Tuesday, 31 May 2016

The Best Changes You Can Make For Your Body*

If you are keen to improve your body’s health this year, then you need a plan of action. Often, the thing that stops us succeeding with our attempts to be healthy is a lack of preparation. The truth is, you are much more likely to get where you want if you spend some time planning it out first. With a little forward thinking, you can soon find yourself making those positive changes which your body needs. But what are the best things you can be doing for your body? Answering that question is often difficult, and yet it is so important. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best changes you can make to improve your physical health.

Friday, 27 May 2016

4 Tricks You're Missing When It Comes To Making Health Improvements*

Stop struggling to make long-term, effective improvements to your health by employing these top tips.


Digital Detox*

The Challenge? Live 7 days without a smart phone. Challenge accepted. Let's be honest our generation have the tech neck. You never see people sitting on the tube, train, bus or even restaurant fully engaged in the conversation and talking to people run them. They are sat with there neck looking down at a smart phone. Scrolling through Facebook, twitter, instagram. On whatsapp, taking pictures of there food and editing them. Asda approached me and said what if you didn't do all that for 7 days, would you see a benefit. My first thought was yeah, the benefit would be that I would have major FOMO. However after taking a step back I realised how important it was to try this and give myself a break from always on the go. I never have time to stop and enjoy the moment. So I did it.
What I Found? I found it very hard at first I kept getting my phone out and just staring at it, realising I couldn't scroll through Facebook even though I don't really pay attention. Sometimes I just scroll and daydream and don't even look what's going past. Lets get a pros and cons list to see my outcome.

  • Unable to check my emails when I'm out and about.
  • Can't just take a quick snap of my Starbucks to show the world
  • Going back to basics has major FOMO for the latest apps and games
  • Can't use whatsapp, I feel like people my age don't text and it's like the dark ages now
  • I slept a lot better without scrolling through my phone for like an hour before bed. The light on your phone can mess up your brain to get ready for sleep
  • When I sat down to check my work emails I could fully focus on them without half focusing on something else
  • Not only that, I found I was more focused on a  lot of things throughout the day
  • I enjoyed my friends/partners company a lot more because I was focusing on them completely.
How I managed:
  • Use an camera instead of a phone
  • Use an alarm clock instead of a phone
  • Use a journal or notepad instead of an app
I would highly recommend giving this a go even if its just for a day, try 24 hours without your phone's extra bits. What do you guys think? Could you do it? Let me know in the comments below.


Sunday, 22 May 2016

Live LAGOM | The Finale

I finished the Live LAGOM project now and although I'm finished with working with ikea, I will still be adopting the lifestyle. In my last post I talked about what had changed and how it saved my money. For example, I'd snuggle on the sofa and get a hot water bottle then turn on the heating. I'd use my lamps to read before bed then keeping the big light on. These small changes massively affected my bills. My gas bill came down from £34 a month to £20. My electric bill came down from £25 to £19. Over a year that would save me £240 that I otherwise would not of had. It's such a big difference for little changes. Even though my bills have been reduced I spoke to British Gas and I already pay a lot less but still was due back £70 so I saved a lot more than I thought. 

I also wanted to reduce food waste. I used the Live LAGOM way and also had a hand from Jamie Oliver's Save With Jamie recipe book. I got a blackboard for the kitchen to plan the meals for the week ahead and then I knew exactly what to buy from the shop and not just pick up random things then need to keep nipping out for more items. I have started to freeze more food if I'm not going to use it and if there are left overs, I take them to work the next day for lunch or put them in my ikea freezer bags and keep them handy for when I'm on a late shift. Again, I've made small lifestyle changes and these have saved me £60 a month on my shopping. I'm eating healthier and over a year that would save me £720.

So overall it would save me about £1030 over a year. Which just under an average monthly wage. So you could technically save a whole month of money. It's really easy to adopt the lifestyle and can save you real money and make you live a more sustainable life while not really even trying. A few simple changes.

Do you live a more sustainable life? What do you do? Let me know in the comments below.


Thursday, 19 May 2016

Reasons You SHOULDN'T Have Cosmetic Surgery*

Having cosmetic surgery is a huge decision for anybody to make. There are a number of things that can go wrong, but more and more people are choosing to have it done. In fact, many people will turn to it before trying more natural methods. If you’re contemplating having work done, here are some reasons you shouldn’t have cosmetic surgery!

