Monday, 18 September 2017

4 Big Ways to Get Your Life in Order Before Your Baby Arrives*

When you have a baby on the way, you have a lot to think about. I know from experience that it's a time full of excitement but also fear. It's a frightening thing to do if you've never done it before! No one really feels like they're completely ready for a baby to arrive, but you can still try to prepare before you become a parent. Feeling like you have your life in order can be really helpful, even if you're not completely confident that everything is the way it should be. There are a few things you can do to organise your life before the big day comes and everything changes forever. Here are my top big considerations for the arrival of a baby.


Sunday, 17 September 2017

Sunday Summary #21

Not only are Sundays my favourite day in the week, we are approaching my favourite season which makes them just that little bit better. Baking, relaxing, reading, pampering, duvet days with Netflix. The day is just full of potential. I also love Sundays to prepare me for the week ahead, whether thats pre preparing some dinners or just writing a to do list. 

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Autumnal Boot Wishlist

Autumn is upon us, it is my favourite time of year, snuggly jumpers, hot chocolate, cosy nights in, cold dark mornings and nights and of course the boots. As a fashion lover, boots are one of my favourite pieces for Autumn, keeps your toes nice and warm and you can wear big fluffy socks without anyone knowing. I have chosen my top 3 boots on my wishlist this season. The first a classic back heel boot. These are from love the sales where they are discounted Dorothy Perkins. Everyone needs a black boot with a heel, its just the way it is. 

Friday, 15 September 2017

Crabtree & Evelyn | Rosewater & Pink Peppercorn*

Your hands go through a lot. You get dry skin, cuts and calluses. Its important to look after your hands as they often get forgotten about in the skincare/maintenance routine. In my opinion well manicured nails and soft clean skin on your hands can make a big difference in your appearance. 

Crabtree and Evelyn are one of my favourite brands, their hand creams are to die for. I've always had an issue with dry skin on my hands and it's always helped. They have recently brought out a new range and the most complimentary scent of rosewater and pink peppercorn has been added to said range. The hand therapy and recovery creams have really improved the skin on my hands and not to mention they constantly smell elegantly beautiful.

The hydrating range features the fragrance of rose petals native to the Mediterranean coast, spicy pink peppercorn, fresh peony, bright bergamot, ethically sourced Tonka Bean and Akigalawood, a new natural captive derived from Paychouli, which come together with natural ingredients to quench thirsty skin.

They have other amazing scents to go alongside these products in the new range including Lavender & Espresso to calm, Citron & Coriander to energise, Pomergranate and Argan Oil to nourish, Pear and Pink Magnolia to uplift and Goatmilk and Oat to soothe. The items that drew my eye, the Rosewater and Pink Peppercorn focuses on hydrate which help my dry skin complaints. As they each focus on one area from nourishment to energise there really is something for everyone. 

Have you tried Crabtree and Evelyn before? What is your favourite item? Let me know in the comments below. 


Sunday, 3 September 2017

Lily | Four Week Update

For some reason, time seems to just fly by when you have a newborn. It could be a mix of sleep deprivation, frequent visits off people who want to swoon over Lily and what feels like constantly doing washing. The washing pile never goes down. She gets through so many outfits, she has more clothes than me! Yesterday was actually my due date and today she is four weeks old, its crazy.

But yes, Lily is 4 weeks old. I can't believe it, looking back on older pictures, she's already growing so much. The love I have for this little cutie is unconditional and everlasting. I couldn't imagine a day without her now.

Monday, 24 July 2017

What's In My Hospital Bag?

The time is fast approaching, I was 34 weeks yesterday, the bump is growing bigger and bigger and even the braxton hicks has started. The idea of giving birth is a scary thing to me, it's not something I am looking forward to but I want to have the best experience I can. Obviously I am no expert, but after speaking to a lot of other mums and research I have my hospital bag finished. I thought I would share it with you guys as I found these posts really helpful. There might be something on there that you never even thought of.

