Sunday, 31 August 2014

The Sunday Post: A Blueberry Breakfast

I love going out for breakfast but it is rare for me as if I'm not at work, I like to have a lay in, so I normally miss the breakfast hours. A Frankie's and Bennys opened up near me in Coventry and they serve breakfast til 12, which is great, gives me plenty of time to relax in bed and get a mouth watering breakfast cooked for me. I went up on my day off with my boyfriend, it was actually quite busy, but the food came within 10 minutes. I got brown sugar to go alongside my coffee, which I didn't even ask for but was really happy with as I don't like white sugar and try not to have it if possible. I went for the blueberry pancakes, which I kinda wish I had again right now. They were so tasty, buttermilk pancakes, blueberry compote and blueberry ice cream, it was only £5 and was so filling. I highly recommend anyone who likes blueberries to try these.

Scott's breakfast also looked very yummy, it was a muffin with sausages which were huge and bacon, with a side of hash browns. The sausages were pretty big as well, normally you get tiny little ones but this was certainly worth the money, again only £5. I think I may have to drag us up there tomorrow so I can have these yummy pancakes again!

Have you tried a Frankie and Benny's breakfast?

Emily xo

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Autumn Wishlist: Topshop

Like all girls, a new season means new things are wanted or 'needed' for a new wardrobe. Autumn and winter mean a lot of new jumpers and knit items as well as hats and boots, you can never have too many boots. I am very much wanting a new watch lately my other ones are worn and cheap. I have always loved Olivia Burton and now they are sold in topshop! I'm also in the process of trying to go back to my beloved apple and get an iphone and this case is such a good autumn dark/floral case very similar to the Ted Baker cases. Below you can find the links in case you need a cheeky impulse buy.

Phone Case
Olivia Burton Watch

What are you wanting this Autumn?

Emily xo

Trinkets by Lost Arrows

Not long ago I won a giveaway hosted by Chloe the creator of Lost Arrows, this gorgeous handmade bracelet is from Trinkets by Lost Arrows. She has a lot of designs which you can find on her site and they are all £4.20. I wear mine quite a bit with my Pandora bracelet and it looks very cute and is good quality hasn't broken or lost its elasticity. I also love all her designs, I'm very into the whole buddha, hamsa hand and om symbol type thing. You can also find her adorable blog full of outfit posts, 'meet the blogger' guest posts and wish lists that will make you want to go shopping. You can find her blog here.

Have you checked out lost arrows adorable bracelets?

Emily xo

Monday, 25 August 2014

#ManiMonday Plum Noir

I have decided to start a mani Monday each week, I know I need to look after my nails a lot more, they break, I bite them, it's just a mess. I am going to start using a strengthening polish, shape them and have a new colour or nail art each week. Hopefully I will see improvements over the week, I will come up with some cool designs for you guys. 

For my first week I have gone for a shade I have had in my collection for a while, it is always my go to shade if I can't decide what I want. The shade is MUA - Plum Noir, it's really affordable for only £2-3 I think, it doesn't chip that much, certainly better than some other brands I have tried. Nothing a quick coat can't cover. You do need 3 coats first of all for a nice colour that doesn't have patches, but it dries really quickly so it doesn't take that long to apply. Deffo a shade you should pick up for Autumn. 

What's your go to shade? 

Emily xo


Thursday, 21 August 2014

NYX 'butt naked' & burgandy

I've only tried a few things from NYX before but was always really pleased and impressed with the quality and finished look. I picked up a lip pencil and butt naked palette which has eyeshadows, highlighter, contour and blushes.  The palette was £25 and the lip pencil was £5, for what you get that is amazing pricing!

In this look I'm wearing 3 of the eye shadows, the third in on the first row for a base, the second in on the second row for the main colour and the fourth in in the bottom row for the contour. The contour, highlighter, blush and lip pencil. They blend really well and all the colours are amazing, there isn't any I don't like. All of the colours can go together, so there are so many combinations you can make. The blushes have great pigmentation, there are too very pink tones and two very warm tones, perfect for every look. Again, the highlighters and contour are really good pigmentation, you only need a little bit, it helps shape my face and give my cheeks the right shine. 

The lip pencil goes on so smoothly and is a great formula, it last all day with hardly any touching up needed. I love the colour so much, it's great for autumn. You can find these on which is where I picked them up. I highly recommend giving NYX a try, if you haven't already. 

Let me know what your favourite NYX product is?

