Thursday, 5 April 2018

Get To Know The Act | Stasia Buckle | Backhaus&Co Comedy

Comedy is a funny thing, literally. It cheers us up on dark days. It's a perfect addition to a date night or night in with the girls. Watching a show live however is a whole new experience. When you are sitting with your friends or partner watching it in the comfort of your own home it's great. You laugh, watch the show and probably enjoy it along with a Chinese takeaway.

A live show however is vibrant, the laughs around the room encase you in positivity and endorphins. As I have mentioned before I'm a regular now at Backhaus&Co's comedy night. It is hosted by Michael Dryburgh, there have been two so far and they haven't disappointed. His choice of acts are spot on and the room is always full of laughter. There is another one on Tuesday 10th April. The acts this month are Adele Cliff, Ben Hanlin, Chris Norton Walker and Stasia Buckle. I was lucky enough to interview Stasia Buckle to find out more about her and her comedy career - see below.

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

20 Facts About Me


Sunday, 1 April 2018

Ideal Dresses from Dresshopau*

I love dresses, they really suit my figure and just makes me feel like I am dressed up and ready to party. A lot of my old dresses I have given to charity or threw away so I'm really on the hunt to get some more and fill my wardrobe back out. I want to look at different styles and colours and really try to come out of my comfort zone with dresses. I always go for comfortable and plain. I've been looking around and found Dresshopau. They have such an amazing range for inspiration.

Saturday, 31 March 2018

West Orchards Canteen Launch | Chopstix

I don't go out to eat as often as I would like now, but I'm making it my plan to start this year to try new places and new food. I always go to the same places and have the same thing. So boring, I need something fresh and new! Coventry is really up and coming with a lot of stuff as of late. Due to being named City of Culture I feel we will have a lot more in store and I will be blogging about it for sure!

Friday, 30 March 2018

Seven & Eight Month Update | Lily

I know I say this every time I do an update but she has changed so much the last two months it is crazy. Like she's turning into a little person who laughs at certain things and knows what she likes. She's gone through leaps and bounds recently and more than I can deal with. I want my tiny baby back. She seems to have come out of the tiny baby stuff completely especially in these 4 areas.

Saturday, 24 March 2018

Bella Italia Day Date | Coventry

I haven't been out to a restaurant in a while properly as having a baby can sometimes stop you going out as much. I don't mind it at all it just makes when I do go out even more special. I chose this time and went for Bella Italia as it's something different and you can't beat Italian food although a close second for me if definitely Mexican. We were seated immediately pretty much as soon as we walked through the door which is really good, it was a Sunday though, so wasn't as busy. I find on a Sunday everything is smoother and the staff seem happier as they are not rushed off their feet.

Monday, 19 March 2018

Backhaus & Co | Comedy & Why It Is Important | Coventry

(Image: Amy Turner)

I was lucky enough to go to the second Comedy night hosted by local Michael Dryburgh at Backhaus&Co. He is certainly one of my favourite comedians I've seen live and it's the same for a lot of other people I've spoken too. Unfortunately on this occasion, Mum duties came into play and I had to leave early so I only saw the first act. The first act was Jon Pearson, he was hilarious and really engaged with the audience which made it even better. My friend that came with me spoke to him a few times during the act and the banter they had was so funny for them and everyone in the room.

As my Mum duties arose and I had to leave as Lily was very upset, I spoke to a few other people that attended the event and got their views. So you really get a lot more views than just mine on this, which is even better!

Friday, 16 March 2018

Out Of The Comfort Zone

Recently life has been crazy for me, I've gotten out of my comfort zone in full force. I adore being a mum but one thing that has come along with Lily, as it seems to with most new mums is people drift away. They assume you are too busy or don't want to take your baby out so you sit in all the time watching Peppa pig and In the night garden. They slowly stop talking to you and there is really only so much baby programmes a person can watch.