For my hospital bag I am using my River Island weekend bag. It's big enough to fit in my stuff, Scotts bits he needs and the stuff I will need for the baby while still in the hospital. I don't want to end up taking like 3 bags so this is a perfect size. There has been recent changes which I am thrilled about and partners are allowed to stay with you overnight now, so Scott will need a few bits to refresh the next day. It's a really positive change and will help me if I am sore or tired and the baby is crying. Giving you the extra support you need.


Tuesday, 11 July 2017


I have had some amazing opportunities since starting blog, putting my ramblings and opinions out in the open on my little internet bubble. Trialling out new beauty pieces, going to events in London and now I have been lucky enough to go to a local McDonalds branch to see all the new and upcoming changes. I have been to McDonald's a lot more than usual lately, purely just to get a chocolate milkshake as it seems to be one of my top cravings in this pregnancy.  So me and some fellow local bloggers got the chance to get our own apron, hats and badges, go into the kitchen and make our own Bic Mac's.


Sunday, 25 June 2017

The Second Trimester | My Experience

The second trimester is supposed to be where you feel like you have so much energy and va va voom. This was not the case for me, with the hyperemesis I have struggled again. I was off work for 5 weeks, in bed mostly and resting, trying to keep down food.

A lot happens during this time, from weeks 13 to 28 the baby grows from the size of a kiwi to the size of a papaya. It's mental, my belly has grew with it but I haven't put any weight on still which I'm so proud of myself for. As I said before I have reduced the risks by 80% and I hope it keep it that way.

I've had a lot of anxiety the past few weeks as well worried about giving birth. Ive never had any surgery or procedures so it's all new to me. With any birth you can make a plan but you don't know how it will end, it's such an unpredictable experience and I think that's why I'm struggling, I like lists and plans and knowing what's going to happen. It makes me feel unnerved that I could have this perfect plan of what I want and it could go out the window and anything could happen. I'm sure as I get closer I might start to feel a bit better about it, but we will just have to see.

I am however starting to feel a bit better in myself in other ways, finally not being sick everyday is always a bonus. I just seem to be experiencing the normal aches and pains, which I'm sure everyone goes through and it is completely normal.

We have brought a lot of baby stuff in the second trimester, it feels a lot more real and the constant kicks and wiggles are a reminder of the fact it won't be too long til my little lady is here.

Did you experience the second trimester the same as me? Let me know in the comments below.


Tuesday, 6 June 2017

4 Ways To Pamper Yourself For So Much Less*


We all dream of kicking back, relaxing and getting more pampered than a Hollywood starlet  on the morning of the Oscars, especially when life has gotten that little bit stressful. The only thing is, getting pampered to the max usually means handing over a healthy stash of cash, and that tends to stop us from being able to relax. It’s a vicious circle; especially after a day on the road with your boss who clearly got out of the wrong side of the wrong bed. What is a girl meant to do in this situation?

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Joan Collins Compact - Must Have For A Night Out*

The new Joan Collins Compact is one of my favourite items to have when you are going out for a meal or an event. It's a powder and lipstick duo, which is what I always take with me for a night out. I use them to top up my make up through the night so I still look good, or hope to do anyway. I also take a blusher too but I like having rosy cheeks! 

This powder stays on really well and gives a matte finish which I certainly want with the summer coming up and you get all sweaty. The lipstick is a very true red, a bold lip which goes well with minimal eye make up. Again, perfect for the summer as you don't want to be plastered with make up and end up looking like the joker as it melts off in the heat. 

You can get this handy gorgeous gold compact here. I love all of the lipsticks, I'm getting quite a collection now, so you can always swap out the compact for the shade you are using. So so handy!

I would highly recommend as an overall great product and definitely worth getting.  Have you tried it before?

What is your must have item to have with you all the time? Let me know in the comments below.


Saturday, 27 May 2017

Summer Goals 2018

As I've said in previous posts, I love planning and setting myself goals. This summer is a write off now for me to get skinny, as I'm growing a baby and my belly is bigger than ever, although I'm grateful for my little lady. I've never enjoyed heat, the summer or anything where I have to try to cool myself down.