Emily xo 

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The Healthy Cookie

As many of you may know, I'm on the road to being healthy, happy and fit. Many of you may not know, I have a massive sweet tooth, it's so hard to resist all those treats. Over the next few months I will be trying to find or come up with recipes for healthy meals and treats starting with the beloved cookie. This is such a good healthy version of a cookie, simple, cheap and only 3 ingredients! 

So all you will need is bananas, oats and dark chocolate chips, you can have milk or white chocolate but dark is better for you, I prefer dark chocolate now too. 

Step one: Mush 3 medium or 4 small ripe bananas into a paste. Then gradually add in a handful of oats at a time, I put in like half a bag, but it depends how you feel with the consistency.
Step two: When the mixture is quite thick and all the oats are covered in banana, add in your chocolate chips, a little or a lot, depending  on how healthy you want your healthy cookies. 
Step three: Get two baking trays and cover them with grease proof paper, shape your cookies and place them evenly. Because there is no flour the cookies won't rise or change shape while cooking. 
Step four: Place them into a pre heated oven gas mark 5 for 15-20 minutes or until you can touch the top of the cookie and it has hardened slightly. 
Step five: Enjoy your tasty cookie, or two, or three, without any guilt. 

Let me know if you guys make them! 

Emily xo 


Sunday, 17 August 2014

Cute Confetti Nails

I haven't done a nail post in forever, so I thought is was about time I did, plus it can motivate me to let my nails grow and stop biting (naughty, naughty) I've been loving this colour a lot lately, Guava by Barry M, its such a bold and statement colour but can go with any outfit, so no horrible clashes! I decided to have an accent nail and went for a simple spotty effect, I got the perfect black and white paint splatter effect with L'oreal - Top Coat Confetti.I think they pair really well together and will be on my nails until I get completely bored with it!

The bold teal/green colour is perfect for the last bit of Summer we have before we go into Autumn.

What are your current nail favourites?

Emily xo

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Liquid Liner Pen

I do love a good cat flick to make a look finished, it seems to just pull a make up look together. I always vary and switch between brands and types of eyeliner, pencil, liquid, pen and gel, so many! I still haven't found one that I want to stick with, I thought I would try an eyeliner pen again this time. I have tried a few before, but they just seemed to dry out really quick like a cheap felt tip pen. The one's we all had when we were children. Drawing on everything, ourselves, the wall, I even coloured all the white patches on my black and white cat, when I was little, he was very colourful and needed a bath aha. (Naughty Emily)

Anyway, getting sidetracked, so this is the only pen eyeliner I have found so far that I really have liked. It's really easy to apply and doesn't dry out quick. It lasts really well, just a slight touch up is needed in the afternoon/evening, just on the inside corner, most likely where I itch my eye. But it pretty much lasts all day. Overall this is a really good product and I am impressed with it. It is really affordable, great formula, long lasting and super easy to apply. If you guys do have any recommendations for a good eyeliner, let me know! I need a staple for my make up bag.

Love you all

Emily xo

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

drainedbeauty favourites: Iced Coffee

Now, if any of you follow me on Twitter or Instagram (@drainedbeauty) then you will know I'm a coffee-holic. I have it at least once a day, yes I know, it's not good for you, blah blah. I like good quality coffee, I like it to taste amazing, you can tell if it is cheap instant coffee. So as we have had some what of a hot summer I've switch to iced coffee. I first tried Jimmy's Iced Coffee on my way back from Bournemouth at a train station, it was so nice, the perfect balance between sweet and strong coffee. I couldn't find it anywhere when I got home and was gutted.

After starting my new job, I found it is stocked in a nearby shop, its pretty much guaranteed I mosey on over and pick up one during the day, perfect in the morning on a hot day. Sometimes I need to buy some and stock up at home, girls gotta have her coffee. They are so tasty and helps you feel awake if you are feeling sleepy in the morning. For any of you people that want something a bit friendlier on the waistline they do have a 'skinny' version. Saving on the calories but not losing out on flavour, perfect! It comes in a cute resealable carton which is very handy, some iced coffees can't be resealed after opening them, which can be a pain on the move. I highly recommend giving this iced coffee a go if you are a coffee lover.

Have you tried this before? Let me know what you think?

Emily xo

Monday, 11 August 2014

drainedbeauty favourites: Magazine

You guessed it, Company. I've been reading Company a lot the past few months and it fast became my favourite magazine. Being a blogger myself is a big draw in as Company feature a lot of bloggers in their articles. So, I read Zoella and Hello October a lot and to see them be featured in the magazine shows how involved Company are in the blogger community. It also shows them helping a lot of bloggers grow their audience.You also have a big chance of discovering new blogger to read yourself.