F**k Off

As you may know from my recent post 'Blonde New Me' I had a dramatic hair change colour. The Daily Mail arranged it for the 'femail' section which is all about beauty, fashion and lifestyle so hair care would really fit in that. You can see the article here. The evening after it was out there was over 400 comments on it. I think I saw one nice comment.

I appreciate putting yourself online opens you up to criticism but this was ridiculous. People saying why bother, they don't look good now, looked better before, why can't people accept themselves how they are. Literal millions of women dye their hair! MILLIONS. I don't care if you think I shouldn't of, that is a personal decision for each individual. Everyone is their own person and can make their own decisions. I have recently gone through a tough pregnancy, adjusting to life as a new mum and not feeling comfortable in my own body. I wanted to do this for me. My anxiety is really bad as well if I wasn't so angry I could be really affected by this.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

A Blonde New Me

I was very lucky to get to the middle of February and already achieve one of my goals I set myself. To become blonde. I have never been experimental with my hair, it has either been Brown, Black or the most crazy I went was Red. I wanted something different. A change. I want 2018 to be my best year where I start to look after myself so much better mentally and physically. So, the Daily Mail are doing an article all about changing to blonde from whatever colour your hair may be. 

Mine unfortunately was the most complex as I had the darkest hair colour to go to blonde. And let me tell you they were not wrong when they said I would be there all day. I was at the shoot for the morning to get my perfect before shot. I was so nervous about having a photo shoot but I absolutely loved it! I could easily do this again. After we got the shot and I am pretty sure I look like a housewife we went over to the John Frieda Salon. It took a while to find as it wasn't the most obvious signs but the staff said John wanted it that way. The minimal and sophisticated look and he did deliver. Such a nice place to be and peaceful while you are being pampered.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Getting Fit & Healthy | Exercise

My fitness levels have always been sporadic because sometimes I'm lazy and sometimes I'm not. Pretty simple. I do want to work on getting less lazy and exercise a few times a week. There are 3 types of exercises I mainly want to work on.

//01 Yoga

I've dabbled in yoga before and it's amazing how much it helps you mentally and not just physically. You feel relaxed and it's not a vigorous work out but you still burn calories and raise your heart rate which is what it's all about right? I am going to get back into this by watching Tara Stiles on youtube. After my confidence is better and I'm back into the swing of things I will certainly be looking for a class to join.

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Happy Mothers Day

It is my 26th Mothers Day as a daughter but my 1st Mothers Day as a Mother myself. This time last year Lily was a little speck in my womb and I couldn't of imagined how much she would of changed my life. For the better of course. Being a mum has taught me so much.

Patience, if she has a poorly tummy or something is wrong the only way she knows how to communicate is crying when she's so little. Lily was never a big cryer but when she did there was always a reason behind it. When I first had her and brought her home, she would cry and I would panic and cry because I didn't want to fail her. As time goes on you learn what the different cries mean. I know her tired cry from her pain cry. It's a learning curve but you need to be patient with them because they don't know any better and rely on you. You also need to be patient with yourself, you will get there, it takes time.

Saturday, 3 March 2018

It's Okay To Have A Bad Day

As of late I have certainly been having more bad days than good. I've been stuck in a rut and this blooming British snow craziness hasn't helped. Why are we so useless as soon as we see snowflakes. We rush to get storm bread and milk even though we can still leave the house. Meanwhile in Canada they are laughing at us and still go about their daily life in 3 foot of snow. We certainly need to be more prepared or not act like the world will end when we have a little blanket of snow. I mean I don't like being out in snow too much especially when it's icy but that is purely because Bambi must be my spirit animal and I'm pretty sure I have ended up on my ass each time I've been out in snow/ice.

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Luxurious Lifestyle: How You Can Get It Without Spending A Fortune*

Many of us dream of a luxurious lifestyle. We long for a wardrobes filled with designer items, a home that exudes luxury, and a lifestyle that will have everyone envious of. The truth is, unless you win the lottery not all of us can afford that sort of lifestyle, but it doesn’t mean we have to be without. I wanted to share with you some of the ways you can get the luxurious lifestyle without spending a fortune. Here are my top tips.

