Thursday, 28 November 2013

Pai Trial Size Products

I've came across this package on a few other blogs and really wanted to try it out for myself. The winter has not been my friend this year, concerning my skin. It seems I just can't keep the breakouts at bay. I wanted to try this because I really don't invest too much into skincare and try different things, I normally just tone and cleanse, but it feels like its just not enough, I don't know a lot about skincare, so I'm certainly looking at educating myself.

This pack is amazing, it gives you 6 different skin products, all great for sensitive skin and all with heavenly scents. I've loved trying out some amazing skincare and different combinations of the products. I was really impressed at how much it has improved my skin, the breakouts are still happening but not nearly as aggressive as it was and I can easily cover up and wait for it to pass. I was especially impressed with and will be looking at buying full sizes of the Kukui and Jojoba Bead Exfoliator and the Camellia and Rose Hydrating Cleanser. I was so impressed with how at ease the cleanser took off my eye make up, It will 100% be my 'go to' when I can afford it aha. I really recommend trying the pack, it gives you chance to experiment new products and find what works for you.

Emily xo

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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Winter wishlist #2

Hey lovelies, I have been window shopping a lot lately, its probably because of Christmas shopping, it gets me all excited. Here are a few things, I've found while scrolling the web and really want to splurge on. I've really been looking into getting some decent skin care items, my skin has reacted terrible to the weather change and its just like spot city. Not a happy bunny. The rest are really 'home decor' items, except for the beautiful iPad mini aha. The floral and faux fur cushions are so pretty and I think they would look beautiful alongside some plain white sheets.

I was smelling the Yankee candles in Clintons the other day, as you do aha. And came across 'fireside treats' it smelt amazing, It smelt like christmas in a jar to me aha. There were many others I loved, but this caught my fancy, I have never had a yankee candle before, so I would love to pick this up. I am also loving the ted baker designs on cases lately, I love anything floral and this is just so preeeetty. The bonsai tree, random I know, I see them occasionally in films and tv series and think they are so cute. I think it would be something lovely to have when I have my own house, just a baby little tree aha, the link is to an artificial one, but I want a real one. Follow the links below to get these beauties for yourself.

iPad mini
Ted Baker phone case
Yankee candle - Fireside treats
Faux fur cushion
Floral cushions
Clinique exfoliating scrub
Origins Mega Mushroom skin relief
Bonsai Tree

What are you guys wanting lately?

Emily xo

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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Avon Luxe Eye Shadow Palette

Avon Luxe Eye shadow Palette - Glamorous Roses - £10

I haven't ordered from Avon in a while and someone at work brought a book in so I had a browse, needless to say, I had a little splurge. I brought quite a few bits and bobs, including a gorgeous plum coloured eye shadow palette. I've been after some colours similar to this from Mac but couldn't bring myself to spend that much on it just before Christmas.I think for £10 this is a real bargain, it has beautiful colours and they stay really well on my eyes during the day without eye primer.

I created a very Autumnal look with the palette I used 4 out of the 5 colours. The light middle shade as the base, then I used 3 others to add some colour and contour my lids. I used the darkest shade to contour and create more depth in my eyes. I paired it off with a lipstick I also brought from Avon called Deep Orchid. A beautiful berry look for the A/W.

Have you picked any good eye shadow up lately?

Emily xo

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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Autumnal Mornings Call For...

The leaves are crisp, the mornings are chilly and getting up in the morning is that little bit harder than usual. Autumn mornings for me are either horrible, I'm tired and cranky or they are great, I'm awake, active and ready to go. I would prefer to be more awake and prepared for the day ahead. This means getting a different morning routine than in the Summer and trying to enforce it upon myself.

To start the morning, something to make you feel more awake, would be light exercise. I love yoga and its gentle exercise, so doing this is perfect. It doesn't get you all sweaty and horrible, you also feel relaxed and happy after. I always go for Tara Stiles, find her YouTube channel [here], she is amazing. I also try to do half an hour or more, on my exercise bike.

With the coldness and weather change, it can affect our skin and dry it out terribly. I like to change to a very hydrating moisturiser to help my skin get re-hydrated so I've been using my Boots Vitamin E Day Cream, you can feel your skin become hydrated almost instantly. I've been using my MUA blush in Glowing Shade 11, I've found this to be a lovely dark, yet neutral colour which also slightly contours my cheeks. Another great product I've been loving for the Autumn mornings is my Rimmel Stay Matte Powder. My skin hasn't been great lately, so I've been opting for lighter foundations on my skin, something not so thick and cakey. This powder has made all the difference and helped my skin look better. My other loves, you might of guessed is lipsticks, I have been loving these two in particular, a beautiful nude shade in Fawn from Topshop and my Avon lipstick in Intimate. The Avon one is a warm lilac colour, which I feel really compliments my complexion and is a bit different.

What are you guys using in this cold mornings?

Emily xo

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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Luxury Lush Pud Bath Ballistic

I haven't really had much from lush before, but it is mainly because there isn't a bath in my house. However my boyfriend has a bath so I took advantage of this situation and brought a few lush goodies. I picked up this cute Christmas themed bath bomb Christmas pud. It smells amazing, I can certainly smell lavender in it but can't pin point the other scents. So go in your local lush and give it a sniff. 

If you follow me on Instagram or like my Facebook page you will of seen the beautiful colours it made when fizzing away in the water. You can find the video [here]. The beautiful dark pink/purple colour of the water was so pretty and the bath smelled amazing which then in turn made me smell amazing aha. 

I was very pleased with this bath bomb and think it's very affordable at £3.40 each. I can't wait to try the other products in the Christmas range. 

Have you tried it? 

Emily xo

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Saturday, 2 November 2013

Yu! Healthy Snacks Giveaway!

Hey lovelies, you will of seen not long ago that I did a review for these yummy treats, if however you didn't see it, you can find it [here]. The lovely people at Yu! have allowed me to host a giveaway for them so one my lovely readers can win some of these healthy delicious treats. You can enter below and earn up to at least 16 entries which can give you a good chance at winning these goodies! Good luck & have a great day!

You will win virtually the same things I received in the above picture. I will contact the winner at the end of the giveaway to gain the address to send out the snacks. The competition will close on 2nd December, just in time for Christmas! It is also an international giveaway! :)

Friday, 1 November 2013

Winter Wishlist #1

Hey guys, I thought seen as we are creeping into November I would post some of my winter wishlist products. There will probably be a few of these before the new year so this is the 1st. I have left all the links below in case you want any of these products. So jumpers I want of course, it is getting a bit chillier outside which means wrapping up warm and being cosy. I am also loving the dark red/purple colours so that bag and lipstick is a must have.

Le Volume De Chanel Mascara
Floral Print Jumper
Grey Polar Bear Jumper
Tartan Scarf
Yankee Candle Gingerbread
Topshop Lipstick in The Damned
Beige Ankle Boots
Dark Red Tote Bag

What are you after at the moment?

Emily xo

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