With low confidence and always being on the plus size shall we say, I've always struggled with being comfortable in the summer. I wouldn't go swimming, I won't get my legs out, things like that. I don't want my life to stop because of my weight but I'm also not going to put myself in an upsetting situation either. I can happily wander around my flat in my undies and have cold showers, but it's no way to live and it's time to make a change. I'm setting myself some goals to hopefully achieve by 2018 around this time or a bit later and will come back to it to see how many I have done!

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Pixie Lott & Kiss Cosmetics Event

So on Tuesday I was kindly invited to an event in London with Alex Silver PR. The event was to celebrate new products and the fact that Pixie Lott is the new brand ambassador for Kiss Cosmetics. I have worked with these guys a lot and they are so lovely to work with. Also let me tell you they know how to throw a party.


Monday, 22 May 2017

25 Things I Learnt Before Being 25

Hey, I've been meaning to write this post for a while now, but as you can tell this year so far has been a bit crazy for me. Here are a few things I have learnt and picked up over my 25 years on this earth. Obviously there are a lot more but this is a start. I would love to know if you agree/disagree or have had different experiences in the comments below!


Saturday, 20 May 2017

Things I'm Watching Right Now

01// The 100

I recently discovered this as I signed up to Amazon Prime, wanted to try something different to Netflix. The 100 is a really good futuristic series to get into. The world has 'ended' as such and it's people who live and have continued to live on satellites and space stations. They journey to earth and all hell breaks loose as you can expect. There are so many unexpected twists, so I've not been bored or predicted what's going to happen. Even had a few tears for some parts. Highly recommend giving this a go!

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Sunday Summary #20

Ah, Sundays...One of my favourite days in the whole week. The last few weeks have certainly dragged shall we say. While I've been ill in bed I have just felt like it's never going to end! I'm feeling a lot better and I'm 99% sure my infection has gone, wahoo!

I am feeling happier, doing my make up again, got my lovely new short hair and ready to take on the world. As you can see I'm a lot more active on my blog and social media again. I have re-found my love for it and really enjoy and look forward to writing and planning posts. The last few months have been a whirlwind and my blog was the last thing on my mind and I nearly quit it completely but I'm so glad I didn't. Just from being back over the last week things have improve tremendously.

I've got good relationships with my PR connections who fully understand what I've been going through and I already have an event this month which I can't wait for, despite being very pregnant I'm going to enjoy and go to London.

I am only at work for about 2 and a half months now until I leave for my maternity which I can't wait for. My plan is to start doing some daily vlogs, blog most days and film some baby hauls and all the bits and bobs I want to do. Things can change but I am going to be off ideally for 9 months and I want to film and document it all. It will be an amazing thing to go back and look on and my little lady in my tummy can watch when she is older.

If there is anything you would like to see or would like me to do in my vlog/blog then let me know in the comments below! I would love to hear your ideas.


Friday, 12 May 2017

Your career, is it for you? | Tips*

I've been in the same job for about 3 years and I am starting to feel very trapped in the role. I'm the kind of person who has always strived for progression in any part of my life. I am looking to get a promotion in my company or going into a different department. I've found recently a few things that can really get you noticed.


Thursday, 11 May 2017

Overweight & Pregnant | My Experience

Being overweight is never something I really like discussing as I have different opinions to a lot of other plus size women. I'm all for us chunky yet funky girls sticking together, but on the other hand I feel like I'm promoting and arguing unhealthiness.

Lets get down to basics. I'm not big boned, I'm not healthy but big. I just ate a lot of crap for a long time without any or little exercise. With basic logic I'm being unhealthy and harming my body. I don't want to affect my own health from gluttony, I want to be able to be active, fit into smaller clothes and know I'm not giving myself dangerous health conditions. I want to live as long as I possibly can with the people I love.