Don’t spend what you don’t have

It may seem tempting to put what you want ton to credit or spend money because it is there, but honestly, spending what you don’t have could put you into a worse situation. Workout your budget, spend time to organise your finances like researching online loans for poor credit or consolidating credit card balances into one. Knowing what you have as a disposable income means you always stay within your means for clothing and home accessories. Helping you to afford what you want.

Using YouTube tutorial videos to replicate looks

We often see people looking a certain way or a home appearing in some way that we want to replicate, but analysing your finances may mean that you don’t have the money to buy everything that is needed. This is when YouTube could really help. So many people share tutorials on things like make up, putting outfits together and accessorising your home and picking up different tips may mean you can replicate looks for a fraction of the price.

Search out blogs that compare high street versus luxury

Most of the time, you find in magazines or on TV that certain high end products and items have been used, but there are many blogs out there that research and even compare high end with high streetaltertaibve. These people, such as myself, have done all the hard work for you. Enabling you to make more affordable choices for that luxury look you are hoping to achieve.

Capsule wardrobes are the way forward

As much as we would like, we can’t always completely change our wardrobe as often as the seasons, so this is when a capsule wardrobe can really help you. Enabling you to look like you are creating new outfits, without needing to buy multiple items. This mentality has you investing in key pieces that can be easily mixed with each other and other items you already own. Helping you to achieve seasonal trends and look the part without spending a fortune.

Minimal homes look expensive

Finally, when a home appears clinical, clean and minimal, it can often give off the impression of luxury and expensive. You see the trick to this is less is more, and your home could really benefit from a luxury look by going more minimal. You could use this to get rid of any unwanted things in your home and focus on just the things you love. A luxurious look, less of a price tag, and some unwanted items that you could sell online or donate. Sounds like a win to me.

I hope that this has inspired you to create a luxurious lifestyle without the price tag.


Sunday, 18 February 2018

Muggle Musings | The Big Comfy Book Shop | Coventry

Welcome fellow potter heads, now if you're not familiar with the chocolate frogs and the hippogriffs of the wizarding world, then what on earth do you watch for a magical movie marathon. I've recently started reading the books as I never got around to it and just fell in love. They are miles better than the films and I can see why everyone was complaining. At the time I was like 'oh just enjoy the film'. Now I am there with you, wand in hand demanding extended cut scenes.

My friend Amy who writes over at the fabulous Writing into the Ether set up a Harry Potter discussion group, I was very anxious and kept trying to talk myself out of going but I grabbed my lady balls, did my make up and went. I felt like I stuck out like a sore thumb a bit as I didn't think and was pretty much the only one not rocking Harry potter related clothing but I will certainly be wearing it next time. 

The Big Comfy bookshop is certainly my teenage selfs dream place, I wish it was around when I was younger. I can see myself going here a lot more. It has piles and piles of books for sale in a quaint shop with a lot of character. The food and drink from what I had were lovely but everything looked amazing. If you are in Coventry or visit, you should certainly go there for an afternoon. You wouldn't be disappointed. 

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Backhaus&Co Comedy Night | Coventry

I was very looking forward to the comedy night at Backhaus&Co in Coventry. I don't get out as much since having Lily, which is completely fine but it's a real nice treat when going out now. I enjoy everything so much more. I have never been to a comedy show and a local one would never have crossed my mind.

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Self Care & How I Am Going To Practice It

Self care is a big thing at the moment and it couldn't be more important. I'm so glad people are more and focusing on self awareness and mindfulness. Looking after yourself is so important. Since being a mum I have certainly put my needs to one side because my brain would just be 100% on Lily and what she needs. As important as it is to look after my little angel, I also need to look after myself. You would always be a much better parent when you are positive and in the right mindset.

Self care is different for everyone. You might need a self care day where you sit on the sofa while its raining with a glass of wine or a big hot chocolate and just watch Netflix. Maybe even watch a sad film because you need a good cry. It also could be getting dressed up, going on a night out and just dancing the night away. It is whatever you need it to be.

