Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Primark Haul | Home

(Fox Throw £5) (Owl Mug £2.50) (Memory Foam Slippers £4)
(Small Jar Candles £1) (Black and White Throw £5)
(Good Morning & Woke Up Like This Mugs £1.50)

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Sunday Summary #9


Thursday, 23 July 2015

Instagram Outfit #1

Instagram - @drainedbeauty

Mind my crazy eyes aha, badly timed photo while looking at my phone. Now, don't get me wrong, this wasn't the best background, being in an elevator at work but, hey, work with what you got.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Cranberry Hues

I rummaged around my makeup drawers the other day and came across my beloved MAC Cranberry eyeshadow. I normally use it for winter but thought, why not. I applied it lighter so it was a more a summer cranberry colour rather than the dark colour which I normally build it up to for smokey winter look.

Monday, 20 July 2015

Bahama Mama

I've been missing Autumn/Winter recently but looking forward to it creeping up on us in a few months. In turn I've opted for one of my winter nail colours this week. I got two of these polishes for my birthday, my friends know me so well, and my love for Essie. Even though my Essie collection is pitiful, it will grow in time. As long as my bank balance allows anyway.

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Sunday Summary #8

Despite going to work, this week has been awesome. It was pay day on Friday, although most of my money is going into savings for holiday and things happening towards the end of the year, it's nice to have some pennies. I've been blogging quite a lot and trying to get into writing more for the Coventry Telegraph as well. This is mainly because I got accepted on to an English Literature and Creative Writing degree with Open University so I'm super excited to start that. I start in February and will be reading loads in the run up to it, any recommendation on your favourite books?

I will also be entering a competition to script my own ending to my favourite film, which can be good practise for my writing. The prize is £2000, which is an added bonus but I'm not expecting to win. You can read more about it and enter here.

I've signed up to Snapchat this week to, it's hard to get used to, but I'm getting the hang of it. You can follow me under 'drainedbeauty'. I'm following everyone back at the moment too, as I'm such a newbie. Loving Jim Chapman and Tanya Burrs snaps of their new puppy, I want one so much! Also with new things this week I tried my first ever big mac and my it was yummy. I've been really healthy and active lately so I don't feel guilty for having a cheat meal. I'm proud of how I'm doing :)

The best aspect of this week was spending lots of time with Scott. I stayed at his for about 4 nights and we've chilled loads and watched netflix. Also went to see the new Ant-Man film. It was a lot better than I thought and they did good choosing Paul Rudd. He's hilarious in everything.

How was your week? Let me know in the comments below.


Thursday, 16 July 2015

Moody B**ch | Part One

I am a very positive and bubbly person but we all have those things that just annoy the f**k out of us. I'm gonna start to jot down the things I moan about and list them for your pleasure. Some of them will be petty or you won't understand why it annoys me but, hey! we all have pet peeves.

I would also love to hear yours! Let me know in the comments below or tell me on twitter at @drainedbeauty under #petpeeveswithemmy

So here we go:
  1. Smokers at bus stops. "Yes, I would love to have an asthma attack before I get to work" NO!
  2. People who drink cup of soups like a drink. It's so weird, use a spoon!
  3. People Who Type Every Word With A Capital Letter.
  4. When you ask for vegan/veggie/soy and you get 'that' look. Like its so much harder to put soy milk in my latte?
  5. When people are walking in front of you in town then just stop walking and stand still.
  6. Primark never have my size in all the best dresses. 
  7. People who think it's okay to comment on your weight. "I'll throw my hamburger in your face".
  8. When people comment on your blog posts just promoting their own blog. "Hey, I put effort into my post, read it at least".
  9. When I put my mascara on and then sneeze. Turn me into a goth make up, that's okay.
  10. When you see kids about 11 smoking and swearing. When I was 11 I still played with barbies and polly pocket. Be a kid!

Let me know your pet peeves or things that turn you into a moody b**ch in the comments below. It's fun to vent!


Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Quick & Easy | Soy Vanilla Iced Coffee

While I'm currently on a budget, finding quick and cheaper alternatives are very handy. I love coffee, I am a coffee snob as some people will say and my current favourite is a soy vanilla iced coffee. When you go to coffee shops they can range from about £2.50 - £3.50 which, let's face it, is pretty expensive.

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Sunday Summary #7

I'm happy to report, this week has been a good week. After last week being absolutely awful, I decided to be more positive and put steps in place so I don't let the stress get to me again which you can see more about in my July Goals. I've started doing a bit of meditation, exercise, pampering and just generally looking after myself so much better.

I was at work all week, but with me back to my positive and carefree self it didn't really bother me, I read magazines and wrote lists while it was quiet so I was productive in my own life. I even managed to write a few blog posts on my lunch break, dedication or what? I have made a few purchases mainly of the skincare variety I want to share with you guys, but I will be doing dedicated posts for them. So, keep an eye out!

Apart from working this week, I have been getting back to blogging and enjoying it so much again. I'm also writing for The Coventry Telegraph again, recently just done some restaurant reviews, which I thoroughly enjoyed writing and I want to expand my writing styles eventually. 

This weekend was perfect, I had a lazy weekend with the boyfriend, we watched some netflix. We watched The Purge (love it! need to see the next one) and started again on the series Misfits about some youths with community service getting super powers. It's one of the funniest series I've ever watched. Then we went for breakfast this morning. Going out for breakfast is probably one of my favourite meals and I normally have a meat free fry up, yum yum.

How was your week? Let me know in the comments below.


Thursday, 2 July 2015

July Goals

So we've past the half way point in the year and I'm sure like most of you some of my new year resolutions have not sticked. Losing weight, reading more, saving money, I could go on.

I guess passing the half way point and not reaching goals is a bit of a motivation boost to some. Others can be like 'Oh I'll just wait till next year and start again'. Don't do it! Don't postpone and procrastinate, I am like the procrastination queen but I've noticed while having a pretty awful 2 weeks I need to look after myself. 

I feel like I've really improved in the last month and I want to continue and also add a few extra goals.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Current Favourite 2#*

I have recently been going through some skincare and make up that I haven't used in a long time and re-found my love for them. I do overspend on beauty and skincare products sometimes and pop them in my drawers and forget about them sometimes, I'm sure all you beauty lovers do that. Or maybe it's just me, who knows.
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