Raspberry Jammie Dodgers | Recipe

Baking is one of my most favourite past times. I find it so therapeutic and relaxing. I find it gives me something to focus on and all my daily worries just don't matter. Baking has always been a part of my life, my mum would bake things most weeks and I remember standing on a dining chair so I was tall enough to help. I will certainly be doing this with my little one once she's a bit bigger.

Jammie Dodgers was a new thing for me, I've never made them before but just got my mums basic shortbread recipe and made it my own with some jam and extra bits! So you will need the items below so you can make them too!

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

My Skincare Saviour

Nothing is can affect your day worse than waking up, walking very zombie like to the bathroom mirror and seeing a big spot to great your morning. I've been having this a lot with the extra hormones taking over my body. I've never really been one to stick to a skincare routine. I always forgot or just couldn't be bothered. I know thats so bad, but I've changed!

Monday, 8 May 2017

I Needed A Change

Hair, its a funny thing. There is so much you can do with it. Cut it, dye it, plait it and shave patterns into it. I have recently got in a hair rut. My hair was is good condition but it was so long, thick and unruly. It would go frizzy and get tangled, I just couldn't be bothered with it and just had it up in a high ponytail for god knows how long. I mean I struggled so much with it and thought, I'm going to have a baby soon, my hair situation is going to get even worse.

A part of pregnancy which I fully expected and thought I was prepared for was all the bodily changes. Although there is a lot more than I knew about. With having a girl, I break out more. I also have the weight gain (obviously). Well, I haven't actually put any weight on, I am the same as when I got pregnant for my health but I look bigger. My hair got thicker and I just felt really down about my appearance.

With being so ill and being in bed basically for the last two weeks either being sick or feeling sick, I've not done my hair or make up and most days not even got dressed. It didn't do much for my self esteem to be honest.

Friday, 5 May 2017

My Current Beauty Favourites*

Into a new month already. I can't believe it's May, it feels like it was January last week! Anyway I haven't shared my beauty favourites for a while now and there is a few new pieces I've got recently which I am loving. Bearing in mind I've been in bed the past week being poorly, I still have done my nails to make myself feel a bit pretty. Also I wanted to keep my nails pink for the rest of the pregnancy because I found out it's a girl. That may be a bit weird but I think it's cute. So these gorgeous pink and glitter shades from Leighton Denny are perfect to start that off. Who doesn't love a bit of glitter? They are really beautiful colours and have barely chipped.


Monday, 24 April 2017

Still Struggling Through The Sickness & Gender Reveal | Pregnancy

Hey guys, heres a quick update while I'm stuck in bed poorly again;

I will start with the exciting news first of all. If you follow me on instagram (@drainedbeauty) you will already know this but me and Scott are expecting a little girl! I'm so excited, I love little girl clothes and as soon as we found out we went shopping and got some cute little outfits from Primark. We ended up spending £100, but you get so much more for your money in Primark than anywhere else that I looked.

Monday, 17 April 2017

Five Things No One Told Me About Being Pregnant

Since being pregnant a few things have happened to me or I have experienced which I had no idea would be involved in pregnancy, I'm sure I will look back and laugh...well maybe. Anyway, read below for a few things I wish I knew before!

1. The internet likes to scare you into an anxious pool of worry

As most mum-to-be's would, I liked parenting and pregnancy Facebook pages for tips, baby clothes pictures and all that positive wonderful influence to help me cope with the changes coming my way. However, I was then inundated with articles to terrify me. 'Is it safe to eat grapes when pregnant' or 'Is it safe to dye your hair when pregnant' and 'Is it safe to have a bath when pregnant'. I found myself questioning and googling everything because they feel like scaring you into basically just sitting there while pregnant, not doing anything until you pop. I would recommend always asking a doctor or your midwife for things to avoid because some of these articles made no sense and was just something they wanted to throw out there for page visits.

