Sunday, 15 September 2013

Guest Post: Vintage Attempt

Hi everyone! It's Georgina from She Might Be Loved and I'm doing a guest post today on Emily's lovely blog all about my first vintage attempt! 

I've had a few comments lately on how I look quite vintage and have been compare to others that do, so I thought it was time to try out a vintage look. Armed with the Internet by my side I watched numerous videos and made my mind up on what parts to follow. Having a very large side fringe, that has been trained for over 7 years now means that it was quite difficult to fully follow the tutorials. As obviously my hair knew where it should go. 

For my makeup I decided to stick to the classic pin up look, big eyebrows/eyeliner, contoured eyes, big eyelashes and of course red lipstick.

Face: Illamasqua Skin Base.
Collection 2000 powder.
Max Factor Blusher in Natural Glow.

Eyes: Lush's Independance eyeliner.
MUA eyebrow palette.
Beauty UK palette.
MUA palette. 

MUA eyelashes.
EnvyDerm's mascara. 
Lips: Lush's Decisive. 

I used the heat method to curl my hair, which means you curl it first with straighteners or curlers, then roll it up and pin. I left it for around half an hour as I'm impatient. I left my fringe in a little longer as I knew it would be difficult. After much playing around with it, I loved the finished look.

My fringe was really nice to me and was very buffy, I've also got a little fake victory roll at the side as I haven't mastered them yet. After I took my fringe out it was still very wearable. So I repeated the look for work the next day and got countless compliments, I can definitely see this sticking around! 

If you guys have any helpful tutorials or places to shop for an even more vintage look, I would love to know, comment below or find me over at my blog She Might Be Loved.


  1. You are absolutely gorgeous, and this makeup and hair look is stunning! :D
    I just found your blog and am a new follower! :D

  2. Wow you look so different :) great attempt I'd say!

    I'm rubbish at doing anything with my hair so really impressed with those lovely curls.

    Sam xx

    1. It's not me aha, its a guest post :) Its She might be loved, it says in the first paragraph :)

  3. Hey lovely, just came across your blog and it's great! Love the make up that has been used!

    Now following you, please check out my blog if you can:

    Thank you :) xoxoxox


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