Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Instagram Catch up

My instagram lately, has been filled with selfies, food/drink and shopping hauls, the usual stuff.
 From left to right: Carrot cake - Scott brought it for me as a cute treat when we were on our way to town/Cheeks in her playpen - She has been very lazy lately and I don't get her out in her playpen everyday but she loved it the other day and went on the see-saw like 7 times aha/Tea&Bourbons&Nail varnish, I've had quite a few relaxing pampering nights lately and instagram always needs to know/Shopping haul - Scott brought me these treats when he got paid, I love my Daenerys Targaryen figure/Selfie - I liked my make-up aha/Starbucks date with one of my close friends, Shanny and finally my big shopping haul from when I last got paid.

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I love scrolling through peoples instagram and being nosy, leave your instagram name and I will check you out :)

Have a great day!

Emily xo


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  1. My instagram is filled with selfies and food too, totally normal! ;)
    Cheeks is sooo cute!


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