Saturday, 24 March 2018

Bella Italia Day Date | Coventry

I haven't been out to a restaurant in a while properly as having a baby can sometimes stop you going out as much. I don't mind it at all it just makes when I do go out even more special. I chose this time and went for Bella Italia as it's something different and you can't beat Italian food although a close second for me if definitely Mexican. We were seated immediately pretty much as soon as we walked through the door which is really good, it was a Sunday though, so wasn't as busy. I find on a Sunday everything is smoother and the staff seem happier as they are not rushed off their feet.

For my starter I went for the Chicken wings with the BBQ Balsamic sauce. They were so juicy and the sauce was so nice, the balsamic really made a difference to the sauce and gave it a very distinct sweetness. The star of the show was the main, I went for beef and red wine ravioli. It came out smothered in a ragu like sauce so it wasn't too dry on it's own and gave it a rich tomato taste and it was draped in rocket which complemented the dish perfectly. The food was served quickly and was flavorful and I would certainly have it again. Bella Italia is one of those all round restaurants. You can go there for a luxurious breakfast, boozy brunch, date night, with friends or family. I could go for that ravioli again to be honest....

I do love going to Bella Italia. Have you ever been? What is your favourite dish? Let me know in the comments below.



  1. I've never been here but Italians are my absolute favourite x

  2. I do love Bella Italia - the chicken, lemon and courgette pasta dish is my go-to!



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