Sunday, 29 December 2013

2013 Favourites: Bloggers and Vloggers

(Vivianna does make up blog in picture)

This year is the year I really started working on my blog and building it up, by doing that I have discovered a lot of bloggers and vloggers in the online community. Some I now read/watch on a weekly or even daily basis. These below are the ones I have been following mainly this year and really stood out to me.


Hello October

Hello October has been one of my all time favorites this year, I have been reading it on a weekly basis loving all her posts. From beauty and skincare to lifestyle and food. Her Sunday posts, normally different reviews on little restaurants and cafe's from her home town would make anyone want to visit. Her amazing style has made me go out and buy some pieces from her style posts, on more than one occasion.

From Roses

From Roses should have a hell of a lot more readers than it does in my opinion. Her beautiful photos and neat layout is like heaven to my OCD side. She has mega love for stationery and The Simpsons, which are things I obsess over quite a bit as well. All her posts are so beautifully written and presented and you are sure to go back and read more. The odd personal post really gives a nice touch to the blog, big thumbs up from me!

Lily Pebbles

I originally discovered Miss Pebbles from YT on daily mix and had a little scan over her different networks til I found her blog. It is a really good read and you can sit on her blog and an hour can go passed before you have even realized. I only discovered this blog in the last few months but I will certainly be reading it weekly from now on. Her beauty reviews and nail art is inspiring.

Vivianna Does Makeup

Vivianna does make up is another blog I found via YT as she collaborates with Lily Pebbles in a lot of videos on Daily Mix. Her blog is beautiful and looks almost professional. Her posts seem to have a different angle than the other beauty bloggers and I love it. Her get ready with me and weekend posts are my favourite. She has amazing style and can make even her casual outfits look glam.



Zoe has always been my favourite vlogger, all of her videos are adorable and she comes across as such an amazing person. Her beauty favorites and hauls would make anyone want to go shopping. Also she has done vlogmas, where she vlogs her life every day until Christmas, I kept up waiting everyday to watch the new videos, her cute relationship moments with pointless blog make you 'aww' and her trip to Dubai was amazing.

Tanya Burr

Tanya Burr is the beauty queen of YT with amazing 'Get ready with me' videos as well as beauty tutorials, you wouldn't want to miss them. She is so good at what she does, that she is releasing a line of lip gloss and nail polishes, crazy! She also went to Dubai with Zoe and did vlogmas, its so cute to watch and can get you in the festive spirit.

Sprinkle of Glitter

Lousie helps out us curvy girls with plus size look book videos, beauty favorites and hauls. Her day in the life videos are amazing and seeing her little girl Darcy growing up on camera is adorable. She even features Darcy in different videos, a channel you should certainly check out!

Helen Melonlady

Helen is a vlogger with an edge, she has a different style, and as well as being a bit curvy can tell you what works, and what doesn't. She has a beautiful figure! She has an amazing band and you can see band practice in her vlogs to see what the band is up too. Lola is her adorable dachshund puppy which is in a lot of her vlogmas videos. After watching Helen pick up Lola and see her in everyday life, I am 100% certain I am getting a dachshund puppy when I buy a house. No doubt about it. I highly recommend her.

Fayes Fix

Fayes fix is a vlogger which I only recently discovered in the last few months but I love her channel. She has amazing hauls, mainly primark, who doesn't love primark! Her look books are inspiring and creative making you want to go and get those outfits immediately. With great style and some cute personal videos including her boyfriend and even her Dad. She is deffo a vlogger to watch out for. Go and subscribe guys!

Who have you been loving this year?

Emily xo

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Friday, 27 December 2013

2014 No Expense Spared Wishlist

So there is only a few days til 2014 begins as we all have things we want to achieve, whether that's giving something up, starting something new or just saying I am certainly getting that this year. I've never had a proper full time job before and I'm starting one on January 6th, which will give me great career opportunities as well as a decent wage. This means shopping of course, as well as saving and learning to drive. However I've never really been able to splash out much so here is my little list of high end or expensive-ish products I want to get during 2014, hopefully I can complete my list. If you want to get bits from my wishlist I will leave the links below:

Is there anything you want to get next year? or have you set some goals?

Emily xo

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Thursday, 26 December 2013

You got those 'Aurora' red lips

I don't really wear red on my lips much, I'm much more a pink or lilac lip kinda girl. But on a naughty trip to boots where I shouldn't of been spending my money, I picked up my first Apocalips from Rimmel. I really loved this shade as it is a mix between a true red and a wine red. I have been wearing it quite a bit and actually been really loving it. I think I will look into more red colours for future buys. It can go with a casual shopping day with nude eyes and long lashes, as well as accompanying it alongside a winged eyeliner look for going out on the town.

The lip lacquer is a mix between a lip gloss and a lip stain and paired with a lip pencil can last a good amount of the day. But with most lippy, you do need to re-apply. I think it is a really good drugstore product and at only £6.49 you can't go wrong really. I will certainly be picking up some more Apocalips next year.

