brush and shape your brows. (Handy tip there!) I haven't liked the other eye brow products I've tried compared to this so this is in my permanent make up bag.

Montagne Jennesse Chocolate Masque

I am a girly girl, I love my nights in with face mask, shower, doing my nails and a chick flick along side a bit of chocolate. So what better than a chocolate scented face mask, it smells divine and always leave my skin feeling fresh and deep cleaned after use. I clean my skin with my micellar water then apply and leave for 15 minutes, wash it off and a beautiful face appears!

Thanks for reading!

Emily xo
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