Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Do What You Love And Make Money Doing It*

There are lots of things in life that we love. Most of us have two or three hobbies and interests that occupy us in our spare time. A lot of us would prefer doing them than going to work most days too! So why not combine what you love doing with your job? If you have a keen interest in something, chances are, you could start earning some income from doing it.

Whatever your passion in life, there are likely to be many people who feel the same as you. Like you, they spend money on their interest or passion because it is an important part of who they are. With just a little bit of training, a touch of determination, and a small investment, you could be the one they give their money too.

Most beauticians started out with a love for cosmetics and pampering treatments. They found out more about their interest by buying products and trying them out. Perhaps they spent time practicing their skills on friends and family. You can take hair, beauty and nail courses that can qualify you to do these things professionally. You can earn a license to practice and even start up your own business. 

Those with a passion and talent for music often find themselves teaching others how to play. A good teacher can build up a teaching studio of pupils willing to pay for their time, knowledge and expertise. There are qualifications you can gain to help you become more confident and skilled at teaching others to do what you can do too. You might teach in groups, in schools, or individually for private lessons.

If you have a talent for arts and crafts, why not sell your works? Painters and sketch artists can sell their pictures to chain stores that mass produces the image. If you are good at making things like pottery or silversmithing, why not start your own website? Social media is a free and effective way to let people know about your products. You might sell your services as a photographer or portrait painter. And if you’re a dressmaker, why not start your own boutique?

What makes you happy in life? Do you love pets and animals? You could become a dog walker or cat groomer. Are you fond of watching movies or reading books? Why not submit some reviews to your local newspapers and online sites? If you love writing, why not finish that book and send it to a literary agent? If you have had success with fitness and dieting, perhaps you could help others slim down and be healthier too?

The best thing about all these jobs is that you can start them up from nothing. You can develop a name for yourself by starting small in your spare time. You might not earn more than a few pounds a week at first. But everyone has the potential to grow their clients and their sales. Soon you may be doing well enough to register a formal business and quit your boring nine to five.

Thursday, 24 March 2016

You Can't Have A Girls Night In Without These Vital Things!*

Meeting up with your best friends is great. If you haven’t seen them in ages, it’s the perfect time to catch up. With our busy work and home lives, it can be hard to make time for each other. A Girls Night In is a fab way for you to all hangout. A night of laughter can really help to boost your mood and can help relieve any stress you may be carrying. After all, friends are the best medicine. But arranging a Girls Night In can be hard. You need to entertain everyone with fun activities, so that they have a good time. Here are some things you should include to have the best night ever.

A movie

You need to choose a great movie which will keep you and the girls entertained. A rom-com is ideal to watch with the girls, and you can have a laugh while watching. You don’t mind getting emotional in front of your girls so watching something like The Notebook or Ghost would be great choices. This Article suggests you tell the girls to wear their pyjamas and slippers so that you are all comfy while watching. If they are spending the night, you could always choose an actor and then watch several of their films. And don’t forget to buy popcorn.

A good chat

Having a chat with your girls is a necessity for a fab girls night in. It’s a great way to relieve stress by having a chat about anything that's been upsetting you. It can be easier to talk about any issues with your friends rather than a family member or a boyfriend. It’s great to have a gossip too as some light-hearted relief after a long day.

Beauty treatments

A fun thing to do when the girls are over is to do some beauty treatments. You can do your nails and have a natter while you paint them. You could even apply a dead sea face mask to help cleanse your skin and relax while you have your night in. You could give each other massages as well or even hire someone in to complete beauty treatments on you all.

Delicious snacks

Eating some food during your Girls Night In is vital for having a good time. You could arrange for everyone to bring some snacks, or you could order some food. As we talked about here, a pizza is hugely popular for girls in their 20’s, and there are so many discount vouchers around. Otherwise, some chocolate would be great to enjoy while enjoying your night in.

A bottle of wine

A bottle of wine is essential to have a fabulous night in with the girls. It will help to ease any pressure, and you can truly have a laugh. A bottle of wine is also great to share. Cosmo even suggests you could have a wine tasting girls night in where you all bring wine and give your opinion!

Whatever you decide to do, have a fab time with your friends and try and relax.


Monday, 21 March 2016

The First Steps of Planning Your Wedding*

Congratulations on your engagement; you are getting married! There can be a lot to plan, so bear with me. Before we get to the nitty-gritty of the dress, ceremony and bridesmaid’s dresses, there is the matter of choosing a date. Pretty much everything revolves around it, so it is a good idea to have one sooner rather than later.

The date will depend on what you have always had in mind. Some people may have always dreamt of a summer wedding; some may have always wanted to wrap up and have a winter wedding. It will also depend on the budget that you have. Setting the budget is one of the first things that you should do. It might feel a little awkward, but it is a good idea to sit down and have a conversation. It should include people like parents if that is applicable, and, of course, your other half. You need to know what is available to spend. You want to know if your dream of having a wedding abroad can be a reality, for example.


When you know what type of wedding you are looking at, you can start to look at locations. There are so many options that you can choose from. Do you want a traditional church wedding? Would you prefer a modern garden wedding? You might want a luxurious manor house wedding. Whatever you choose from, make sure you have a proper look around at your chosen location. Then the date needs to be determined. If you have always wanted to get married in a particular church, for example, the date you choose might be determined by its availability. So sit down and chat through the available dates at your chosen location. It might be a bit of a wait for some days or dates. If you want to get married sooner, then it might be worth compromising on the date. Getting married on a weekday is often cheaper and less of a waiting time.