Have you tried them? What is your favourite shade?

Emily xo

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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Christmas Eve

I'm spending tomorrow morning opening my presents with family, taking a few pics and then going to my boyfriends for Christmas dinner, more presents and snuggles watching Christmas films. So tonight for Christmas eve, I thought I would have a little pamper session and watch elf as its the best film to get you in the jolly mood. Also I will feel fresh and clean for the big day tomorrow.

Tonight includes, tea, a couple of biscuits, gorgeous vanilla smelling tea lights, lush cleanser and toner, pai exfoliator, pretty nails and elf.

What are you getting up to tonight?

Emily xo

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Sunday, 22 December 2013

Rimmel Stay Blushed!

Rimmel Stay Blushed! - £4.49

As you may know, I don't really venture out on buying lots of blusher, I seem to just keep adding to my lipstick/nail polish collection. I have about 3 blushers I like to use, but I want more choice, I have never tried a cheek tint before or even liquid blush so when I saw these in boots for 3 for 2 they just jumped in my basket. I also brought another falsies mascara, who can blame me? It's so good. 

I chose number 001 (pop of pink) and 004 (sunkissed cherry), they were the only colours they had but I'm very pleased with them, I've been using 001 for a more natural make up look to give me some colour. Then I have been using 004 to accompany some plum or smokey eyes. I feel they work really well together, the formula is really good and you only need a tiny bit to apply, so I feel like they are worth the money. They last pretty well, I would say they fade after about 6 hours maybe, but if you pop it in your make up bag or handbag then you can just top it up throughout the day to give you a boost of colour. I think I will be looking into trying more cheek tints and different blush products. Any suggestions are welcome lovlies.

Have you tried the Stay Blushed?

Emily xo


Saturday, 21 December 2013

Nails: My Festive Favourites

I finished work about a 2 weeks ago at the baguette shop and I am so glad, I wasn't allowed to wear nail polish so I just had the weekend to have colourful finger tips. I am back to doing my nails every few days and welcoming all the glittery polishes for the festive season. I am loving these polish's in the above picture and feel they are quite festive and suitable for this time of year. I love glitter, red's and greens when it comes to winter, it feels like Christmas. From left to right I have, Models Own - Sardonyx, Barry M - Rose Quartz Glitter, Avon - Gleaming Emerald, Topshop - Jem and MUA - Plum Noir. I feel like the glitter polishes stay on a lot better and don't chip as easy, but they are a nuisance when trying to get off. So I do like to wear them but only if I know they will be there for a while, otherwise I go for the MUA plum colour polish for that everyday plain nail and if I get bored or end up going out last minute, I can always add one of the glitter polishes over it give it some sparkle.

Emily xo

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Friday, 20 December 2013

Life Lately #8

Hey guys, so as we all know its coming up to Christmas and that calls for all things christmassey. I have spent a lot of my December getting into the Christmas spirit, shopping and trying to spread a bit of cheer. I've swapped all my 'friend's' presents now so I hope they like the gifts I got them, I opened all mine. I can't help it aha, I save my mums and boyfriends to open on Christmas day. A lot of spice latte, hot chocolates and tea has been needed in these cold mornings. More attention to my skin because the cold dries is out terribly and I also re-started watching Gossip Girl from beginning to end. Currently half way through season 2, perfect nights in.

L-R: Matte/Glitter Nails | Gingerbread men decorating | Costa friend date | Gossip Girl | Vintage Carousel | Chai tea Latte | White Collection Gift Set | Selfie&Scarf | Mini Pai facial

What have you been up to?

Emily xo

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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

The Discovery Box 5th Edition*

The Fragrance Shop, were kind enough to send me another Discovery box and leading up to Christmas and the New Year this is perfect. I was really impressed with how many samples came in the box. It was packaged in a navy blue box with shredded tissue paper below the samples. I gave the Men's samples to my boyfriend and he loved them.

I got 9 samples in the box, it is such a good thing to get when you are looking for a new signature scent or just want to add to your collection. I have on a few occasions, smelt a perfume in store, brought it then felt like I didn't like it after a few days, what a waste of money. Having these samples and being able try it out for a week or 2, if you can make it last, you can find which one really suits you. I fell in love with the Jean Paul Gautier perfume and I'm pretty sure I will be purchasing it in the new year. You also get enclosed in the box a booklet of vouchers, £5 off each full sized bottle of the samples. So, if you do decide you really like one and want to purchase it, you can get it with some money off. Win, win, I say. If you want to check out this box, you can find it and more information here:

Have you tried the Discovery Box?

