Tuesday, 29 October 2013

My Beauty Secrets

- As soon as my nail varnish starts chipping off, I will pick it off. I also pick it off if I'm anxious or bored.

- I never wore make up til I was 18 and then I only wore eyeliner for about 4 months before I brought other products.

- If I'm in a 'can't be bothered' mood, I will use baby wipes instead of micellar water to take my make up off. I normally regret it the next morning and wait for a spot to appear.

- I feel very uncomfortable if I'm outside house without make up on.

- I am 21 and I've only purchased one thing from lush, having a trip soon to correct this.

- I learnt the majority of my beauty/skincare knowledge and about the products from bloggers/YouTube.

-I don't brush my hair every morning, it looks better after it has been washed with my natural curls. I run my fingers through, to get rid of knots.

- I hate how my feet look without nail polish, it's rare I have them unpolished and pedicured. Even other peoples feet gross me out, especially if they aren't groomed.

- I buy lots of lipstick and always forget to re-apply throughout the day. I feel like it's a little waste of money because I don't wear them as often as I should.

- I still can't get to grips with contouring and highlighting.

A short and sweet post of my beauty secrets, share some of yours?

Emily xo

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  1. Hi Emily, i do the same with my nails varnish, start picking it off. I learnt a lot of my beauty/skincare off youtube as well.


  2. I do most of these, especially highlighting and contouring, even though i'm a qualified make-up artist, i still don't do it on myself or know how to do it on myself properly haha! xx

  3. Your blog is so lovely!!!! Would you like to follow each other on bloglovin' ? xxx
    Gleaming Spire // Bloglovin'

  4. Love this, really nice to see more about the blogger themselves! xx

  5. Ahh I totally know what you mean about feeling uncomfortable in public without makeup on!! I'm the same way haha :) Your blog name is really unique and I love the little sketch in your sidebar! Feel free to check out my blog as well, I look forward to reading more! xx


    1. Awh thank you :) That's so sweet. I will certainly check out your blog lovely x

  6. I'm the same with too much lipsticks and not enough re-application, haha! I have no idea how to highlight and contour either, despite many tutorials, workshops and countless YT videos. >__<


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