Thursday, 6 August 2015

Make Up Revolution | Corrector Palette*

Especially when it's that time of the month, my skin hates me. It breaks out, goes all blotchy and weird and foundation ends up getting caked on. I was kindly sent this new palette to try by Make Up Revolution, it's one of the more affordable ones I've seen at only £6 and it is quite a big palette so you're getting your moneys worth.

This is a much better alternative to covering your face in so much make up you can scrape it off with a knife. All the colours do different things to help your skin look flawless and have a balanced complexion. They are creamy colours so easily blendable onto the skin. I use it under my foundation and find it really helps cover blemishes as well so I am using less concealer. It is perfect for a breakout or if you have naturally blotchy or uneven skin tones.

What the colours do:

Pink - Brightens
Lavender - Neutralises yellow tones
Green - Neutralises redness
Orange - Neutralises blue tones
Peach - Helps balance out slight discolouration
White - Adds natural highlight and brightens skin
Cream - Neutralises purple and covers dark areas (Love it under the eyes!)
Brown - Balances ashiness on medium to dark skin tones

Have you used this before? Do you think it would be beneficial? Let me know in the comments below.



  1. I hunt this palette in every Superdrug that has a Makeup Revolution and couldn`t find. I know mainly high-end brands do corrector palettes, so I really want to try a drugstore alternative.

  2. I have a Makeup Revolution Blush palette and I absolutely love every single blush in it, so I'm sure this will be a great buy. At the £6 it seems like such a steal, I don't use any correctors at the moment but I might buy this to see if it does help my complexion.

    Hafsah x

  3. This looks awesome, I have the same problem and have been looking at colour correctors.

    Amy -

  4. This looks like a great palette to have and such a fab price! I use an orange concealer for under my eyes to remove my dark circles and have a more awake appearance. I think the other colours would be great to have for other areas of the face!
    Also gorgeous photographs :)

    Jodie x


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