Monday, 29 August 2016

The Treat Kitchen*

When you're feeling low or maybe you just fancy a treat, nothing is better than sweets. Luckily in Coventry, where I currently am a new sweet shop has just opened. Sweets are a nice treat, a memory, something to share (or maybe not). 

One of my favourite sweets is strawberry and cream hard boiled sweets. They remind me of when I was little and I would go to the sweet shop and get, what seemed like a huge bag. They would last me the whole week. 

The new shop in town, which is at the bottom of west orchards near W H Smiths opened last weekend. You may of seen it and had a sample, I was too ill to go unfortunately but can't wait to go when I feel better. 

They did send me a few bits to try, the pear drops are my another one of my favourites. A perfect sweet to have in your bag for when you fancy something sweet. I also got some sour sweets, I do love sour sweets but oh my, they were so sour! 

Last but not least the coconut mushrooms. An old favourite again, I shared these with my mum and they were so good! I'd highly recommend going to get something from the shop if you are local! 

Whats your favourite childhood sweet? 


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