Monday, 29 January 2018

Five & Six Month Update

So much has changed in the last two months it is unreal. My little baby has gone and she is getting bigger and bigger by the second. Well, thats how it feels. It's been a bit of a rollercoaster as well. Lily caught Bronchiolitis. It's a horrible chest infection, she was coughing, wheezy and snotty. She didn't really let it affect her mood much though, she still wanted to play and be involved with everything. We ended up at A&E, worrying about her feeding and things like that. But better to be safe than sorry. Her skin has been a real issue as well, her eczema has spread nearly all over her body and flared up for about a week. It's finally started to settle but we have a few scratches on the head where she was trying to itch, poor little madam.

Saturday, 27 January 2018

Thirty Before Thirty

My early twenties are behind me now. Which to be honest is so scary for me. I'm 26 and have four years before I'm 30. I don't want to go crazy with my goals but I want to set 30 goals before I turn 30 and hopefully meet them all. I will add this post on the sidebar on my blog and tick them off as I complete them, so you will be able to keep up with my progress. Some of them will be simple and some of them will be more challenging. Lets hope I can get them all done!

Five Tips For A Car Purchase As A Mum

Sponsored Post*

Now, one of my aims for my 30 before 30 list is to learn to drive and buy a car (post for that coming soon). Buying a car I always wanted a tiny little fiat or mini. Now, that seems very unrealistic. Having 3 doors getting the buggy and shopping in. Fitting the car seat in for Lily. So much has now effected how I will purchase a car. Below are a few tips on how I'm going to be looking for a car as a Mum.

Friday, 19 January 2018

Beauty On A Budget*

Here are my top three tips to keep yourself looking and feeling beautiful while saving the pennies! Being a new mum and on maternity leave, money is tight. So I am in the middle of saving money and making it go further.

//01 Affordable Make up

I love my Mac and Chanel make up but it's just not feasible to buy a £20 mascara at the moment. There are some affordable brands that still have really quality make up. My favourite are:
  • Make up revolution
  • MUA
  • Primark
There are so many youtube videos of reviews of affordable make up like this from the glamorous Lucy Jessica Carter.

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Blogging Busybodys & Why They Need To Stop

Blogging is a newish an amazing part of the media. It's taken the world by storm and introduced a more personal and effective way of marketing. I've been blogging for about four years. I would say I have some expertise in it, but I've had so many breaks from mental health and illness my numbers and stats aren't what they could be. I'm okay with that.

One thing that really gets on my nerves is how nosy people are about bloggers and Youtubers or any online creators. Prime example is on Good Morning Britain (you can search it on YouTube), Richard the host asked Louise Pentland outright 'are you rich?' and asking how much she makes essentially. People wouldn't dream of asking that to anyone else and he seemed a bit taken back when she asked him the same question back. I mean, what do you expect?

This new media is almost like a battle for tv and magazines to keep up but some take it too far. They will write about them in any way to get more hits. They are so interested in how much they earn and how they earn their money. IT IS THEIR JOB. Everyone has a job and everyone earns money from it. It is so rude to ask people these types of questions. Period.

I have this all the time. When people find out I'm a blogger I get the same three questions nearly all the time.

  1. So what is blogging?
  2. Do you make money from it then?
  3. How much do you make?

If I was to turn around and ask them how much they make, I'm sure I would be met with a uncomfortable glare. It is the same for anyone. I appreciate it's new and people are interested, but why not ask about what they do, bloggers are so proud of what they do and want to share it with the world. Please don't just ask us personal and frankly uncomfortable questions.

This is 2018, blogging and YouTube has been around long enough now for people to be aware of it. It is also time to learn the etiquette for this matter, although to me it just seems like common sense. If you are a blogger or creator in any sense and get asked this, just ask them it back. It will surely stop them in this busybody-ness. 

Have you experienced this? Let me know in the comments below!