When you have looked at a location and chosen a date, it might be worth sending out save the date cards. If the wedding date is quite a while away, then it is worth sending these out. If it is within a year, you don’t need to send then necessarily. Once you have the date and location, though, regardless of save the date cards, you could get started on the wedding invitations. You could make your own or get some custom made. There are so many options available from rustic wedding invites to funky and modern versions. So shop around and think what will match the style of the wedding that you want.

Keep a note of any invoices and documentation that you gather along the way. You will want to keep a record of what you have paid and what you have left to pay, for example. If you plan well and keep on top of it all, it will run smoothly. Good luck with planning your wedding!

P.S I'm not getting married!


Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Mani In A Minute

To me, nothing looks worse than unkept chipped nails. I've not been overly bothered about getting my nails done properly lately like at a nail salon. I've just been buying stick on nails and stocking up. Purely because boots have had some amazing offers on and I got some of these press on nails for about £3 each, which is a bargain and a half!

The marble nails were actually £9 but how could you not get them, look how beautiful they are. Very blogger-esque. Now, I just want to say, I do not use the glue in the boxes. Lets be honest, it's just pants. I buy my own brush on glue from amazon. Any brush on glue is fine but it's reusable and so much better. Plus if a nail pops off at work, which has happened a few times, you can stick it back on straight away. With these marble nails from WAH London they lasted about 2 week, only 2 came off and I glued them straight back on. Also just to point out, these were stiletto shaped but I cut and filed mine as I don't really like that, they are too long for me like that. 

The press on nails can be glued on as well and it works fine. They are good but if you use your hands a lot the sticky pads won't hold out and they go flinging all over the place. So they are perfect for kind of a night out or if you have an important meeting or a lunch date. Not a good idea to buy if you want someone to last.

What's you're favourite nail design? Let me know in the comments below!


Sunday, 13 March 2016

DeeBee | Launch

I have recently launched an online shop! How exciting?! I know right. Anyway, so far I have started with a few hand-made products in the UK. Made by myself, I am looking to expand but don't want to jump in head first. Thought it would be wise to just dip my toes in the pool first and see how things go.

I love every single product I make and put so much care into making them. I love making jewellery and did it a long time ago before I was in university but life and adult things got in the way and I had to put it on hold. Now I've moved in with my boyfriend and I'm settled I've relaunched and want to go bigger and better. If you purchase anything please hashtag #deebee and tag in @shopdeebee and even myself @drainedbeauty. I would love to feature your pictures on the website and instagram.

Bloggers everywhere, I have something for you too. I will be having a blogger partnership where you can buy some items with 20% off and also get some treats if your readers purchase some items off the back of your review. For more information or if you want to take part, please email me at infodeebee@gmail.com

What's your favourite item? Let me know in the comments below! 


A Lush Duo Perfection

What is a relaxing evening in, if not a lush bath thrown in the mix. I've been going a bit Lush mad lately, my bank balance won't thank me. However, money aside, lush bath products and shower products, make pamper evenings feel all that more special to me. 

I hadn't had a bath while living at home and now I've moved out and can have a bath every night if I want to, I like to enjoy them.

Things that accompany me to the bath:
- Bath Bomb
- A book I'm reading
- Netflix
- Phone for the bath insta pic
- Hot Chocolate so I can be warm on the inside and the outside

I recently picked up these two beautiful creations, which I'm sure most of you have used before, but I hadn't and I LOVE them. Dragons egg is a bath bomb, I've never really come across before but it looked simple and had a bit of fun colours popping out so I thought 'why not!'. It smelt so lovely and fresh, like lemon with a floral undertone. I normally go for very floral or winter scents. So this made a nice change. It just exploded with colour as it started to dissolve in my warm bubbly bath. I'd highly recommend getting this one, I know I certainly will be again.

The comforter, I've had this one before, in another form. But thought I'd give it a go as a shower cream. It smells lie Ribena and is so soft on the skin. I know its for the shower but I'd happily bath in the stuff. It's amazing. As I mentioned you can get this in another form, so if you are bath happy like me. You can pick it up as a bubble bar. I think it's the almond oil in The Comforter that gives it that sweet scent everyone loves.

What's your favourite lush finds lately?


Saturday, 12 March 2016

Five Happy Things

Happy Saturday Everyone! I'm currently sitting in bed, all snuggled up with a red sniffly nose and a wheezing chest. Not the best way to spend a Saturday ill in bed, but I did nip into town this morning and got treated to a iced mocha by the boyfriend.

1// I am in the middle of having a week of work. Much needed and give me some real blog time to focus on posts and upcoming content. I love spending time blogging but I have just had no time at all to focus on it at the moment. So i'm very much looking forward to it, starting with this post.


Thursday, 3 March 2016

The Best Personalised Gifts For Mother's Day*

Mother's’ Day is just around the corner and if you haven’t had time to go shopping, we’ve got you covered. This Mother’s Day, why not show your mum how much you care with a personalised gift? Personalised Presents are unique and thoughtful and they’re bound to make your gift stand out from the crowd. Here are some of the best options around:
Prints and photographs
Nothing conjures up memories and happy experiences better than family photographs and framed prints. This Mother’s Day, treat your mum to a trip down memory lane with some new canvases for the walls or a photo book to flick through. Gather up photos from family members and create a collage or revamp old images to make a digital album. Write little notes with dates and locations and add your own message on the inside cover.
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