Saturday, 7 September 2013

Chicken & Cookies

Hey lovelies!

Today is another 'couple day' for me and Scottie, we planned to have quite a relaxed day as we didn't want to spend lots of money, but then we ended up at Nandos, oppsie. Not even sorry, it was so yummy and I haven't been there in months, it was very much needed!

We both had the butterfly chicken and I got one of those Nandos loyalty cards, any excuse to go to more. The quirky but gorgeous decorations, like the row of huge vases (the picture above) make it a nice and cosy place to eat and relax, plus we went for lunch, so it wasn't mega busy.

After relaxing (blogging&Simpsons) for a few hours, we made those gorgeous cookies from Tanya burr's YouTube channel, you can find the recipe here. The rest of the evening was just spent relaxing, TV and cuddles, typical couple things aha. Plus I have work tomorrow morning so I don't wanna go out or anything.

How has your Saturday been?

Emily xo

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