You Should Love Yourself As You Are

Loving yourself as you are is pretty difficult in this day and age, especially when we’re surrounded by magazines basically telling us we’re not good enough. Loving yourself might seem a long way away to you, especially if you’ve never liked yourself that much. But it’s something that can be learned. You should at least make more of an effort to love yourself and find beauty in yourself naturally before you decide to go through with surgery. There’s only one you in the world, and that’s a pretty beautiful thing when you think about it!


Sunday, 8 May 2016

Sunday Summary #17

Another week has flown by and it's a lovely hot Sunday in the UK today. I've just checked and we have the same weather as ibiza today. Craziness! As per I've been working this week, had a day off in the week where I was super productive, did some filming for YouTube and lots of blogging prep. I'm feeling pretty good, positive and motivational. If you saw my 'I Choose Me' post, I'm in the right love yourself mindset that I wish I could be in everyday! 

The weather has been really lovely lately and it's actually really lifted my mood. Well that was until yesterday. It was that time of the month. However I don't really get that time. I haven't had this properly in like 3 months! I hate the cramps and pain and because I'm not used to this every month I go in a mood and just can't deal with it. I've took some pain killers this morning so I can try to bash out a workout before I go to a barbecue, so here's hoping. If I do come on, I only have it for about 3 days, so I'm hoping it will be over soon. 

I hope the wether continues next week as I'm on early shifts and it would be nice to have the evenings to chill out and have some good lighting for filming/blog pictures! the struggles are real. 

How's your week been? Let me know in the comments below!


Slimming World Month One Update


Thursday, 5 May 2016

I Choose Me

Life is a journey about finding yourself and getting to the point where you are content in your own skin. That's what I think anyway. I've spent a lot of my life and my teenage years not liking myself, wether thats my weight, hair colour, spots or even how short I am. I always focused on the negatives and was so hard on myself. I think some things like this is what contributed towards me getting anxiety and then that in turn stopped me from enjoying my life. I wouldn't go theme parks or go to do certain activities because I was embarrassed or didn't feel confident enough. I wish I could go back in time and tell myself to go out and enjoy life.


Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Can Eating Out Be Healthy? Of Course It Can!

If you follow my blog, then you may be aware that I’m currently on a health kick. Like a lot of women, I believe that my body should be healthy, and so I’m doing everything that I can to ensure that it is in the best shape possible. Of course, the downside to dieting is that you can’t eat all of your favourite foods. Well, you can, but just not as much of them.

You have to be careful of what you’re eating and ensure that you always opt for the healthiest choice. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that this means you can’t eat out - that’s not true at all. Of course, it depends on the diet that you’re following. But if like me you’re On Slimming World, or a similar diet plan, eating out shouldn’t be a problem. 

Want to know how you can eat out and still be healthy? Keep reading for all the best tips and tricks. 

Look at the menu online



Monday, 2 May 2016

May Goals

It feel like yesterday was Christmas, then new years. Now it's bloody May! What's going on. Either I'm getting old or time is moving too quickly. FIVE MONTHS. At least the days are getting longer and it's getting a bit warmer to step into Spring. New month, new goals.

I've got a few things I want to try to achieve this month and I'm hoping I can work towards them. 

01// Make a house a home
I moved into my flat in September last year and we've settled in now but some part's look so plain. I want to add some homely touches. So I need to get onto pinterest, nip to ikea and make it feel cosy and look amazing. I'm going to go for a few 'blogger' things of course, candles, succulents and monochrome everywhere.

02// Increase my fitness and get more active
I've been on Slimming World as you are aware, I've lost 1 stone so far and now I need to get more active and help myself lose weight faster and in a more effective way. I also want to continue with yoga and really work at it. 

03// Put more thought into my blog
I've been blogging recently but I don't think I've been putting my all into it. I will be now, I feel more involved and motivated. I still want to get more on YouTube but it's just hard to think what to post. I know I want to do my Slimming World journey but I'm not sure what else. I think I will do some daily vlogs but I want a new camera for that as well. 

Anyway, keep an eye out on the blog for more posts this month! What are your goals? Let me know in the comments below.


Office Politics*

I work as a blogger and shop owner for deebee.bigcartel.com in my spare time but during the day I work in an office. Working in an office can be a good starting place, I strive to get into management in the company or just become a full time blogger. Which ever works out best. 
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