Emily xo

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Friday, 13 December 2013

The White Collection - Reviving Mandarin Mini's

I got this set as an early Christmas present of my friend from uni, it wasn't supposed to be early, but after exchanging gifts, we couldn't help but open them aha. I have always wanted something from the white collection, as they are such an established brand and I always hear amazing things from bloggers. I got 4 mini products, all with the same scent, 'Reviving Mandarin' It smells so lovely and is a really fresh smell. The products included were:

-Hand lotion
-Hand wash
-Body lotion
-Body wash

I have kept the hand lotion in my bag so I can use it as and when I need to. I am going to try and not use the other mini's too much because they smell so lovely and I want to make them as long as I can aha. It comes in a beautiful little white faux leather bag, which I think might be my new everyday make up bag. For only £8 I think this is an absolute bargain and makes a perfect little present for someone. Have you tried these or brought them for someone? 

Emily xo


Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Currently Loving #1

Hey guys, I haven't done one of these posts in a while so I thought I would pop one up, I've had a few new things recently and I am loving them so much. I can't really get much shopping done because I'm normally low on funds, but I saved up a bit and I know I'm going to be getting a really good full time job in January so I'm very excited and get splurge a bit.

Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation 
I don't normally go for a matte foundation, I'm not sure why, I've just always preferred the dewy glow types. But I picked this up after seeing the advert and was so impressed. It gives such amazing coverage even with a tiny bit, there are a few it can't but a bit of concealer can fix that. Having this new foundation which gives such a lovely finish and clear skin for the first time in 2 months, my confidence has certainly had a little boost, I really recommend you try it out.

The Body Shop White Musk Smoky Rose Eau De Toilette 
When I venture into the body shop, I go straight to the body butter and don't really bother looking at anything else, but my boyfriend wanted to have a look around at the men's stuff so I had a little wander and my basket quickly had additions, one being this beautiful perfume, only £10 too. It smells amazing, it's a mix between floral scents and like Coco Chanel to me aha, I love it. I've been wearing it a lot.

Ted Baker Liquid Eyeliner
I got given this for Christmas from my friend and we opened up early so I've been using it aha, I really love liquid eyeliner pens, and this does not disappoint, so easy to apply and gives a great finish, stays on all day as well so no need to re-apply.

Rose Gold Watch
This watch I wear most days, I struggled til about 18 telling the time, no idea why. So I like to have a watch now as I can aha. But I am loving rose gold and this is a smaller version of the boyfriend watch. It was very inexpensive from New look, about £10 I think. It goes with everything and looks great accompanied by my Pandora bracelet.

The festive season and who doesn't love candles? No one, that's who! I've been picking up the tea lights more because I can dot them around the room and it makes everything so cosy, I'm still yet to buy a Yankee candle, I need to so much. My favourite at the moment are tea lights from Primark in Vanilla and Coconut Creme.

Hot drinks
The cold weather sets in and the hot chocolate and warm drinks get even more attention from moi. I find it so relaxing and that I am at peace when I'm just snuggled up, hot drink in hand, watching something on the TV. My Christmas drink love of all time has to be the Costa Black Forrest Hot Chocolate, I could easily drink it all day.

What are all your favorite's guys?

Emily xo

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Monday, 9 December 2013

In the Festive Spirit!

Hey guys, I hope you are having a good December so far. I love December, I get into the festive mood for the whole month. I can not wait til I buy a house and can be mega festive. My family aren't big on Christmas, but I am so it will be awesome. A few things I've wanted to do this month but haven't been able to due to money etc has been a bit annoying but it hasn't budged my spirit. But it's only just beginning so I'm hoping I can get a few bits done. Number 1, I wanted a beauty advent calendar, but it wasn't in my budget, sad time. Number 2, I wanted to try and bake and that but with 2 jobs and uni, I'm finding it very hard.

I did however buy a few cute decorations for my bedroom and stocked up on Christmas films aha. I got The Grinch, Home Alone, Ice Age Mammoth Christmas, Elf, Family guy Christmas DVD and Four Christmases, the only other one I want is Arthur Christmas. I want to know about your December, have you enjoyed it so far? Have you got things to look forward too?

I'm looking forward to Christmas dinner and giving out presents :)

Thank you so much to all my readers that stick with me. I love you and wish you a massive Merry Christmas.

Emily xo

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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Christmas Nail Art

Hey guys, just a quick nail post. I am very much about getting in the festive mood and that includes all things christmasey and all things that can be christmasfied (making up words now)! You can see by the designs, I created, they are very simple, just a few colours and I did this all free hand. And I'm not the best at this stuff, so it's gotta be easy, right? Hopefully you can create these Christmas nails a lot better than me, if you have a go, be sure to send me the links or tweet me a picture at @drainedbeauty so I can check them out. Hope you are enjoying December guys!

p.s I know I haven't been posting too much lately, just been a very busy girly, but I am starting to plan more and trying to get them sorted, so please bare with me and thanks for staying, any posts you would like to see please leave in the comments below!

Emily xo

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