Friday, 29 May 2015

Lets start writing and blogging all over again

I know I've been a bit MIA lately. I do apologise, things got in the way and I lost my focus. Then the more I left blogging, the harder it got to get my focus back. A lot of things have been going on in my life, which I'm happy to share with you lovely readers, especially my loyal crew.

So it's been a bit sad at my household lately, my mums been really poorly and turns out she haa blood cancer. It sounds worse than it is, out of having cancer, she has the 'best' one, apparently. It doesn't affect her life span it just means she has to be on chemo tablets for the rest of her life which are a unpleasant adjustment. They make her feel awful loads at the moment. Work has also had some big changes and I start my new job as a Mortgage Co-ordinator in August, hopefully then can start training to be a Mortgage Advisor. So there has been a lot of focus on my future too. I myself, have been quite poorly with the flu and headaches, so it's all just been a bit blah.

I'm back now, dusted off my keyboard and got my camera, ready to take on the blogging world all over again. I won't be posting as often as I used to at the moment just getting back into it, but I do have a bit long list of things I want to write about. So, watch this space, as they say.

Even though I haven't been active myself, I still spend my lunches reading through other peoples blogs and I love finding new favourites, so send your blog link over to me on twitter @drainedbeauty. My gorgeous boyfriend has been there for me the whole time, cheers me up when I need it, spoils me lots and just makes me happier all the time.

What have you been up to? Missed me?


Ideas For A Luxury Weekend On A Budget*

It’s summer time. Even if it’s raining outside where you are, there’s something about summer that makes us all want to get out. I know I love to spend time with my friends and family and make sure I have a summer to remember. All the things you want to do in summer can start to add up. So here a few of my ideas for a champagne lifestyle on a lemonade budget!

Have A Spa Weekend

You don’t have to visit a spa to feel like you’ve been to one. I’d get together with your friends or your partner and plant the ultimate relaxing weekend. It’s easy to do and a fraction of the price of spa treatments.

First I’d shop around for some candles with relaxing scents like lavender. I’d also pick up a few aromatherapy oils while I’m at it.

Next I’d start getting some face masks, scrubs and other at home treatments. You could even make treatments yourself! It’d be fun to get some other things like a small foot spa or a facial cleansing brush.

I think when it comes to the home-spa, as long as you have relaxing scents, music and decor you’ll feel great! If you want to make it feel a little bit more luxurious, hire a mobile masseuse. You can often find special offers, and they come straight to your house.

Have A Posh Meal

It’s possible to eat a posh meal without going broke. If you spend a little time looking around online, you'll quickly find that there are so many restaurant deals out there. Think of a cuisine that you like then do a quick search for offers in your area. It's surprising at how well you can eat when you’re on a budget!

If going out for a meal isn’t an option, why not cook a luxury meal at home? Whether it’s for one, two or a whole group, it’ll be a lot of fun. You could even try and come up with a menu and set yourself a Come Dine With Me type challenge. Look at a menu from your favorite restaurant for some inspiration.

Have A Luxury Picnic

Having a picnic is like treating yourself to a posh meal. It can be just as exciting! If you go to town on your picnic plans, you’ll feel like the most elegant person in the park.

You can make simple nibbles and fill a basket with treats. If you present your bites will, they’ll look like they come from a top-notch restaurant. You can’t have a picnic without the basket and a gingham blanket. You might be able to pick up both of these items in a second hand or charity shop.

If you can’t get a blanket or basket, look around your home and get creative. The more fun you have with putting your picnic together, the better. Then all you need to do is to pick up some cheap bubbly and plastic wine glasses, perfect!

What do you think of my weekend ideas? Let me know if you have any good suggestions!


Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Kiss Cosmetics: Scrub Stick*

Kiss Cosmetics are bringing out a must have item which I have been loving. The Scrub Stick comes out on 13th May on the website which you can find [here]. I always suffer from dry and chapped lips all year round, not just winter. It's just worst in winter, which sucks. The Scrub Stick is a chunky exfoliator and moisturiser all in one. You can feel it moisturising your lips almost instantly.
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