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Blogger Problems

I'm feeling very down about blogging lately. I love blogging so much, the experiences and amazing stuff it brings but I hate the hassle of having to declare the bit of income I get from it. I never know if I'm doing it right, what I need to save or note down, it's mental. I really believe this is the sort of stuff they should teach you in school. Being self employed and self made as it were is becoming a more and more popular lifestyle choice. People want to take there life in their own hands and make it what they can. Achieve their goals, dreams and look forward to Monday morning because they enjoy what they do.


Sunday, 2 April 2017

Five Things To Do On Sunday

Sundays are most peoples favourite days. It's a day of rest, relaxation and preparation for the week ahead. I'm really trying to cut down on stress at the moment and one of the things that stress me out more than anything else is work. I find that you can really make your upcoming week easier and more peaceful by opting to do these things to prepare.


Lazy Day Wear Wishlist*

One thing I've noticed since being pregnant that now more than ever comfort is key. I am loving the look of the Luxury Women's Nightwear from David Nieper. This is my current wish list from that site.

These Slippers are really on trend at the moment, I see so many people with them and they are perfect for the warmer months coming up.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Where I've Been & Exciting News

Hey everyone, this post will let you guys know why I've been MIA. It's such an exciting new chapter in my life and I can't wait to start it and document it all on here and on YouTube. I've been quite ill with whats been going on with me and had zero energy to do anything which is why my blog and channel ended up taking the hit as I still need to go to work and pay the bills!

So as you can probably guess from the picture above, I'm PREGNANT! Although I've been ill with it, I'm still over the moon and can't wait to meet this little person I'm growing inside. I will be blogging and putting things on my YouTube channel in relation to this, so keep an eye out. I know I've been all over the place with posting but I've been so poorly. I've suffered from Pregnancy hyperemesis and also as I'm typing this I am just getting over a nasty virus which has left me in bed for the last week. Unfortunately I've just passed this onto Scott as well, sorry Scott!

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Sunday Summary #20

Sunday again, they are my favourite normally for being so relaxed and having lazy days. I mean, thats what Sundays are all about right? Today has been a lot busier and stressful than I would of expected. I've been up in Cleckheaton visiting family for the last 6 days. I love visiting my family and I don't really get to see them that often so it's good spending quality time with them.

I have been travelling back today on my own for a 4 hour train journey. The first train was super easy just a quiet train, relaxed with spotify and candy crush. However, there was an issue apparently at Manchester Victoria I think something quite bad had happened with someone fell/jumped on the tracks. Not good indeed. So I had to get the tram to Manchester Piccadilly, now I've never been on a tram before it's a lot like the tube in london I think but not underground aha. The staff at the Manchester Victoria station were so so, when I asked one of them what I needed to to, the just pointed towards greggs and went go that way you need the metrolink, I had no idea what this was so I just toddled over and hoped for the best. The next guy was a lot more helpful, explained what happened and exactly what I needed to do.

Anyway I still didn't really have an idea of where I was going, got on the tram, missed my stop and then the anxiety kicked in. I thought I was going to be wondering around some city that I'd never been to before like a lost puppy trying to find it's mummy. I called the other half to calm me down and he did, such a good egg.

Thank god for technology, I managed to use google maps and also helpful people to direct me back to the correct tram line. It makes you really appreciate that people can still be approachable and help you out if you are in need. I would always try and help people if I can. Being in a strange city with no idea where you are can be quite daunting. So my lesson of the week would be to always be helpful and approachable if you can, you have no idea what people are going through.

Apart from my hectic train journey I had a really good week, spent some quality time with my family, had a Indian takeaway which I haven't had in forever! It was so nice, Although it was nice seeing the family and catching up I really missed Scott, we haven't actually been away from each other for that amount of time, it was super odd sleeping alone.

Now i'm just sitting on the last train on the way home bashing out this post so I can have date night when I get home, uninterrupted! How has your week been guys? Let me know in the comments below.


Saturday, 28 January 2017

A Belated Bonjour

Bonjour guys, I  haven't really said an official hello this year yet, so here goes. So far this year has been good and bad. I've been happy, excited, exhausted, emotional and had a sigh of relief. I didn't really know what I wanted last year, work wasn't great and my mind wasn't into blogging. A lot has happened already in 2017 and we haven't even got through the first month. 

