Sunday, 22 February 2015

Blogging Tips #1: 50 blog post ideas

Sometimes I find one of the hardest things about being a blogger is thinking up content. It can be a pain when you have writer block, or bloggers block. Whatever you call it. Some of you may be thinking of starting out or have just started a new blog, but struggling find your niche. I've been thinking up a lot of blog post ideas lately as I'm committing myself to consistent blogging. So here are 50 ideas for blog posts, so hopefully you will never be stuck on what to post again!
  1. A Tutorial/How-To Post - Is there is something you are good at or maybe a DIY goddess and could share some of your skills
  2. What's in your make-up bag? - We all love to be nosy!
  3. A Recipe Post - Post your favourite meal or what your making for dinner
  4. GRWM - Do a photo version of 'Get ready with me' if you're going out
  5. A-Z Post - I can't wait to do one of these, an A-Z of things you love
  6. Share your favourite bloggers - Share the blog love!
  7. A Give-away or competition - This can really drive some traffic
  8. A Guest Post - Let other people post on your site, you could do it back, get to a different audience
  9. Tell us about your weekend - Love a good lifestlye post
  10. Bath Time Routine - share your pamper nights
  11. Reviews - Book/Film/Product
  12. My Week in Pictures - I recently started this, round up your week, talk about what's happened
  13. Share recent travel experiences - Where did you go? What did you do?
  14. Share your goals or dreams - Maybe what you want to do this year or month, then you can come back to it, see how many you did
  15. 20 Things About Me - We all love to get to know each other

16. Share your favourite Lush Products - We all love a bit of Lush
17. Music Favourites - Love Music, share what you've been listening to
18. Write about your career path and how you've got there
19. Wishlists - What items are you currently lusting after
20. Share your bucket list - Maybe we want to do them to?
21. Q&A - Ask your followers for questions to answer?
22. Make a list of top people they should follow - Maybe on twitter, instagram or pinterest
23. Rant - Have a good rant and get things off your chest
24. Top Apps - What are your top apps on your phone
25. Review a restaurant - take your camera when you go out for dinner and share your views
26. Makeovers - Give yourself or friend a make over, do the before/after pictures
27. Healthy tips - On a health kick? Share your tips and tricks
28. Workout Routine - Gym bunny or just love working out? Share your routines!
29. Blog swap - Set a budget with a fellow blogger, buy each other presents then review the items on your blog, maybe more people will do swaps. Only someone you can trust though
30. Inspiration - Write about the people that inspire you and why
31. Go for a walk - Take some pictures and share the beauty of your home town
32. Budget Beauty - Go and search for the best bargains on beauty items and share them!
33. Dupes - Find cheaper alternatives for high end products
34. History - Share your fashion/beauty/hairstyles through your life and how its changed
35. Things you've learnt - What have you learnt as a blogger or wish you known when you started?
36. Morning skincare routine - Share what you currently use
37. Bedtime skincare routine - Again, share your skincare favourites
38. Seasonal/Festival/Inspired Picks - What do you wear/buy at Christmas/Halloween?
39. Top 10 under £10 - Make up/Accessories 
40. Repurchase? - Share your views on items you would/wouldn't repurchase
41. Monthly favourites - What have you been loving this month?
42. Hauls - Share what you brought on your recent shopping splurge 
43. Empties - What products have you recently used up?
44. Money saving tips - Are you a student who is savvy with your spending, share your tips
45. Share your bathroom cabinets/make up storage - We love to be nosy!
46. Photography tips - Are you good with photography? Share your tips for great pictures
47. Animals - Got a pet? People love animals, blog about your pet, how you look after them.
48. Quotes - Share some quotes that make you feel motivated or happy
49. Colour theme - Choose a colour and post a theme on it, clothes, make up, home ware, anything!
50. Blog your own post ideas! (Blog inception!) 

I hope some of these helped you guys get out of a rut, if you have any of your own suggestions I would love to hear them! 



  1. This post was so helpful as I've been struggling with bloggers block recently. I am keen to explore writing posts like your suggestions. Thanks Emily! x

  2. Thanks for posting! Great ideas. Definitely going to do the A-Z of things I love. :) xxx

  3. Greats ideas for posts! Well done! X

  4. Great ideas! I started blogging in Jan and find myself randomly scribbling post ideas in a little notebook when I'm out :) it's amazing where you can think up post ideas (at lunch, on the bus etc) x

  5. That was really helpful!! Thanks :)

  6. Super helpful post, I hate getting bloggers block so posts like these really help me generate ideas x

  7. Thank you so much for sharing this post! It's such an eye opener and very helpful! X

  8. Love the blog swap idea! Thanks for sharing :)

    Kate xx


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