Monday, 5 August 2013

Student life, here I come...

So, I've tried since April to get a full time job and I just seem to be unemployable. Which is annoying, but I had a back up plan, I got accepted into Coventry University College for a BA (Hons) degree in management and leadership. So, I'm back to University in September I think, which is good and bad. It's bad because I was hoping to get a full-time job, move out and live with my boyfriend, Scott. But good because it gives me something to do, I get money (student loan) and I get to see my best friend Becky :) (above)

I'm really happy about how flexible my course is though, I can look for a job while I'm there and if I finish the first year I can leave to get a job and get a HNC and still have like 10 years to go back and finish my degree. There are upsides, but me and Becky are gonna be put into a class of people we don't know, ahhh. I hate meeting new people its always awkward and the lecturers make you do those weird games where you introduce yourself and crap. BLEH.

I'm thinking of finding an office I could possibly do some volunteer work in while I study, like 3 mornings a week, because I won't be starting til 2pm, so I would have some free time and could boost my experience as that is the particular area I'm lacking in.

What are your plans for the next year? 

Emily xo



  1. best of luck honey!!
    I'm sure everything will came out just fine

  2. Aw i'm sure it'll be such a great opportunity for you!
    Haha, I hate those introducing games so much that i purposely skipped my first ever lecture to avoid them...clearly I'm a wonderful student ;)
    Best of luck sweetie xx

    1. Thanks lovely :) I know, I hate them too, I'll check out your blog :)


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