Tuesday, 8 January 2019

New Year, Same Me

Normally when the 1st January comes around everyone ditches the booze, re joins the gym and eats salad most days while setting goals to accomplish in the upcoming year. This year as much as I want to do that, I'm trying to learn not to push myself so much. I overdid it last year a lot more towards the end and burned myself out. This is why it's taken me so long to do my first post for 2019. I have been trying to relax more and that's what I'm going to continue to do.

I am still going to try to be healthy and exercise but if I have a McDonalds on a Friday night for a treat Im not going to beat myself up about it. I will enjoy it and continue on my healthy lifestyle after that meal. It's all about balance. I think that is why so many of us trip on the first hurdle with setting new years goals. We are too hard on ourselves and we don't set realistic goals. I would love to lose 3 stone overnight but it's not going to happen, it's a journey and I need to change my lifestyle as a whole.

I'm going to focus on being more positive this year too, a lot of things/people let me down this year and sometimes it's hard to pick yourself back up. It can be lonely as a mum because a lot of people don't make time for you anymore or just assume you won't go out. Even if I can't make it, I would still like to be asked. It's nice to feel wanted.

I have a few battles I need to face this year with starting counselling and other things I'm not going into at the moment but apart from that, this year is going to be about positivity, family, writing, progressing in my career/blog and just enjoying life.

So I'm not setting goals, I'm just going to enhance my already wonderful self and soak up that happiness and good vibes.



  1. I love this post so much and can relate to it a lot! Me and my boyfriend are going to be joining the gym this week/next week, eating healthier and just getting fitter. :)

    We also intend to be more spontaneous and do more things we want to do! :D

    I'm glad you've had a rest, you work so damn hard and as you said you burn yourself out. :)


  2. Girl, I hear you on the overworked thing - I experienced that SO much in 2018 so let's hope the both of us overcome that! Good luck on all of your goals!

    Lizzie // Hello Lizzie Bee


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