#Readitandtweet is a really good section in the magazine I see a lot, its great for all you book worms out there. It gives a great variety of recommendations and people little comments and mini reviews that they have tweeted in. The style sections are always inspiring with a good mixture of high street and high end, so you can re-create some of the styles, even on a budget! Another perk of Company is the own brand products you get as a freebie sometimes. They are really good quality and I also love trying them out. My favourites so far would have to be the duo nail polish burgundy/teal around Christmas time last year and the eyeliner in the September 2014 issue. In the magazine they always have amazing deals for example 12 issues for £12 (working out £1 each! Bargain!) so it is really worth keeping an eye out for them. I highly recommend checking out Company if your not already a reader.

Do you read Company? What is your favourite thing about it?

Emily xo

Saturday, 9 August 2014

The MAC puchase

I recently had a little trip to MAC in London. I've not got a lot of MAC purchases but I do love the ones I have, I plan to get quite a bit, its a problem...Anyway, I picked up a palette to build up myself, I think these are such great ideas, I buy a lot of eye shadow palettes and theres always like 3-4 colours I use then don't touch the others and it can be a waste of money. If you build your own palette up you can get colours that you know you will use. I only have the one so far and it is the colour Corduroy. It is a great colour just for a base with some mascara or a contour crease line colour alongside a gold or nude shade. The pigmentation is amazing and I'm super, super impressed. It lasts so well and can be really easily blended. It also goes great with my new lipstick Pink Nouveau. This again has amazing pigmentation and staying power. It is a gorgeous matte pink, a really good everyday colour that goes with everything. I can't wait to build up my eye shadow palette and get a few more lipsticks, any recommendations would be great! :)

What are your favourite MAC products?

Emily xo

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Small changes to a healthy lifestyle - Exercise

Now, I know when people hear exercise, they think they need to go to the gym for an hour or go on a 5 mile run to make a difference. This isn't the case at all. It all depends on what you want to do, if you just want to get a bit fitter, lose weight, increase flexibility, or just start doing something to make you feel good about yourself. This can be as simple as starting yoga. You can start doing it once a week, every few days or every day, it's such an easy thing to get into. I highly highly recommend Tara Stiles. Her video's are amazing, you can find her on YouTube and she has a great beginners playlist, to help you increase flexibility, balance and strength. The videos average about 5-10 minutes long so it is super easy to fit into your daily routine, I find it's great to do before bed, help you wind down, but that's just me. You might prefer to do it first thing and get yourself ready for the day ahead.

Yoga is light exercise as well as walking. Walking is great and with buses, car's, jobs where you sit down all day, then vegging out on the sofa in front of the TV we don't walk much anymore. It is great exercise for anyone and it's free. You can take your dog (or your friends if you don't have one) for a walk. You can go for a little stroll on your lunch at work. Get off the bus a stop earlier and walk the rest of the way. Park the furthest away from your destination in the car park so you can get a bit more walking into your day. It's great to help you get into jogging and running as well. I will be added jogging into my daily activities shortly as I am dedicated that I want to try to do the colour run next year, it looks so much fun and it promotes health, happiness and individuality. It being 5k as well can make it more of a manageable goal. You can try walking for one minute, then jogging for one minute, alternate between the two.

If you want to lose weight or get strong then you would be looking at doing strength and cardio, which is my current main focus at the moment along side some yoga when I can fit it in. I love doing strength, I have been able to increase my strength and I can notice I'm a lot stronger, it can make you feel empowered and that you can look after yourself. Especially when you are lifting heavier weights than some of the guys in the gym. You always want to mix a bit of cardio in as well to make your insides healthier and get fitter. I have noticed mixing between the two, I don't reach for my inhaler as much as I used to, which an entirely different type of health advantage. A lot of girls will just do cardio, but it is important to do strength as well, you can lose weight a lot lot faster if you do that, a lot of research has told me. Keeping motivated is the hard part, you can do weekly weigh-ins, have progress pictures or a fitblr. Fitblr's are like motivational pages on tumblr, I find it helps a lot, if I feel I have slipped a bit, I go on my fitness tumblr and it helps me. You can find mine at

Any fitness tips that work for you? Please share your ideas and experiences :) 

Emily xo
*Disclaimer - I am not a fitness expert or a personal trainer, this is just stuff I have picked up while being on a fitness journey of my own and learnt from my personal trainer and friends.
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