Thursday, 31 May 2018

Support For You & Them: Doing Your Best For Your Aging Parents*

As we get older, we see our parents making the transition from agile and healthy to frail and weak. We don't think about it when we're younger, and our parents are chasing after our kids in the garden, but there's a point when our parents aren't able to do this anymore, and we have to, in many ways, become a parent to our parents. Looking after our parents as they age is a difficult task, but one we need to rise to. So if you have parents who need a bit more help, or you are wondering which way to turn, here are some practical pieces of advice.
Who can help you out?
Do you have family members that can help? It's very difficult if you're the only child, and there aren't any relatives nearby. If you need extra help, it's time to think about the practical approaches. Professional help is available, but it comes at a cost. If your parents need a tiny bit of assistance, is there anybody else in the neighborhood that can help? You shouldn't feel like you have to take on all of the duties yourself, and it's physically impossible for one person to do everything. Of course, you want the best for them, but you need to think more proactively.
What do your parents want?
And if you feel like you need to take on the bulk of the duties, have you thought about what your parents want in the grand scheme of things? There are some parents who feel like they want to retain their independence for as long as possible, but others are ready to go into a private nursing home depending on the severity of the type of conditions they have, they may not be able to make the best judgement for themselves. But this doesn't mean you should ignore their wishes.
Can you cope with everything?
It's an emotional minefield, especially when you have your own children, a job, and your own life to maintain. It can feel like there is no let up. And you need to ask yourself if you are able to cope with the demands. Of course, you're going to say “yes”, but a lot of people battle on without regard for their own health. If you have any concerns about your ability to cope with everything, you need to ask for help. you need to have as much help as you can from your immediate family, from your children and your partner, but you need to know when to take a step back. It can be very difficult when we have parents who are getting to the point where they need so much help, and as much as you want to help all the time, it might not be physically possible.
Your emotions can cloud your judgment if you are trying to do your best by your aging parents, but it is one of those situations in life where you have to operate with a healthy balance of care in an emotional sense, but also operate methodically.


Sunday, 20 May 2018

The Magic Flute | Belgrade Theatre | Coventry

I was lucky enough to go the the theatre recently in Coventry. I haven't been to the theatre for years, my memories of it are Cinderella and things like Jack in the beanstalk where you sit in the audience and shout "HE'S BEHIND YOUUUU". I wanted to make my way into the adult world of theatre and where better to start than The Magic Flute? It's a modern take on opera, again I'd never seen opera before so I had no idea what to expect. 

Coventry Bloggers Mixer | Hosting The Event

For a while I've longed for something interesting to happen in Coventry. Blogger wise anyway because it's always Birmingham or London and train fare isn't cheap. Plus you always end up going for food and things add up quickly. I've been waiting and waiting hoping something will happen. There have been a few small events which bloggers have been invited to but the turnout was never that good.

I got sick of waiting so I thought 'F**k it, i'll do it myself'. I started a Coventry Bloggers Facebook group and added about 5 people who I knew that were local and blogged that I had seen at previous small events. Since then it's grew, immensely the numbers are over 60 and so many local places are interested in working with me to organise events.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

A Dress For Any Occasion | Boohoo*

Whenever I think of Boohoo I always think of casual clothes because that's what I normally go for. A slouchy tee, jacket or some cute flats. I was browsing recently and discovered they have a occasion wear section. I had no idea and spent ages browsing through. The summer and sunny days are creeping up on us and those days are filled with weddings, graduations and proms. All kinds of events which require a glorious and beautiful dress.

The Body Shop Base*

I recently needed some new base make up. Of course the body shop popped into my head. I went in to town with the sole purpose of knowing that I was immediately going to pick up the Instant Blur Primer, I don't really use primer, they always seem quite greasy, but I have heard a lot of praise of this product from bloggers, so I thought I would give this a try. I have also heard a lot of good reviews on the tea tree BB cream. I was a bit reluctant at first for the fact it had tea tree oil in.

Sunday, 6 May 2018

Samoan Joe's Blogger Night Out | Best Cocktails In Coventry*

Coventry has so much to offer but is really lacking on the online promotions, social media and blogging front. I saw this gap and thought, I can do this. I started an online community of bloggers located in and close to Coventry. Most of them didn't even know there were other bloggers in the city and now we have over 50 members and a lot of events planned and in process of being set up. It's been a huge success. My first blogging event went ahead with Samoan Joes. A local tiki bar.
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