Wednesday, 3 July 2013

MUA Palettes

So I picked these up from Superdrug in town, I have had an eye shadow palette from MUA before and was really impressed with the pigmentation and how long they last. I love love love these two palettes, I think it is such great value for money, the eye shadows have great stay wear, so I can whip it on and not have to worry about it for the rest of the day. On these two the pigmentation is amazing as well, the colours are so nice and go really well together. As you can see these are already being used, I use them every day at the moment, I love the blush, contour and highlight sculpting my face and my complexion just looks so clear and natural after using them. I one hundred percent recommend you all to try them.

Eye Shadow Palette - £4
Artiste Palette (eye shadow, blush, contour and highlighter) - £6

Emily xo



  1. Aah you've made me want those palettes now. Such a fan of MUA, and the one with blush and highlighter looks so nice! £10 for both of them is really good! Definitely adding to my wishlist. Just found your blog, it's lovely! Given you a follow.

    Lauren xxxx

  2. The Undress Me palettes are apparently great dupes of the UD Naked Palettes, really need to pick one up at some point! x


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