Friday, 27 December 2013

2014 No Expense Spared Wishlist

So there is only a few days til 2014 begins as we all have things we want to achieve, whether that's giving something up, starting something new or just saying I am certainly getting that this year. I've never had a proper full time job before and I'm starting one on January 6th, which will give me great career opportunities as well as a decent wage. This means shopping of course, as well as saving and learning to drive. However I've never really been able to splash out much so here is my little list of high end or expensive-ish products I want to get during 2014, hopefully I can complete my list. If you want to get bits from my wishlist I will leave the links below:

Is there anything you want to get next year? or have you set some goals?

Emily xo

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  1. So excited to hit up selfridges in feb! all of the nars and jo malone! :D

  2. Hey I joined your blog because it's so damn perfect :). Join Mine?


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