Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Rimmel Kate Lipticks - Autumnal Picks

I have only ever had one Rimmel Kate lipstick and I have always loved it, I kinda stopped myself buying lipsticks for a while because I have so many, but I thought I deserved to pick a few up. I picked two darker colours up as we are going into my favourite seasons A/W and darker lipsticks are always favored which go perfect alongside the smokey eye, tartan and burgundy and brown tones everyone loves in Autumn.

I have the colours 30 and 31. 31 is in the top picture of me and 30 is in the second. They are very similar but 30 has a more pink tone and 31 is more a purple tone. I do love both of them and have a feeling these two will be my best lipsticks in the next few months. Rimmel lipsticks do need a touch up throughout the day, but just pop it in your back and off you go. They are really affordable too, I picked them up for only £5.49 at boots, boots always seem to have offers on as well, so bonus.

Do you like these lipsticks? What's your favourite colour?

Emily xo


  1. I lurrve rimmel Kate moss lipsticks, I only have one in the shade 01 (ithink?) but I really want some more! Btw you look beautiful with the lip colours!

    1. They are very affordable and thank you so much! :)

  2. This looks so lovely, I definitely need to invest in some dark lipsticks for Autumn!


  3. I love the Rimmel Kate Moss Lipsticks, such great quality.
    31 looks so great on you, might have to treat myself to this at the weekend!


  4. these look so amazing on you! I really want to try 30 because that looks so pretty!
    Modern Beauty Girl
    Other Modern Girl

  5. Gorgeous shades! I have always love Rimmel lipsticks, great quality and affordable price too!

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  6. That shade really suites ya :)

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  7. Beautiful shade - perfect for your tone. XX

    Sarah | M&B


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