Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Life lately #6

My life has recently been very good. I'm still struggling with not having a job and really wish someone would employ me already but I've been pretty happy. I've boosted up my healthiness and although I will have a few bad days (yesterday being one of them) I'm really proud of the massive changes I've made in my life the last few months. Now I'm working on cutting down my portion sizes and working out most days in the week.

My life hasn't really been overly interesting the last month but I went to see Despicable me 2, which I loved! and done a bit of shopping when I got paid as you can see in the bottom left picture :)
Other than that, I've been working out, watching tv series, relaxing with a coffee and just looking for a job really.

What have you guys been up to? Hopefully something more interesting! I would love to know :)

Emily xo


  1. The whole no job thing is so frustrating isn't it! I've been on jobseekers for 6 months now, I genuinely don't understand why people won't employ me haha! xx

    1. Oh I know its so annoying! Hopefully we shall find one soon :D

  2. It's good to hear you've been enjoying life recently, I'm sure the right job will come along at he right time. Cute post!

  3. Such great pictures! I love your patterned shirt! :)

    Would you like to follow each other?
    That would be awesome!

    XX, Sara.


  4. Following you back, girl - and THANK YOU! :D


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