I've had a bit of time off blogging due to not feeling well and being over worked. It's took me about a week to write this purely just from bloggers block. I just couldn't get my feelings and words out right.   I've also been off work sick, the doctors have ended up signing me off for 2 weeks. I'm finally starting to feel a bit better and feel more myself. I'm on the sofa in my PJ's having a lazy Saturday with my boyfriend while watching David Attenborough. 

I know what I want from 2017 and I want to make it happen. I want to make healthier choices, really focus on my blog and youtube channel and set up a routine and have regular days I will publish posts and upload videos. There will be a different genre I will be delving into with my blog and channel but that needs preparation and you won't see this for a good month or two.

I'm sorry to my readers for being not with it and not active on social media, while I've been ill, I've either been in bed or on the sofa, taking it easy and binge watching Netflix series. I would love to hear about what you want to do in 2017 and how your year has gone so far. Let me know in the comments below!


Monday, 23 January 2017

All Dried Out: Wipe The Winter Blues From Your Face*

This time of year plays havoc with your skin.  The bitter cold outside and central heating attacking from the outside and a little too much December indulgence niggling away from the inside.  Now is the time to give your skin a little bit of TLC and by following this guide you’ll be enjoying a better relationship with your body!

Start with Hydration

A little detox for your body, nothing to crazy.  Fad diets such as 48 hour juice detoxes are a quick fix but can be too extreme for your lifestyle.  Our body can survive a long time without food but very little time without water.

Some diet experts recommend an H2O detox which involves only drinking water for 24 hours.  We suggest a lighter version of this. Enjoy a really healthy lunch then stop eating at 4pm.  Stick to water and clear teas, such as green tea or jasmine tea which have great skin boosting properties.  Go to bed at your usual time and by 8am you will have given your body a complete rest from digestion for 12 hours.  You can, if you like continue this H2O detox through to lunch but with a busy schedule this could be hard.  Instead wake up and have a gentle breakfast rich in protein and healthy fats.  Keep your hydration up and keep including green tea to help you regenerate your skin cells.

Update Your Skincare Routine

The importance of a good skin care routine is well known.  Clearing all the dirt from the day at night gives your skin freedom from everything you clog it up with.  Cleanse, tone and moisturise before bed with specialist products such as these from Vitage and give your skin and extra boost with some natural additions such as Aloe Vera.

In addition to branded skin products using a coconut oil overnight can really help you to reboost moisture on your face.  Central heating and constantly coming in and out of the cold drains your natural oils from your face and can leave you quite sore and red.  So give it extra care.  Some beauty writers swear by using Sudocrem to help reducing redness but this can be quite drying too so don’t use it often.  

Eat Healthy, Eat Well.

Another fantastic treat for your skin is improving the quality of healthy fats in your diet.  Omega 3 is fantastic for boosting the health of your skin.  You can find this in fish such as wild salmon and mackerel.  If you don’t enjoy fish then try adding more Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Avocado to your diet.  Check out My Top Three Healthy Recipe Books for some great ideas!

What we put in our bodies affects our skin incredibly so really think about the types of food you consume.  Too much sugar and caffeine can make your skin look sallow.  Caffeine also contributes to drying your skin and can prevent cell regeneration.

Finally, Get Some Sleep!

When we sleep the magic happens.  So make sure you have a good bedtime routine and give your body the chance to fix the damage the outside world does to it!


Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Love Your Staple Pieces For Longer: Top Ways To Ensure Your Favourite Clothes Stay Perfect*

It’s always a sad day when you have to throw away your favourite pieces of clothing. After all, these items have been there for you through many occasions. And you don’t want to have to say goodbye! After all, you might not find something that looks as beautiful as those clothes. However, all is not lost when it comes to your clothes. Therefore, here are some top ways to ensure your favourite clothes stay looking perfect, so you can love and wear them for longer!

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