Saturday, 21 December 2013

Nails: My Festive Favourites

I finished work about a 2 weeks ago at the baguette shop and I am so glad, I wasn't allowed to wear nail polish so I just had the weekend to have colourful finger tips. I am back to doing my nails every few days and welcoming all the glittery polishes for the festive season. I am loving these polish's in the above picture and feel they are quite festive and suitable for this time of year. I love glitter, red's and greens when it comes to winter, it feels like Christmas. From left to right I have, Models Own - Sardonyx, Barry M - Rose Quartz Glitter, Avon - Gleaming Emerald, Topshop - Jem and MUA - Plum Noir. I feel like the glitter polishes stay on a lot better and don't chip as easy, but they are a nuisance when trying to get off. So I do like to wear them but only if I know they will be there for a while, otherwise I go for the MUA plum colour polish for that everyday plain nail and if I get bored or end up going out last minute, I can always add one of the glitter polishes over it give it some sparkle.

Emily xo

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  1. All the shades are very festive. I love Topshop - Jem. Looks so pretty.

  2. I love the Avon Emerald its gorgeous shade x

    1. It really is :) I don't know if they still do it though x


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