Saturday, 28 January 2017

A Belated Bonjour

Bonjour guys, I  haven't really said an official hello this year yet, so here goes. So far this year has been good and bad. I've been happy, excited, exhausted, emotional and had a sigh of relief. I didn't really know what I wanted last year, work wasn't great and my mind wasn't into blogging. A lot has happened already in 2017 and we haven't even got through the first month. 

I've had a bit of time off blogging due to not feeling well and being over worked. It's took me about a week to write this purely just from bloggers block. I just couldn't get my feelings and words out right.   I've also been off work sick, the doctors have ended up signing me off for 2 weeks. I'm finally starting to feel a bit better and feel more myself. I'm on the sofa in my PJ's having a lazy Saturday with my boyfriend while watching David Attenborough. 

I know what I want from 2017 and I want to make it happen. I want to make healthier choices, really focus on my blog and youtube channel and set up a routine and have regular days I will publish posts and upload videos. There will be a different genre I will be delving into with my blog and channel but that needs preparation and you won't see this for a good month or two.

I'm sorry to my readers for being not with it and not active on social media, while I've been ill, I've either been in bed or on the sofa, taking it easy and binge watching Netflix series. I would love to hear about what you want to do in 2017 and how your year has gone so far. Let me know in the comments below!


Monday, 23 January 2017

All Dried Out: Wipe The Winter Blues From Your Face*

This time of year plays havoc with your skin.  The bitter cold outside and central heating attacking from the outside and a little too much December indulgence niggling away from the inside.  Now is the time to give your skin a little bit of TLC and by following this guide you’ll be enjoying a better relationship with your body!

Start with Hydration

A little detox for your body, nothing to crazy.  Fad diets such as 48 hour juice detoxes are a quick fix but can be too extreme for your lifestyle.  Our body can survive a long time without food but very little time without water.

Some diet experts recommend an H2O detox which involves only drinking water for 24 hours.  We suggest a lighter version of this. Enjoy a really healthy lunch then stop eating at 4pm.  Stick to water and clear teas, such as green tea or jasmine tea which have great skin boosting properties.  Go to bed at your usual time and by 8am you will have given your body a complete rest from digestion for 12 hours.  You can, if you like continue this H2O detox through to lunch but with a busy schedule this could be hard.  Instead wake up and have a gentle breakfast rich in protein and healthy fats.  Keep your hydration up and keep including green tea to help you regenerate your skin cells.

Update Your Skincare Routine

The importance of a good skin care routine is well known.  Clearing all the dirt from the day at night gives your skin freedom from everything you clog it up with.  Cleanse, tone and moisturise before bed with specialist products such as these from Vitage and give your skin and extra boost with some natural additions such as Aloe Vera.

In addition to branded skin products using a coconut oil overnight can really help you to reboost moisture on your face.  Central heating and constantly coming in and out of the cold drains your natural oils from your face and can leave you quite sore and red.  So give it extra care.  Some beauty writers swear by using Sudocrem to help reducing redness but this can be quite drying too so don’t use it often.  

Eat Healthy, Eat Well.

Another fantastic treat for your skin is improving the quality of healthy fats in your diet.  Omega 3 is fantastic for boosting the health of your skin.  You can find this in fish such as wild salmon and mackerel.  If you don’t enjoy fish then try adding more Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Avocado to your diet.  Check out My Top Three Healthy Recipe Books for some great ideas!

What we put in our bodies affects our skin incredibly so really think about the types of food you consume.  Too much sugar and caffeine can make your skin look sallow.  Caffeine also contributes to drying your skin and can prevent cell regeneration.

Finally, Get Some Sleep!

When we sleep the magic happens.  So make sure you have a good bedtime routine and give your body the chance to fix the damage the outside world does to it!


Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Love Your Staple Pieces For Longer: Top Ways To Ensure Your Favourite Clothes Stay Perfect*

It’s always a sad day when you have to throw away your favourite pieces of clothing. After all, these items have been there for you through many occasions. And you don’t want to have to say goodbye! After all, you might not find something that looks as beautiful as those clothes. However, all is not lost when it comes to your clothes. Therefore, here are some top ways to ensure your favourite clothes stay looking perfect, so you can love and wear them for longer!


Saving Money While Looking Good In Four Easy Steps*

 Look For Beauty Dupes

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