Tuesday, 24 February 2015

#tastytuesday Emily Fruit Crisps*

Emily fruit crisps are a new snack and taste amazing and a are the perfect guilt free snack to keep in your handbag for on the go. Also they have a great name!

I have tried these 3 lovely flavours, apple, pineapple and banana. My favourite would have to be the banana by far. They have a delicious taste and a nice crunch. So swap those unhealthy crisps for this healthy and guilt free alternative. As some of you may know I'm trying to be a lot healthier at the moment on Slim Fast and these treats are perfect for a mid morning or mid afternoon snack. 

I've also found with these tasty snacks, they are great to put on top of some yoghurt or in baking like a bran muffin or oatmeal cookies. There is also quite a romantic story on where the name came from for these fruit crisps. You can see it on the website (http://www.emilyfruitcrisps.co.uk/) but I will paste it below.

Have you tried these before, what else would you like to see for #tastytuesday let me know in the comments below?



  1. I look the look of these, I am trying to have a healthier lifestyle at the minute by changing some of my old habits :) It would save me grabbing something unhealthy when I'm out and about x


  2. WOW loved this post! Very inspiring and amazing blog! Keep up the great work, I'm a fan! :)

    xoxo ElsaBeautyTeen



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