Thursday, 11 January 2018

Ten Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming A Parent

I'm 5 months into this parenthood thing, you pick up so much on the way and adjust to the lifestyle. Some things that I've learnt would of been so helpful if I knew them beforehand. Having a baby is hard work. Yes, they are cute, cuddly and the most amazing thing that you can bring into the world. But it is still hard when you start out. You feel like you've just be thrown into this new life once you leave the hospital and over think everything.

I really wish someone sat me down and told me the real stuff. Most of the stuff I was told was, say goodbye to sleep, which is irrelevant because Lily has slept through the night from 2 weeks and is now on 10 or 11 hours sleep each night plus 2 or 3 naps in the day. The only other thing was how much they cost. Which I very much expected. Below is a few things that would of really helped me beforehand and hopefully will help any mums to be or new mums.

1. Food

One of the main issues I had was forgetting to eat. I would be so focused on feeding Lily, making sure her bottles were ready and timing when I would need to feed her. I would often forget to feed myself in the day. Now I've gotten into the swing of things I prepare lunches and maybe overnight oats for breakfast, something easy to grab and eat. I wish I got some microwave meals or cooked some lunches in bulk when she was first born.

2. Don't over do on the clothes

I didn't buy that many clothes but I did buy a few dresses and things for her to wear if we went out. Now I went to primark but a lot of other people will buy branded and expensive clothes. Majority of the time you are in the house and they are constantly spitting up, or pooing/weeing all over themselves. If you dress them up everyday they you will have a never ending laundry pile. Most days lily is in a long sleeve vest and leggings now, it's comfortable and if we aren't going out it's easy to change her. Also, there are a lot of things she has never worn but grown out of the size!

3. You know best

I was sitting at the bus stop, minding my own business and Lily was upset so I gave her a dummy. She likes them, they settle her. No problem. However, as most people find you get a lot of 'advice'. The old man sitting next to me went on a rant about how he didn't have dummies in his day and it was just big business trying to make money. I listened, nodded my head and just forgot what he said. Always trust your own mummy instincts. You are with your baby 24/7. You know them best.

4. Babies cry

Yes, babies cry, they can't interact any other way. I don't know if I'm different but with Lily, she will only cry for a reason. She's five months old and there hasn't been one time she has cried without an underlying cause. When your out and about, or on a bus and your baby cries, you will get looks. Those people need to get over it. Don't worry about what other people think, just focus on working out what is wrong and cheer your baby up.

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

First post Of 2018 | Hello!

I know we are 10 days into 2018, I would of expected to have about 2 or 3 posts out by now. This year so far has been difficult and tiring. I was full of motivation and it's still there to improve myself and things about myself this year. It has just been a bit side lined. Money is tight after Christmas, Lily has been poorly with Bronchiolitis which is worrying for any new parent. Not only that but I've caught some sort of bug, been really poorly and just got a bad cough now that I'm getting over. I am currently waiting on toe nail surgery which is booked in finally for the 30th January.

I feel like my body just got bombarded with everything. I had the bug, I have a sore toe and I came on. Which obviously meant, cramps, headaches and feeling hormonal. It is just so overwhelming when your body feels exhausted and constantly aching in some way. I'm finally starting to feel a bit like myself although I woke up this morning with no voice but I feel like I'm getting over all of the illnesses and issues.

I think today I will plan some posts, relax with Lily, she loves watching Peppa pig and ben and holly's little kingdom. I also am going to start being 100% healthy and on it, I'm thinking of documenting and starting the youtube videos, but as I said before I need to give myself time for it. Being a full time mummy and adjusting to blogging and filming/editing can be hard.

It is a bit annoying I couldn't be on it from day one of the new year but I guess thats life. Just because theres a different number at the end of the year doesn't mean you need to completely change yourself and then beat yourself up when you fail. I'm not going to get upset about it, I'm just going to recover and then be on it when I am well enough to start.

I hope you have all had a better start to the new year! Bring on the rest of 2018, hopefully it will be a lot better!

Let me know how your start to the new year has gone in the comments below!

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