Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Do You Need To Unfollow Someone For Your Happiness?

There is a lot of negativity online and unfortunately nearly everyone is online these days even the bullies, trolls and awful people you have encountered in real life. There are people online who's accounts you look at, compare yourself to and then feel generally shitty about yourself for the rest of the day. It's easy to say "don't compare yourself'' to them you are who you are but sometimes you just can't help it.  

Scrolling through your instagram and your brain is like "I should eat healthy like that", "Why don't I look like that?" or "That person used to bully me". It's hard as people get older they must realise some of their mistakes as children but when someone who made your school life horrid follows you, do you follow back? I did, I felt obliged too. I felt like I didn't have a choice. 

Thursday, 25 October 2018

Las Iguanas Autumn/Winter | Coventry

Coventry has really upped it's game lately with restaurants. I remember a time when the most exciting place to go was McDonalds or the pub. Now we have a whole host of restaurants and one of the ones I was most excited to try was Las Iguanas. If you haven't heard of it, have you been living in the jungle? It's a well known and now a well loved firm favourite of mine.

Las iguanas focuses on celebrating the Latin American food and the amazing flavours they have to offer. Mexican food has always been one of my favourites. There is nothing quite like chilli and rice to warm you up on a cold day.

I was kindly invited to see their new menu and what they had to offer. I took two of my lovely blogger friends, Isobel from Fashionista Chic and Saffron from Pixie Bow UK. It was such a nice atmosphere from the moment we stepped in. The bartender instantly greeted us, then grabbed someone to seat us. The restaurant is very open with nearly all the walls being big windows so a lot of light can get in, every bloggers dream.

Sunday, 21 October 2018

A Few Ways To Look After Yourself During The Time Of The Month*

//01 Light exercise

Although exercise is the last thing on your mind when you feel like your insides are being torn apart, a bit of light exercise can really make a massive different. A walk through your neighbourhood with your partner or bestie having a chat can get you out the house. If you feel up to it, speed up that walk and get your heart rate going.

My favourite thing to do is do some light yoga from Tara Stiles youtube channel, she has a lot of gentle relaxation yoga exercises. When you do light stretching and yoga it's like it massages your insides from the slow movements and poses. Then jump into the bath and I feel 100 times better.

Monday, 15 October 2018

The Greatest Student Night | West Orchards

I miss the days of being a student and having extra discount off items. However I got to relive that life for one night as I went to the West Orchards greatest student night. There was so much going on and all the shops in the department store participated in giving discount. When myself and Isobel and Saffron arrived we were greeted by the lovely Natalie who helped arrange the magical night. Despite being circus themed I was pleased to say there wasn't any clowns there as I am terrified of them.

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Ewan The Dream Sheep | Parenting Tips

I've been quite lucky and I know a lot of fellow mums will be annoyed AF but Lily has slept through from about 3 weeks old. I used to have to wake her sometimes for a feed in the early days. I knew I wanted a Ewan the dream sheep because I thought they were adorable, which is true and I also knew babies slept better with white noise. I have other family members who used to keep the radio on static to help their little ones go to sleep. When you first see it you think wow nearly £30. But from my experience I would happily pay it and if anything happened I wouldn't hesitate to get another. I just want to point out this isn't a sponsored post. I have always recommend people to buy Ewan and felt over the last few weeks I needed to share my experience. I also wanted to start upping the amount of parenting posts I do.

From when Lily was really little she would go to sleep for a nap or to bed and have Ewan on with the heart beat and womb noise. I should point out each foot is a different sound, one is womb sounds, one is music, one is like a vacuum and the last is like rainfall. They all have a heart beat sound in the background. There is also a pink glow that comes through the tummy, I assume its to represent from being in the womb and it makes the babies feel more calm. 
I would play it about 3 times which is an hour as each sound plays for 20 minutes time and it would normally get her into a nice deep sleep. On the occasion she does wake up I would just put Ewan back on with the womb sounds and she would stare at it for a bit and drift off. Lily is nearly 14 months now and I had stopped using it for a while as the batteries ran out and I just thought 'oh she will be fine now'. 

She has been getting up a lot lately and been having trouble sleeping as she's been poorly for a while with catching different bugs one after another (nursery will do that to them) and then teething. I thought, one night I'll just put her in the cot and see if she will settle by herself and she didn't. I gave her Ewan and put on the music and she just laid with it stroking his ears and looking at the red light and fell asleep after about 5 minutes. I've been doing this again with the music when she's woken up, sometimes after having a bit of teething gel and again off she goes. She cuddles him and puts her arm over him, it's just the cutest thing. Get ready to see a cute picture of Lily when she was tiny! She's always adored Ewan.
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